World of Warships – SMS Emden History

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A look at the SMS Emden, a German Cruiser. Video covers operational history and a little bit of how it plays in game. All in the style of NFL films.


  1. My history with the Emden is that my Emden is History. Wasn’t a bad ship,
    not a fan of the shell arc but was mostly sick and tired of being torped by
    complete NOOBS in Tier 2 Destroyers.

  2. Love it. Its like a history lesson inside gaming. Brilliant!

  3. My Emden fucking wrecks tier 2.

    (Disclaimer: My Emden is captained by a Yorck captain)

  4. Also worthy of note is the Emdens shore party that watched the defeat of
    their ship from the island.
    They managed to evade capture and got all the way from the Cocos Islands
    back to Germany, which is no mean feat in wartime. It involved a desperate
    battle in the desert, fending off nomadic tribesmen.

  5. is there any way to still get the Emden if i missed the give away (was on
    vacation)….i would gladly give up my albany

  6. A good and capable ship unfortunately I am the wrong captain for her as I
    have major problems with hitting targets with those atmospheric shell arcs.

  7. Great Video about a Great Ship. Although she has less guns than her sister
    the Dresden, Emden is a very nasty ship to go up against in WOWS. One of
    her guns is on display in a park in Sydney Australia.

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