World of Warships- So Wargaming Is Selling Techline Ships For Cash

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Hey guys, today we take a look at some few strange items on sale for in the armory for dubs, including techline ships, enjoy!
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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio


  1. This is just a bad idea. Selling tier 10 premiums was bad enough but this just sets a dangerous precedent. How long will it take for them to start selling tier 10 tech line ships in the armory

  2. I remember they did that, I really wondered what crossed their mind when I saw last week when it was Tallinn (the T8 soviet heavy cruiser) that was being sold that way, I really wonder who would buy a ship that’s already available in the tech tree.

    • @icex69rz And I hate them because I play game 6 months and I finally get Soyuz and on IX tier are teamates who don’t play good because they don’t train game on low tier and I lose because them. They die on start of game for broadside salvo. And second type of these “professional” players are playing game 1 week, game is for them “funny” so they decide to buy tier IX premium, and they find out that game isn’t so easy like I-VII tier and they stop play.

    • Perhaps people with 2000 battles played but not enough time in their lives to unlock ships regularly? I mean, there are quite a lot of ships in the game and you have to play a lot, and I mean a lot of battles in order to get most/all ships. Though I can see why people would buy premiums, personally I wil never buy regular ships with real money. and while I won’t tell others they shouldn’t, I would advise against it though.
      As for WG, I think they are now just trying to cash as much as possible without any regards for the general health of the game.

    • @Phil Andrus Indeed mate

    • @icex69rz Mate,, I would rather spend my hard earned on 12YO Single Malt,,, Slange!

    • Eelke van der Brug

      @icex69rz I just think it’s ironic you respond to someone giving their opinion by calling their opinion “stupic and narrow-minded” because they judge other people’s decisions the way they do, whilst judging them yourself just as harshly for simply having an opinion (regardless of what you think their motivations are, it shouldn’t matter – that’s their prerogative right, according to your own logic?). I do have issues with clueless people throwing games, simply because I am incredibly competitive by nature – I just rarely get toxic over it.

  3. So its basically a: skip 2 thirds of a techline and enter hightier matches without any experience for the small price of 2 fullprice AAA titles. Looking forward to the coming weeks in random, preying in my BBs with overmatching guns /s

    But you might be right that this are filler sales. But also it might be testbeds for future techline releases as they stopped the gambling containers.

    • Is that really any different than people just buying a T8/T9 as it is currently and jumping into the game? Fools parting with their $$$ before they even know what they are doing.

    • People have been able to buy a T8 premium and get into high tier matches since forever.
      And those who buy into these “deals” might have plenty of high tier games on other lines, for all we know.

  4. Yep i saw that.
    I thought I was going to break a rib from laughing so hard when i saw the price tags.
    So far I have found it surprisingly easy to say “NO” to these “deals”.

    • Waldherz FeuerClan

      Whale here (sadly).
      Here are the exact thoughts of my brain when I first saw the Tallin: Oh neat nice camo…wait…uhhh…………..why?

    • Yeah lol. Basically the 10-20% off so-called “deals” on stuff in the premium shop aren’t “deals” at all, things are still waayy too expensive than what they should be. It is *STILL* a money grab on WG’s part.

  5. nothing evil about it. players have Never really wanted to grind, anything. these day more so then ever. also during a WG holiday event there is so much “free” stuffs (everything costs time) buying a tech line ship can feel like an investment.

    • I must disagree with you ! I started playing WoW this summer and i grinded all my ships because i wanted to ! I like to have a goal and this feeling of an achievement when i can finally unlock a new ship 😛 but i must agree that most of players dont care / dont want to grind since its very long and painful xD

    • Russia's Greatest Spin Machine

      I mean for me It all depends on how fun a ship is. When I grinded my Pan European DD line I enjoyed the whole line and didn’t rush.
      However for my German BB line I literally free xp’ed half of the grind the GK from my FdG because it was absolute crap xD

    • @Russia’s Greatest Spin Machine petty important to find a tech line you enjoy o least tolerate playing though. those research ships can be key to a ftp account

  6. this makes santa crates look like a good buy

  7. this is a great way to say “WE RAN OUT OF CONTENT UNTIL NEXT UPDATE PLEASE HELP.”

  8. Ya know the cool thing about WoW is that you can go out and just lay waste to premium ships with line ships cuz it always depends on the player and his actions. I have a few prems but I really mostly play line ships, they do just as well. Just got the Benson the other day and having a ball with it already and its a line ship. When I go premium it always seems to be a let down because of expectations. Now for prems I go with coal ships. Flint is next I think.

