World of Warships- So I Was Wrong About This Ship

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Hey guys, today we take a look back at the Tier VIII Premium American Aircraft Carrier Hornet, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Have a replay?

Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. I think poor, ender65 knows exactly how I feel playing this game sometimes. ☣CVs🤣

  2. Mountbatten be like: I made a severe and continuous lapse in my judgement, and I don’t expect to be forgiven. I’m simply here to apologize.

  3. To be fair, most reviews I’ve read about her were unfavorable.

    Still, I was going to get her anyway for her history, and nothing I saw in the replays made me think otherwise: she has good plane regeneration, decent torps and AP bombers, and those B-25 can really mess up some ships depending on the deck plating.

    Sometimes I think reviewers just want to be contrarians…

    • The ap bombers are still very inconsistent, the torp bombers give damage comparable to kaga, and the B25s are absolute monsters provided it doesnt get shredded by flak in a double uptier. Horny is pretty ok tbh, it’s biggest fault besides the ap bombers are slow planes, but that’s just an american thing.

    • Another bonus: The torpedos are amazing against DD’s because of the short fuse time.

  4. Glad you gave hornet another shot. She is certinly not a “OVERPOWERED” Premium, but she is fun. The torpedos are your main damage source, the AP bombs…..yeah their finicky as hell, you’ll get a couple citadels out of them but don’t expect much. THE B 25 MICHELS, are quite the SLEDGE HAMMER if you bomb something that has less then 43mms of deck armor. (god thats such a WIERD number) I remember bombing a Carrier perfectly with the B25s and i CHUNKED 1/3rd of their HP off in a single STRIKE.

  5. The AP bombs are sub par, but I find them to be alright. They’re decent against most cruisers and can be ok against some battleships I find. Never reliable though.

    I don’t struggle getting citadels, but the damage isn’t amazing.

    They’re borderline OP when bombing an RN CV though in my experience.

  6. So the B25’s drop 4 bombs per plane, and you get a total of 6 planes. So you drop a total of 20 bombs? I can tell that you’re a history teacher, not a math one 🙂

  7. I love the hornet as much as I love the immelman. They are both so fun but on different teirs

  8. Mountbatten: “You can only pen Tier VIII CV’s with these bombs.”
    IJN: *Midway flashbacks intensify*

    Truly perfect. XD Would only be better if it was Enterprise instead.

  9. I was playing fuso, and ran into a hornet and she set 3 fires in one run, I was madge

  10. T6 planes up tired to T8 compensated by large squad size and fast restoration time.
    So basically Kaga with B25 and AP 🙂

    • Not really. Hornet’s reserves are nowhere near kaga level, and kaga’s plane restore time is abysmal. While her torp bombers are T6, her AP bombers are stock lexington planes. Honestly I think hornet’s way less consistent than kaga, but is still a decent option unlike a few of the other premium T8 CVs (graf, saipan, and indomitable)

  11. Not trying to be checky or anything but it’s painful to watch this game xD
    One can see that this is clearly not your class…some painful mistakes there.
    Also: Yea tbh the Hornet is very weak compared to all the other great T8 CVs…but still playable for sure.
    cheers mate

  12. I use my B-25s to decimate destroyers. knocked a Holland for 18.6k damage. It was so satisfying.

  13. Hey i know you just released a video about some of the best money making ships in the game 3 weeks ago but after the economic rework I was wondering if you could do a video on it again because I just want to know which ships are good grabs after the rework.

  14. Articueila Coryphaeus Dux

    I bought Chkalov and Hornet in a same time and even so I was worried about hornet, I bought it as a replacement for Enterprise in the matter of appearance…

    However surprisingly in the end I ejoy and deal more damage in Hornet than Chkalov even so I am actually, I would say experienced Soviet CV player and never touched the US ones..

  15. Hornet is great. Is she the best? No. But she is a top Teir 8 cv. Especially because you can half HP or nuke a dd 😄

  16. IGN ltcomderscott NA : I got HORNET mainly because my Father served on her. but I’ve done better with her than my ENTERPRISE despite her short coming still glad I have her. What can I say I love this ship.

  17. I’ve loved my Hornet ever since I got her. She isn’t a ship that’s not for everyone, but I’ve found that it’s my favorite carrier that I’ve ever had. Glad you took another look at the ship to see how it really is 😀

  18. Have we not figured out by now that Carrier’s have no place in warship battles. If you wanted to fly around like tinkerbell you can play war thunder. Hiding on maps edge spaming waves of garbage makes the game boring as faq

  19. Idk what hornet you got, but mine dunks on anything with the ap bombers. Specially cruisers never had an over pen, one of the two a miss or a strike

  20. Those B25s considering you can predict your strike course, you can put huge pressure to destroyers 😁

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