World of Warships – Snatching Defeat From The Jaws of Victory

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It’s an older title sir, but it still checks out! No matter how desperate the odds may seem, you can always rely on a teams’ magical ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

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  1. And that’s what i call perfect timing for the first view

  2. Actually Jingles…. the shell velocity of the NC and the Massa AP are the same its the HE wich flies way faster….. Jingles? *Cocks Shotgun* NOOOOO

  3. Darkness Nighthingale

    25″ secondaries! That explains the talk about pay to win at the start.

    • it was 20 guns of 5″, not 25″ guns :’)

    • TheReal RedWolfofDeath

      @I breathe Napalm Hold up, the German BB’s are getting buffed? They are way to powerful ships to begin with. What do they need to buff? And don’t even think about scraping a Bismarck when her secondaries are powerful like that.

    • @TheReal RedWolfofDeath well for a start if I’ve seen a Citedel on a broadside ship with my Bismarck then it was a long time ago

    • I Breathe Napalm
      Thank God for the buff, the meta with the Mass and other BBs with good secondaries as well as being a nazi shotgun is getting a little old. Plus like you said all anyone has to do to a German BB is kite away and youre fooked

  4. Not setup for secondires… waste of the massachuttes

  5. Best definition ever ! Thx for the lesson

  6. Mega1987 OS_Ver_NEET

    when the team decided kill all then they slowly melt against the remaining enemy…

  7. Deja Vu
    I’ve seen this title before
    Never change jingles

  8. There seems to be something missing in this video…it starts with “That’s it for today, hope you enjoyed it and as always – take care and I’ll catch you next time”. Jingles was probably so thrilled by the ending of this battle that he somehow forgot the ending of his video 🙂

  9. Oh god lol, Captain Jingles in the background cracks me up every time even while i get a good chuckle at Jingles playing Torpedo Beats

  10. You know I’m still waiting for a game where the whole team decides that crossing the T is a good tactical plan.

  11. I won’t “actually Jingles” here as I value my life.

  12. 4:45 “Leander dropped a smokescreen which has ony really been a benefit to the schors…” You mean that schors that died a minute ago to the NC guns??

  13. I have added the “die harder” phrase to my lexicon

  14. I have done this in WoT, shooting the last tank with 00:00 on the clock. The heart rate is pretty high at that moment.

  15. I love that jingles is starting to swear again. His voice just suits it ?

  16. “it doesn’t matter which way he turns…”, Actually Jingles, he could entirely of chosen to turn towards the NC and go for the ram. probably would have worked 🙂

    Also, props to Cinnamon to not chasing the Ryujo He’s obviously not a huge threat, but there are so many WoWs players who would go chasing carriers above all else.

  17. Me: Bloody hell, Jingles! Where’s the “And that’s it for today…” outro?! You’ve done gone and ruined my whol
    Jingles: _sound of pump shotgun racking a round into the chamber_
    Me: _running back to the nearest salt mine entrance whilst screaming like a little girl_

    • You idjit, komrade Jingles doesn’t live in a free country that allows its peasants to go around owning firearms all willy nilly! He hails from the rainy, gloomy rock off the coast Britbongistan! Even if he is retired navy, the most they’d probably let him own would be a break-action single shot .22 rimfire rifle and maybe an over-under shotgun in .410 bore or possibly a more powerful 28 gauge model. Something as powerful and technologically advanced as a pump-action tube magazine fed shotgun is far too scary to trust the citizenry with, why they might try to assert themselves and demand things like ‘civil rights’ from their corporate overlords er, I mean government. Komrade Jingles would be much more likely to go after you with a cricket bat, possibly with nails hammered through it.

  18. It’s simple; I see “Snatching Defeat From The Jaws of Victory”, I click.

  19. I’ve heard him say that they’ve spotted enemy submarines before. That insanity might as well be a video in itself.

  20. Was playing Narai earlier when all of a sudden I spotted an enemy submarine. XD

  21. They need to put that name on a warship instead of the ROV on a research vessel.

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