    • Only things that are good about premium ships is either that you like that ship and its playstyle or you like the buffs they and their camos can give you to credits etc

    • @biggiefish That is literally the whole point of premium ships

    • Premium ships generally aren’t designed to be strictly better than tech line ships, at least not for the last couple of years since they removed a lot of the old powerful ones, but they often have slightly different playstyles or unique gimmicks compared to the tech line counterparts, as well as improved economy, which is the main draw of buying them, high tier premiums are credit and free XP grinding monsters

    • @commissarmartin U meant that they are maybe a little better, but not ruining the gameplay for others and they are for grind.

  9. The T9 and T10 Riga/Petro was good considering how much I used Petro in CB, I would have gotten the Tallin if it was Camo only like the other.

  10. Keep in mind that the New Year event also involves getting tech tree ships (Jag, Cavour, Omaha) with permacamos, 6pt commander, and port slot for free. The notion seems to be jump starting players into a tech line. I personally don’t really like the notion, because it drops the experience from going up the line.

    • The Phengophobic Gamer

      I donr think they should be selling these tier VIII bundles, but the tier VI rewards are pretty reasonable to me. I got a few ships this way the year before last as I had been away from the game for some time. I still needed to grind/FXP up, but it was a nice start for lines I hadn’t touched before.

    • People us the argument that people shouldn’t be able to buy into higher tiers because they don’t get the experience of playing through the line. But in my experience it doesn’t really matter since people can just fail their way to tier X anyway. Having to grind to tier X doesn’t say anything about how someone is going to play once they get there. There are plenty of examples supporting my argument in every tier X match that I play.

    • @Nick This is true but the grind lessens the chance and also theres a difference between failing your way up and completely bypassing your way up.

  11. The Phengophobic Gamer

    These aren’t exactly new, they did the same with USN CAs a year or two ago.

    The skins are worth it, though they’re listing the tier X and VIII camos for 9k and discounting that by 20% when they’re worth 8k, but its still abit cheaper in the bundle than buying individually.

  12. Honestly i wish they would just do the permanent camo bundles, and maybe do something where you can just buy rare camos every so often

  13. I saw the Tallin bundle sale, and I kind of like the idea of the Event Camos being re-run every now and then, because it’s nice to have a permanent camo for some of my favourite ships. I can see why they offer the ship; if someone wants the camo and hasn’t got to the ship and wants to use it immediately, they can.
    If you can but the Event Camo alone, then I’d be mostly ok with it as it then becomes more about offering those Event Camos, and they are generally nice camos, rather than trying to just sell a tech line. It should also be very, very clear that the ships are Tech-Line.
    I mostly agree with SLM; it’s mostly harmless and if it’s all very clear the ship is available via the grind, then I’m fine with it.

  14. I feel they are doing this because the Distant Voyages containers flopped hard. Like imagine thinking turning permanent camouflage into the next Santa crates was a good idea.

    This way they can sell event camouflage again with extra fluff instead of adding them to the exterior tab.

  15. i like the permanent camo’s, even as a bundle you get a bit of a discount.
    that’s the only thing i’m getting

  16. TimeFliesAsYouGetOlder

    As soon as I saw that ship was a tech tree ship I said “no thanks”. If I had not grinded up that line or had started to grind up that line, I might bite. If WGing offers the Amiga again for sale at a reasonable price I might get it. I have not started the IJN BB line yet. Its a time thing for me. I do not have all the time in the world to play but I can spend a few bucks. That’s good for you all because without those of us that spend real money you all do not get to play.

    In fact, I’d suggest that the amount of money you spend on the game should give you immunity to those that abuse the karma, or the reporting. Or maybe the amount if $$ you spend will cause WGing to review a report on you. If it’s valid then it sticks if it’s petty then the one reporting gets the ding.

  17. This biggest problem I have with this is that they are selling Albemarle which is pretty much garbage. Someone who doesn’t know better could get something decent like Atago or Mainz but no….they offer a ship that most of used at least some FXP to get past because the miserable experience of getting citadeled through the nose every 30 seconds and not having enough range to fire back. The superheal only serves to prolong the misery.

  18. TheGuardianofAzarath

    I had just unlocked the Tallin when i noticed it was for sale along with the premium camo, and tbh, i wish they’d just add the camo to the “Exterior” tab in the port for doubs and leave it at that (like they did with the tirpitz various camos)

  19. i pointed this out in one of Flamus videos when they also did the Tallinn not to long ago, it is absolutely disgusting behavior by WG to expect us to pay for an entire ship from the tech tree line just to get a skin


    WG were finally doing well, they were doing better, and then they stoop to a new low

  20. Why would WG sell a Tech Tree (TT) ship even with the extras? This one is a little strange. Not new in corporate sales. I worked for a John Deere dealer. The owners son said if JD could sell water they would. A couple of months latter JD brand green anti freeze was for sale.

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