World of Warships Sneaky Ninja Minekaze

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My name is Vechs, author of the Hostile series. I am a map mod maker, lifetime gamer, and an LPer.

Music providers:
Big Giant Circles
Derek R. Audette
Kevin McLeod


  1. I love this. I just wish you would record some during the fight not all of
    them after it

  2. I love watching this game

  3. Only thing other than an amazing video as always is the Japanese used
    samurais not ninjas :P

  4. In the case of US Destroyers, I actually pop smoke so that I can *fire*
    without being detected at a much closer range than the usual. But that is
    true, Smoke more often than not tells enemy DD’s where to torp you.

  5. That was so beautiful and graceful, this episode earned its name.

  6. great game

  7. Oh, the irony of the shot from the battleship hitting the cruiser on his
    own team as he passed between the two of you. Should have saved a spread
    for the cruiser to kill him in passing, I was half expecting you to time
    the launch so the cruiser would take a couple of torps and the rest would
    pass by to get the battleship.

  8. what would it be like if they add u-boat to the game?

  9. Always fun watching videos of this game.

  10. If only you had save one set of torps at the end, you could have wrecked
    that cruiser as you passed it.

  11. Some good tips in this vid, Thanks Vechs!

  12. How come you didn’t do anything 4 the mindcrack marthon ?

  13. I need more vechs… i have withdrawal symptoms..

  14. sneaky sniffles?

  15. James McTrollington

    This remonds me how much I miss world of tanks 🙁 Great vid though lol.

  16. The japanese destroyers are so damn good.

  17. Whatever boats your float

  18. Broken in aft
    His sip is broken in aft

  19. that was beautiful

  20. The Minekaze is one of the best destroyers in the game. Tier for tier, it
    probably is *the* best. The only downside to it are those horribly slow
    turrets if you find yourself in close range knife-fights with an American
    destroyer. At which point, unless you can point-blank torp him, he’s likely
    to kill you in a 1v1 fight. But if you can keep the distance, the Minekaze
    is a real terror on the seas.

  21. swivot :)

  22. Pretty early.

  23. Banta

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