World of Warships – Some tips and advice on Ranked

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takes the derpitz to a match and patience and some good old fashion tanking pay off.

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  1. Sometimes you just gotta derp.

  2. I started the season playing Radar Edinburgh, (Schrodinger’s Cruiser), even though I love the Edinpurge to bits, I switched to Amagi bc when the shit (teams) hit the fan, poor Edinlol can’t save its star.

  3. here’s a tip…quit chasing virtual stars…this shit doesn’t mean jack….you video gamers need to get out more. this shit is not important

  4. Happy New Year Slash, thnx for content. 🙂

  5. I don’t how to play BBs in huge map like mountain range, it does confuses me for where I shall go or what I can do. Huge map causes long-ranged open fire and long-ranged movement. I can’t follow the team-mates’ mind. So, I mean I need some help about BBs’ battles in huge maps. Thank you very much.

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