World of Warships- So, They Kinda Broke The Game

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Hey guys! Today we look at a couple of major bugs that have popped up in 10.11, let me know what you guys think down below!

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  1. It isn’t really defective for anything else but French DD’s. Unlike them, most ships’ midsection can’t saturate, so it matters less for all other DD’s.

    But it is way worse than it’s supposed to be.

  2. since the patch every airdropped torp gives me flodding and i mean every! Also i have the feeling as fires start far more often. i get set on flames like a candle, and it wasnt like this before. Also secondaries not counting to dmg for Schlieffen is just stupid, as your xp and credits suffer hard.

  3. The SE expert bug came to light literally just a few hours after i reskilled my Captain for my new Marceau with my last Captain exp….

  4. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Forgot to mention it, but this invincibility bug applies to torpedo tubes too

    • LightningwingDragon

      Colbert Guns are STILL BROKE!!!!!!!!!

    • The bug does not seem to affect CVs that much because I was in multiple double CV games for some reasons. Not sure if there is an incentive to play CV right now, but they are everywhere.

    • TheGuardianofAzarath

      Well, german mains (like me) would certainly appreciate that. We all know that german torp launchers are made of confetti. I bet flamu will be happy though, i know he made a video a while ago saying secondaries are too weak to be viable because they die so quickly.

    • Great, we can use our torps on the Hindi now

    • Wish this wasn’t a bug but an actual feature. I play a lot of cv’s and think one of the big issues with the “CV OP” crowd is they aren’t paying attention to how much plane damage they are doing early game and only notice how little they are doing late game. Allowing AA guns to not be destroyed is fine by me as a cv player and the cv op crowd would see a lot of benefit from still having their AA guns in the late game. I also Main a lot of DD’s and theres a few where I lose a turret or torp launcher from a single shell hit and it’s so frustrating. Woulkd make being a dd player much better if say my vampire 2’s single torp launcher couldn’t be destroyed right at the start of a match

  5. Tarquinius Superbus

    Ohh thanks for the info. Now i know why i had such a pain in marceau and why my gk performed absolutely amazing

  6. I think the bug is even deeper. Yesterday, I had my whole port secondaries and AAs deleted in my Vanguard.

    I would bet that this is a problem with the “innovation of the armor scheme”.

  7. Do you know what bug I love? The one, when you accidentally ram into an island and you can’t reverse back. It brings me a smile every time…

    • It is called realism according to WG

    • @Swarm509 Yup. Did that in a BB about a month ago. Enough room on either side for a Cruiser to go by, but I got stuck and my ship wigged out, turned on its side, started bouncing about, and then I got hit by torpedoes and sunk. I would have outrun the torpedoes had I not gotten stuck. The days of tactical beachings are over, and I don’t hug islands at all anymore.

    • @Teemu If Wargaming was going for realism, my Des Moines-and basically any of my high tier USN ships- would still be a no-fly zone for carriers, torpedoes would ricochet, and submarines would not go 30 knots underwater, and wouldn’t have homing torpedoes. Also the Soviet navy wouldn’t exist in the game. Lol

    • And sometimes you can jump up high after you get close to an island ~I like that one too

    • thats not a bug, thats the submarine new underwater landscape working as intended

  8. I was in my plymouth yesterday and i was dodging torpedoes, except one apparently that blew up about half a torpedoes length away from me, which in turn killed me

  9. Another issue I have found is the BB Grease the Gears skill, says 20% but give only 15%, and if you have a special captain that gives 25%, you will only get 20% instead

  10. They should leave the AA and secondary bug alone. Building into secondaries just to have them get destroyed by a thunderer is so frustrating.

  11. AA and secondary being invincible is a great thing. SE being broken on DDs not so much

  12. To be honest, as a surface ship player, I didnt notice anything significant regarding my AA output as AA is insignificant to start with on most ships…

  13. WG: heres a YT video how we work hard to avoid and eliminate bugs in game

    Also WG: heres a handful of major bugs. Enjoy! We’re on vacation!

  14. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if Wargaming decided to release a video highlighting the Q/A team they say they have on staff and this new lineup of bugs showed they don’t actually play or understand their game? I’m sure that will never happen though….

  15. Ah yes, they “broke” secondaries. After releasing a ship that made the player-base briefly stop complaining about German BB secondaries. Convenient that.

  16. Mountbatten: “Secondaries are indestructible” *SABATON INTENSIFIES*

  17. I noticed my main guns getting knocked out and was fairly sure the torps on one of my German BBs getting knocked out right as I wanted to fire. Interesting info though…. and never, ever feel bad for CV players 😉

  18. Honestly- german BB and all secondary strategy probably needs this as a buff not a bug. For CV i think goes similar- but opposite, they are OP

  19. no but its impossible to destroy secondaries and AA now, no matter how muc h u shoot them

  20. @RitzBittz the parts of a ship DO still get saturated. it just takes more damage. But AA and secondaries are impossible to destroy. i believe the mounts have less HP than a section of a ship – i think this was confirmed in both the how it works video and data mined values

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