World of Warships – Smooth Sailing – Atago

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further illustrates the importance keeping your ship maneuvering in order to avoid big incoming damage as he works his way to a solid game.

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  1. GamingWithFlowmar81


  2. GamingWithFlowmar81

    Also, at the end lol

  3. Why is the thumbnail a picture of the Moskva? also i probably butchered Thumbnail :p

  4. 12.40 Dude thats not an Atago in port, it is a Moskva with premium camouflage. I have one too 🙂

  5. A very solid performance with the Atago – helps that he wasn’t focused too much but all-in-all a good battle

  6. He was under leading a lot of targets that game. Probably hadn’t played the Atago in a while? I ALWAYS do that when I come back to her. Anyway GG and yeah Moskva not Atago at the end lol

  7. Question, is DFAA worth it on Jap cruisers? I’ve seen Flamu say that it’s better because as a Japanese cruiser you shouldn’t be pushing (and using hydro, but the problem is that you don’t always find carriers to use DFAA, while there are always smokes, torpedoes, etc. to use hydro.

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