World of Warships: Smolensk Preview – new RU CL [WIP]

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Smolensk is the upcoming T10 Soviet cruiser. This is a preview of her. She is very similar to the Colbert, but I think the Smolensk is stronger.
Port at 16:48

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  1. So first super cruisers, and now super dds. When do we get the super bbs? 800mm Yamato when?

    • I can see them backpeddle on the “Yamato Has The Biggest Guns In The Game”
      and drop in some 20 inch gun battleships in the future.

    • +tamenga88 Russian of course…

    • +thebes1

      There are 4 nations I’m aware of that envisioned 20 inch gun battleships in their navy.
      The US, UK, Germany and Japan.
      If Russia has one than it’s pulled out of Wargaming’s ass.

    • João Pedro Couto Cruz

      +tamenga88 Nice to see you again. I actually wasnt aware of UK also at some point having envisioned 20in guns. Could you provide, if possible, any link or additional info?

  2. I’m a firestarter, twisted firestarter…

  3. DarkDragon7able

    Tier 10 super Kutuzov (because of smoke) with heal, no thank you, russian bias confirmed again

  4. Make way for Flintgrad!

  5. DarkDragon7able

    Also, whats up with those tier 10 prems in recent time?

    • I remember when WG said there would NEVER be T10 prems. Then T10 became the competitive tier and …viola!

    • Money, its because they want money /shrug, it’s the same as the CV rework they wanted money and the way they did it was the best way to make money.
      It was a bit odd at the end, for a ship that can “shred” planes those last ones seemed to have no real issues in dropping on the shredder, at least it looked that way to me.
      CV’s OP comes from there being 4 per game below T10, if there’s just one its ok, there are just to many planes in the sir for a game that is supposed to be surface ship vs surface ship, but then I guess it changes based on wanting more money, like the T10 Premiums.

  6. Smolentuzov, don’t thank me.

  7. 11:45 Oh, how many games haven’t I thrown away by thinking like that…. :/

  8. Petition to release San Diego as t10 minicruiser so watashi wa numba wan memes can ensue

  9. great, another nerf to brawling BBs, more reason to play passive long range sniping. good job WG

    • You literally get within 11.6km of smolensk with GK and she will be useless. All she can do is pen SS and youll fully pen her whole ship and fuck her day up. But yeah sure, paper cruisers that cant use islands to dakka are a nerf to BBs. (edit: assuming secondary spec with legendary)

  10. Aerroon plz make a battle colbert vs harugumo and smolensk vs harugumo at training room

  11. Didn’t WG nerf all ships but DDs to have their AA range be their air detectability range to prevent the thing with turning of your AA and shredding planes? Why didn’t they do it with this ship or is that going to get changed?

  12. “This one is 130mm, meaning that you can penetrate 31mm of armor… With IFHE that gets up to 28mm…”

  13. they introduce squishy CL as Kremlin fodder

  14. That Concealed AA is gonna get removed, knowing WG

  15. The AFT approach is the one I will be going for. Reason for that’s quite simple: to me the Smolensk feels like two and a half Grozo (or two Chabas) bolted on a Minotaur hull and I run AFT an all my russian DDs.

    Only hope that it turns out to be coal ship (in which case I already have enough stockpiled) or I don’t get feed up too much with ranked this season, because if it’s a steel ship it won’t be cheap (judging from the Neutra price tag compared to black or the jump in cost from Stalingrad to Bourgogne).

  16. WG: we nid more modern ship to counter WW2 ship

  17. first time here and I like it 🙂

  18. Good video. Keep it up Aerroon.

  19. WG: Lets make more money

  20. The big question is…
    Coal, FreeXP or Steel?

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