World of Warships- Smolensk Is Getting Removed

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So I guess this is close as we are gonna get WG admitting that Smolensk is broken with one of the shortest premium life cycles that I’ve seen, they are removing her as of update 0.9.3.. Along with several other premium ships from the arsenal.

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  1. Admitting it would be to remove it outside of their artificial scarcity scheme. Sooo… small yay?

  2. Glad I grabbed my JB earlier this year

    but seeing 5-6 JBs per match occassionally is quite hilarious, so I quite understand their popularity

  3. So that super yammy is coming out about 3 months after being announced, but the Siegfried’s still in a limbo. Cool.

  4. Just got Jean Bart using a coupon and am itching to start playing it.

  5. Damn. I wanted a Black and a Flint. At least I can get them sooner if they come back for coal.

    • StahlBlitz I can understand if you want black, fletchers are great, but why flint? T7 just isn’t fun. You need to at least get to T8 to see some fun ships e.g. Massa, Georgia

    • @LUO SI XUN he spamming cruiser with smoke. if you position it like a Belfast and have IFHE, you can devastate ships and has great 9km sea mines.

  6. Where are the teased German ships at though?

  7. Knew this was coming. I had the choice between Smol and Thunderer at Xmas and chose Smolensk (sorry ?). Working working towards my Thunderer now.
    Do love my JB….

    • I took thunderer first and havent regretted, I’ve got both now and thunderer is much better imo

    • Forbidden Tek I’m glad I chose Smolensk. Now that Marceau is coming out, I’m so glad I didn’t have to go through Smolensk before getting Marceau. Thunderer may be broken af, but Marceau look so much more fun

    • @callum millward tbh I think I’ll enjoy the Thunderer more. Smolensk is OK but I was looking forward to the thunder straight after I unlocked her…

    • @Forbidden Tek I didnt have the conq so i took thunderer first, she doesnt gain the attention like smolensk does which is nice..moment I’m spotted in smolensk…my targets go to 9+ then I’m dead shortly after lol

    • @callum millward Marceau is just pre patch Kleber

  8. misleading statement.. those that have will keep. Will no longer be available to get.

  9. Still won’t make much difference as there is still a plague of them out there.

    • yep, without a nerf, this changes nothing about the ones already out in the wild. If you don’t already have one by now, you probably didn’t want it anyways (or now you might not be able to get it in time) so this news basically screws over new players or those who didn’t save up the coal.

  10. Tanya von Degurechaff

    WG: “Yashima will be available for steel”
    Yamato: “I don’t like what this is going”

    • I get why why people bitching about yashima, it’s going to be same as yamato but suckier. You’ll prolly be overpenning, and missing anyway. Theres way more annoying ships, like smol and Kremlin.

  11. They remove it. Which means a lot of people will now grind like mad for the Smolensk. So the ship will basically stay in the game to frustrate players.

  12. Well, it is being removed (ONLY FROM THE ARMORY!!!!) after so many of them intoxicating T10 games. Not rare that there are three of them in a team. Thousands of Smolensks “sold” until now will still ruin the game in T10.

  13. 2 min silence for these who though smolensk is getting removed from the game.

  14. Take Smolensk out of the Armory…but those who are already playing them will still have them, so the damage is done, Wargaming is just controlling the hemorrhaging. I’ve seen this done with some Tanks in World of Tanks and all they are doing is creating more demand for these ships in the future. They’ll probably use it to market a Container Event in the future.

  15. There is nothing more gratifying than killing a smolester.

  16. Yashima get hidden behind the the steel wall, so only skilled player get another strong gimmick ship and not a tiny word about any of the German teased ships (where the hell is Siegfried)…..

    Well again, thanks for nothing WG, I guess.

  17. nuu-tra-shimmy

    I wanted to get the Flint but I need the steel for Somers! I like that the Marceau is coal and Hayate is free xp.

    But changing the Flint and Black to coal will be awesome.

  18. It is spelled “Ne-ustrashimyj” coming from russian “ustrashimyj” with prefix “ne” (means not; the other part means fear/ dread so literally “fearless” (or dreadnot – lol))

  19. I’ve been grinding coal to get the Smolensk for a while now. Assuming a minimum of 1680 coal a day (400 x3 from containers, 200 x2 from daily missions, +5% clan bonus) it will take me 46 days to get the Smolensk.

  20. Misleading title: Only removed from the armory. still exists in the game

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