World of Warships- So The Servers Are Broken

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Hey guys! Today we talk about the Server Tick issue that has cropped up yet again. We run through the history of the issue and then run our own tests to see the issue itself. Let me know what ya think below!


Ross Rowley:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. heh even the qyuake 2 servers i used to setup back in the old dial up days had a tick rate of 120+, on those servers it was real complex you had to open the server.cfg file and add the line “set rate=120”

  2. It would have effected all 3 of the IJN gun boats which all have a 3 second base reload.. and pretty much any of the IJN ships running the 10cm guns either as main guns or secondary’s..

  3. If it effects 2ndaries its effecting AA also.

  4. I always thought it was just in my head when I noticed my schiefflen secondary dpm boost from Lutjens sometimes feeling like it wasn’t having a effect on my 105s until I was low health.

  5. Whatever the tick rate, you just can’t eliminate the discrete nature of the servers: reload is always going to be a multiple of whatever the tick rate, a staircase function rather than a straight line.

    • Agreed, but missing an occasional fraction of a second on a 30ish plus reload isn’t a problem. Receiving no benefit from 8+ pts in reload skills unless you also lose 50% or so of your ship is a problem.

      As they are now selling ships whose only gimmick is fast firing at the expense of any other damage sources (Druid) but may not receive any benefit from reload boost unless they also loose a significant portion of their health first is a problem.

      I don’t think tick rate will be easy to adjust as I feel their game expects things the way they are. Any ‘balancing’ they’ve done may get really thrown off. Even simple things like how quickly you can turn may start misbehaving.

      I guess we’ll see 🙂

    • @Dan Goodall EVE Online actually solved this issue with one second ticks and a similar nature of gameplay w/ some fast firing ships: Any value in betweeen a tick imparts a chance for the weapon to fire a tick early based off how how close it is to either tick
      For example a 2.01s reload will fire in 2s 99 times out of 100 and fire 3s 1 time out of 100
      2.55 would fire at 2s 55/100 times and inverse, et cetera
      Seems like a simple enough fix. Nobody’s going to complain their gun fired .284ms late or early occasionally.

  6. They may have buried their head in the sand over this before but it won’t be possible this time. Too many players are now aware of it and it affects too many ships.

  7. I guarantee that WG will “fix” this by removing reload skills and instead giving other ways to increase shell dpm

    • Yep, that’s the easiest hack alright. Just increase shell damage / fps so DPM stays the same.

    • Good, a DD shouldn’t sink a battleship using it guns in 45 seconds.

    • @Wilhem Hetrick
      He’s saying to replace reload skills with shell alpha so that the effective dpm would be the same, but they dont actually have to fix the server tickrate. They would still kill battleships at the same speed.

    • @Wilhelm Hetrick Careful, don’t let the Destroyer Mafia catch you saying something like that.

    • That’s all they have to do just raise the dpm simple fix. Lets see If WG can do that…The only problem that I can see even small as It Is the rate of fire Is not as good and tracking shells to ships would have a longer time between shells but It won’t be much.

  8. Wows actually didn’t understand is own game the mechanic is intended for slow pace game, but they also are fast-paced because of how often one side battles is

  9. Waverley Journalise

    As much as these insane DPM ships are cancer for the game, I think this issue still deserves to be fixed, even if only to future-proof the game.

  10. I love how you include the reminder for BB captains that they are sitting in the same boat with us DD mains.

  11. I’ve noticed a lot of “server overloaded” type things when dropping into randoms.

    Generally, “server tick” strikes me as an issue on their end. These game servers are essentially very high performance demand low latency. If they do something like consume too much memory, gobble and release large chunks of memory etc – they experience some very painful issues depending on their tech. Think something like java and memory management – please wait while java scans over every little chunk of memory to see if it was marked for free or not. Any processing or memory latency is going to just SUCK.

    The other option is latency between game client and server ( eg your ping time sorta ). That stuff getting random arrival ordering etc – that is overhead.

