World of Warships: Sneaky Smolensk

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I’m being sneaky in my Smolensk in a ranked match. I try to go around to the C cap to surprise the other team.

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Soviet cruiser Smolensk on the map Shards.


  1. First

  2. Václav Posledník

    Nice game. What’s your captain build? 🙂 AFT, CE, SI… Do you have IFHE?

  3. No entiendo, si sos de los mejores jugadores, porque tenés tan pocos subscriptores aquí en Youtube. Siendo que hay otros muy malos o peor aún, otros que solo suben partidas ajenas con más vistas.

    • I am inconsistent at making videos. Sometimes I disappear for a long time and viewers don’t like that. I also have a voice some people don’t like. That’s why my Youtube channel isn’t too popular.

  4. Meatballs for life

    Why must you sin like this, I thought highly of you until this video came out, I thought you were one of the few who didn’t play the angry smokescreen

  5. Alternate title: I hate shima, and shima sucks so bad.

    • I don’t really hate her, I just think that she could’ve made a few better decisions early on. It worked out fine, but I think it was way too risky.

  6. Aerroon, the horn is awful, because that’s one of its balancing factors. Smolensk has to have some drawbacks.

  7. This video partly shows why i am not scared whether “i will perform well”, but rather “what will my team mates do?”
    You can have the best strategy and knowledge, but if you can not coordinate what the greens do – it all gets overthrown 😀

    • Well, you have to perform yourself, so that when the game does come down to your performance that you’re there to pick u pthe slack.

  8. I think you are not just towards Shima here. First, I’m sure he had RDF, and knew Gearing will catch him in the open. So escaping towards your cap wasn’t a bad idea. Also, notice how he launched torps in the back around 7:10? These were clearly based on RDF and hoping to catch Gearing in surprise. Second, he did harass one of most dangerous enemies (and OP BTW), which is Kremlin. And TBH, based on the fact that he hit Kremlin with few single torps (and probably flooding), you’d be better with trying to start a fire there. But here I’m not sure – I consider myself to be a solid player in Shima, but Smolensk… not really, I still suck there.

    PS. Also, please prounounce Shimakaze correctly, you’re European not American! 🙂

    • Why would Gearing catch the Shima in the open? The Shima should never have been on that side of the map in the first place! So even if Gearing goes and finds the Shima, the rest of my teammates would just sink her regardless.
      The whole point of me going to C was to tie up valuable enemy time. This worked out fine, because our team elsewhere won pretty hard, but if the enemy had been better, we could’ve lost because Shima was off on an adventure with me.
      I get what you’re saying, but the only DD on a team needs to do DD things. At least in ranked.

    • @Aerroon Just to be clear – I’m not saying you going to C was a bad idea, au contraire.

  9. You got hit in smoke because they knew you slowed or stopped and there is a delay before the ship moves in reverse.

  10. I really dislike the Shards map. Early decisions usually set the direction for the whole game.

    • It can determine a lot in the match yes, but I don’t really dislike it. I think Shards allows for lots of aggressive play which I am a fan of.

  11. 5:47 Welcome to the World of Hacks

  12. Christ, that shima was awful.
    Was it just me, or was he launching wide spreads the whole time?

  13. what can u expect from a Shima without SE?

  14. I’m surprised the horn doesn’t sound like Stalin laughing.

  15. I just got the Bismarck and I can finally use my back from the seabed skin

    First battle I got almost every badge

    Edit:I’m on mobile and I just got over 100,000 damage

  16. lol again late night play 😛 those games are easy :P:P challenge !!! is it that difficult to get a good youtube game?

    • The point of the video was to show that you can pressure the C cap from the south. It’s something I see almost nobody do on that map for some reason.

  17. Smolensk horn sounds like an Orc horn from LotR

  18. Smolensk – most cancer ship ever added to the game.


  20. that horn sounds like a surprised goose with nasal congestion.

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