World of Warships- So Now Thunderer Is Broken?

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Hey guys, today we talk about everbody’s favorite premium British Battleship, enjoy!

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Battle of warship Anas

    When i see a thunderer closeing in on me whan i am in the alsace i try to ram something to get a bit of all my secondarys die. And all the fire is to hard to bear.

  2. Thunderer is basically like taking a dreadnought against pre dreadnoughts

  3. I like my Thunderer, but i don’t have dead eye on it. I still like to get stuck in and not stay at the back.

    • Do whatever you want to do and pay no attention to crybaby youtubers.

    • @Arkangel88Mr i agree to you, well spoken. I cant understand whats goin wrong on NA players, so much discussion because of the commander rework and so much mimimimi shitstorm to Thunderer….
      Glad to play on EU Server, all and everything is more chilled..
      BR from “over there” 😉

  4. Sealord: was the thunderer broken before dead eye?
    me : always has being

  5. I am equal parts glad and feel dirty for having a Thunderer…

  6. Its broken, before and after the rework. I’m a BB main and I loathe these things, and when I have taken my higher tier cruisers out its always blapped by one of these bloody things. As she is at the moment, with the Dead eye the HE spam and so on, she’s as bad for the game as the Smolenks was when it was first introduced.

    • It is the job of the BB to blap cruisers… British BB’s are especially good for this because of reduced arming times of the AP shells.

    • @Nico Steentjes Aye 🙂 But on the Thundy, you don’t even need AP, you just slap in some HE, point. Click. Can’t angle against it, can’t do anything about it, just gotta bend over and take it 😀 Same with HE spamming cruisers. A case of “Oh here we go again…” as you see ribbons of brigh yellow shells coming towards you :p

  7. chris Cjunleashed97

    I have always feared thunderer over all other not even CV’s scare me like seeing a thunderer.

  8. 11:00 .lol sealord just miscalculated the expert loader just 1.5sec

  9. Thunderer has alway’s been broken. Dead-eye just makes it more accurate, I myself actually dont realy notice the diffirence with or without dead-eye. It is a bad thing that this ship ever got realeased because this ship doesnt take skill at all to play and to play very well. (yes i am a thunderer player myself to).

  10. I swear in every ranked match there’s at least one THUNDERER in each team, and most of the time they’re potatoes that snipe u from the borders.
    The problem is that those idiots can now actually punish you consistently

  11. Everyone: Thunderer
    Me seeing SLM say hai: WEEEEEEEB DETECTED

  12. It was broken before the Commander Rework, this OPness being now even strenghtened (especially for lazy/unskilled ppl) with EadEye …

  13. All the actions viewers took against you just shows what a sad bunch of angry children most WoWs players are. I disagree with you on many things but always appreciate your content, and have never even voted anything down. Keep up the good work, I watch everything you post. And will disagree half the time. 😂👍

    • We all would be surprised, how many „adults“ act like children in WoWs … well overall on the web. Children can not pay WG‘s rent.

  14. “Come out with your hands up!” in the end was the best moment in the match 😀

  15. For the question “Is it broken?”. Let’s just say I doubled my average damage per game while playing her.

    As for the OP question. Setting perm fires every 22 seconds from 24K is a pretty dumb mechanic. She’s VERY squishy, but with her concealment and range you rarely have to get shot at in the first place.

  16. It has always been completely broken i dont understand how ppl thought diffrenty before the rework

  17. people before 10.0: It ain’t that bad.
    People after 10.0: So I started blasting hate on anything I could.

  18. Daniel-Maxim Knyschow

    Thunderer players: Wait, u guys think Thunderer is broken?
    Everyone: Always has been.

  19. Deadeye is a nerf to Thunderer. Before it had an advantage in long range fights, and its biggest threat was other BBs, and its only saving grace was that other BBs wouldn’t hit all their shells every volley. Now, there are more long range BBs, and all of them hit much more accuracy. Deadeye didn’t really help thunderer at all, and it massively made thunderer more prone.

  20. Thunderer-Owner here: has allways been strong/op

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