    My money is on greedy processing requirements or working on large data structures in the app per user 😉 I’ve seen versions of that in the past.

    Its nice they took a bug like the brawls t9/10 balance and nuked it right away. But something like this or curving torps etc – that stuff is gonna take a while!

  12. TimeFliesAsYouGetOlder

    I tried my Groningen in training. I have the reload mod. The reload is 1.6 s which gives 150 shells in 60 seconds which I would have an error of +/- 2 seconds for human counting error. So I should see 150 +/- 5. I got 144 shells so in the ballpark.

  13. This really shows that the current devs and game decision makers don’t fully understand their own game, and are pushing “features” with these super fast firing ships (DD’s, cruisers, and super ships) that just break the game. I’m very much not a fan of how the game is going in this regard, it hurts gameplay and pushes the game even further into the arcade realm. It hurts the old ships made when this game was much slower in many ways, and just isn’t interesting.

    Hopefully this can fix this, but it is also possible that it is baked into the base design of the game. Who knows what else in the game is relying on this tick rate? Just shows that if they want to push this in the game it may be time to start looking at a new game and get rid of this old engine and system.

  14. There are other issues with Captain Skills as well, look at the timings of any ship with turret traverse times when mod is taken and Captain Skills taken, the numbers never match, sometimes better and most times worse

  15. WG is likely renting space in somebody’s datacenters, so it’s the cost of moving them over (figuratively) to the appropriate hardware and increased bandwidth needs. Probably more the latter than the former since we’re talking a datacenter. But that’s still extra money to solve what is a minute concern, ’cause the datacenter isn’t going to do it for free. So WG can either spend all that extra money they’ve been getting on premiums and crates on infrastructure, *or* they can just adjust the numbers on their ships so this is no longer a “concern.” I wonder which solution they’ll choose?

  16. WG confirmed that tick is 140ms (1/7s) and for player inputs (clicks) this poll rate is used. However for sequential fire double tick (280ms or 2/7s) is used. They look to fix that no later than 0.11.3.

  17. WoWS went live in 2015. If the server’s are build from that time, they are probably not SSD drives with <10GB network connection. As a tech POV, things have changed from that time in hardware performance. Back in the 1990's, it use to be that a business would flush out their old computers every seven years. However that timeline has been shorten to three years now because of technology advancements. The old model of "replacing on failure" for a computer component, has changed over to replace on performance. Because if you are down due to time, then you ROI is not happening in regards to marketing and customer service. You have to keep your customers happy or they will go elsewhere. FYI, it now costs around $300,000 per hour for a network outage. That has changed from $20,000 an hour when I first started in IT.

  18. by the way, the lag is not only about shooting. I receive warning of incoming shots (captain skill) like at least 1-2 seconds before I actually see the enemy ships shooting at me. This is ridiculous.

  19. For what’s it worth:

    I think the dpm change is due to keeping the weapons used in the game historical.

    The reason I say this is that players are charged for ammo reload but the # of rounds per magazine is not provided in the ships data. I give two examples both American:

    The 6/47 caliber gun (152mm), the base light crusier gun of Cleveland, Boise, Helena, has 200 rounds per gun stored in the turrets magazine. Each turret has 600 rounds for a total of 3000 rounds of six inch for the Helena. Per the US Navy, the rate of fire per gun is between 8-10 rounds a minute. If one extrapolates this out in a 20 minute random battle then our Helena runs out of ammunition. A Fletcher class destroyer carriers 420 rounds per turret and each gun can fire 10-15 rounds a minute. Do the math and a Fletcher would run out of ammo to.

    So the lower DPM rates in the game adds for some historical accuracy. Otherwise all the ships would run out of ammo before the end of the game. In a way this makes the game playable otherwise we would see more ramming and boarding actions.

  20. FYY, this has been happening in World of Tanks as well (For a month now, I think they are saving money by contracting cheap ass unstable servers), at certain times it is unplayable because you see tanks teleporting everywhere, and turrets going helicopter mode.

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