World of Warships: Solo Warrior

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A Marceau match where I press G on a submarine and do some other things.

0:00 Intro
0:10 Captain Skills & Upgrades
0:19 Marceau Match
16:34 End Screen
19:51 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 French destroyer Marceau.


  1. The most deserved solo warrior in the history of solo warriors.

    • We had once an AFK CV. We fought hard, but we did go down in the end. We still lived long enough, that even the enemy CV couldn’t get to our CV in time to attack him even once.
      So the CV got Solo Warrior with 0 BaseXP.

    • @Loeffel The enemy team must have been so annoyed!😅

    • Pepega Ch. / ペペガ

      this reminds me of flamu’s fenyang vid with a weser in his team _carrying_ everyone with its yolo warrior lolol

  2. There is a problem at 11.44: What “STRUSCIO” is typing in chat is something very blasphemic in italian. Go on google and translate those words.

  3. Best solo warrior goes tooooooo

  4. That smolensk surely enjoyed the half a minute of match he played

  5. 6:13 you pulled a Notser🤣

  6. Solo worriors are thw hardest to get and i have 2 lol. Great video Aerroon

  7. Not enginesound, but cavitation from the propeller.

  8. Gareth Fairclough

    No Amagi in sight. I am disappointed, but I’ll take it!

  9. Your ship angle display is that built in or a mod?

  10. It’s not worth using the depth charge module you’re using. Unless you cold spam G to drop all 4, you’re going to have to wait and drop 2 sets which kills the subs.

    • Sure, but what if I miss?

    • @Aerroon Depth Charges come back absurdly fast. It takes a long time to use both charges so you can get your 3rd reloaded pretty quickly. Realistically, the big problem is you can’t double tap G and drop both of your sets at once.

      The depth charge module is not worth losing any of the alternatives in that slot (actually, most depth charge related modules and skills need a buff for me to even consider them).

  11. For the Italians in the comments, go to 11:50 and read in game chat

  12. This is awesome
    Got Marceau. Learning to play her

  13. I mean, I haven’t played the game in a few months now because of all the bullshit WeeGee is doing in/to and outside of the game, but I wouldn’t call only two BBs on either side surprising. With all the bullshit CVs already are since years and now the funny submarine stupidity, I am actually surprised people are still willing to queue as BB at all.

  14. It’s kind of a charming albeit odd part of your personality that you even go to the trouble of trying to “misdirect” the enemy team in chat at the end of games. This is not the first time one of your videos has shown you doing that. It’s mischievous, like a schoolboy’s prank or something.

  15. How are you liking the new UI ?

  16. I would not open fire on a cruiser in a DD at that kind of range HAHAHA… Just shows even Aerroon make mistakes like the rest of us 🙂

  17. My last solo warrior was 8 to 1 in a DD. Same same!! They over pushed the flanks and I went up the middle. They could not get back it time before I capped there base. I have 3 more like this.

  18. I like how you guided the Henri to the CV. 😉

  19. It’s the guy who asked what CV is ..

  20. Pepega Ch. / ペペガ

    holy shit, _SS is able to carry the team with yolo warrior! TOO OP MUST NERF!_

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