World of warships – Somebody asked me to play Podvoisky

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  1. Im early! 🙂

  2. omgroflbbq i hate playing podvoisky

  3. Why cannot I do that?! Like to see a T7 game though – everything outspots you. I have a lousy survival rate in it but it is strangely addictive nonetheless. Tks for the lesson!

  4. This ship was a lot of fun when I played it. It’s no Gremy, but the insane speed and the 360 degree guns made it so fun to just run around avoiding enemy fire and always having your guns available to fire back.

  5. thegreekfirepower[WG-CC]

    how can you do so good at this ship and I can do only 5k average dmg with it 😉

  6. Ciao Flambass 😉

  7. That Camo!

  8. I don’t play my Murmansk very often but it’s very good at killing little DD’s.

  9. Flambass, here is an idea for your stream; you play with shared screen. You do thinking, dey do execution. Here is how you execute it: I think Skype has the possibility to share screen. You connect to someone. They give you their screen to be seen. When done properly, it can probably go in 45 seconds to a minute. You ask which ship they want to improve in. Ask how they normally do. Than you get into game. You tell them what to do; turn left, right, shoot a little to the front, change to AP, shoot a torp to the left or right etc.
    If done well technically, this could be very nice for the viewers.

    • With the only problem of me sucking when it comes to technical stuff xD

    • Flambass I can see. If you ask on your stream, maybe there are people, who xan help. For starters you could connect to someone out of stream. See, of there is a value for the player and you. You will not know, if there is value for the viewers, which I think will be the most. I think you will be able, with some practice, to double or tripple the impact of players. They will see, what they have to change to be better.
      To see the impact on audience you could make an offline vid and post in on YouTube.

  10. Hi , any chance to have video 1080 ? Good channel, big clan here !!

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