World of Warships – Somebody Else’s Problem

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There’s an extremely rare consumable in World of Warships that only activates when your ship’s at about 1-2% remaining of it’s maximum health…

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  1. The SEP (Somebody Else’s Problem) Field was in Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, to hide the Bistromathic spaceship!

    • @Hazel It works terribly well to mark a file as “urgent” as well.

    • Oh, freddled gruntbuggly!
      Thy micturations are to me
      As plurdled gabbleblotchits on a lurgid bee.
      Groop! I implore thee, my foonting turlingdromes,
      And hooptiously bedrangle me with crinkly bindlewurdles,
      Or I shall rend thee in the gobberwarts
      With my blurglecruncheon; see if I don’t!

    • Yeah I thought I heard it from Hitchhiker’s but Jingles then started to mention Star Trek; I was like “well Jingles is British so he should know about Hitchhiker better than me I guess,” what do you know.

    • @Eskay1206 He’s a real hoopy frood. He knows where his towel is.

    • I am prety sure that there is an Infinite Imporbability Drive Bisstromatic hiding in Wargaming servers for the RNG!

  2. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    Omaha and her copies: Marblehead and Murmansk (ex-Milwaukee ) Are basically Omaha sisters participated alongside in ww2 but in warships it’s another story.

    She’s basically a citadel machine not long ago just before when Emerald exist and Hawkins.

    Omaha is also one of the painful grinds (If any) back then, but now she gets the double torpedoes both on her sides.

  3. Sees thumbnail “a Omaha replay eh? Well this will ether be VERY SHORT or VERY ENTERTAINING”. Edit: Aw yes, the “somebody else’s problem field generator” The consumable that leaves you wondering WHY THE FUCK your team still hasn’t sunk that enemy DD with 200 hp after 15 minutes.

  4. compared to the camo, what’s more jarring is the sheer inefficiency of scroll zooming – please use the shift key, it makes your life much easier

  5. I can see it in an episode of Trek now, needing to re-route power from the ODN relays to the SEP Generator so the shields don’t buckle.

  6. Oh, man. The SEPFG is real! I’ve run into it so many times when I got an enemy ship super low and then everybody else just ignored it, even when they had really fast reloads and wouldn’t have been inconvenienced by throwing one or two volleys its way.

    • Maybe there trying not to kill steal?

    • @Max Power Could be, but there’s no such thing as kill stealing in WoWS since there’s no respawn. If you leave the enemy alive, they might kill you or one of your teammates and thereby cost you the match. I *want* the enemy ship to die.

      Would I like to get the kill? Yeah, but I want them removed from the match even more. If they go behind an island and I can no longer shoot them, I don’t want my teammate who has line of fire to ignore them just so they don’t “kill-steal”.

    • It is kinda wild how much the playerbase has changed since I quit, back then people basically fell over themselves to get kills. You spend 3 minutes soloing a ship and it was left on a sliver of health? Suddenly half the team wants to help.

  7. I’ve seen this in my Omaha, it’s nuts when it activates cause you can have so much fun killing ships that think you are someone else problem.

  8. I also love how instead of thinking of doing it himself, he got caught up with his own field and made sending the replay Somebody Else’s Problem.
    (yeah I know it was a figure of speech and the fact that we see this replay is because he ended up doing it, but at that specific time he thought it was, and we cannot stress this enough, Somebody Else’s Problem)

  9. This reminds me of a match where I was sailing a New Mexico. Being a very slow T6 BB, it meant that most of the game was already over by the time I got into firing range. There were several enemy ships on low enough health that they were able to activate their “somebody else’s problem” consumables. So I activated the “now it’s my problem” consumable. Got a kraken with only 15k damage that match.

  10. Ole Køhrsen Starup-Øsby Skole og Børnehus

    I just learned that Jingles VO can be picked for every ship. So my captains are all jingles now instead of pirates. But lets face it…it’s basically the same 😀

  11. Don’t try this near a German BB – their secondaries have the “our business is EVERYTHING!” upgrade.

    • German ships, the main guns may or may not have your name on them, the secondaries are “to whom it may concern”

  12. idk how but i’ve seemed to purchased a skill that counters the “someone else’s problem field” called the Risky Aqusition Target, or RAT as if i ever see someone on low health, I get very kill stealy, more so if its someone a division mate has been farming down

  13. Les & Tabitha's Adventures!

    Thanks Jingles for showing my epic game! Omaha is a shits and giggles ship, ignore at your peril! I was a tad drunk playing that battle and yes you are correct saw I was the bottom tier and went why the hell violence it is! Cheers! from LesTurboPanzerTanker

  14. The camo’s will get a benifit buff in the future. There is no way WG is giving up a source for income. They just needed people to dump their 1000’s of camos they had built up. I predict that the camo sell off was just a planned reset by WG before they bring back a buff to incite people to buy them again.

  15. 4:57 When he was fighting the Kongo, Turbo could not have disengaged, as Turbo’s concealment (15.1 km) almost matches his gun range (15.2 km) (probably running the heavy AP and SAP commander skill), and the Kongo was at less half that range (7.2 km). And while the Omaha is fast, she’s not fast enough to get out of detection range before the Kongo could finish him off (assuming the Kongo, or an opportunistic teammate, tried)

  16. I love the way, towards the end, that Turbo was as incredulous as Jingles was, that he was still alive and even said, “Somebody send this to Jingles”…

  17. That consumable activates in my division whenever one of these light cruisers comes within range, in particular the Nurnberg.

  18. Sebastian Grumman

    Played correctly, the Omaha class can be very deadly to opposing team. When he hit that other cruiser he scored six citadels in one salvo. It is also a flamethrower. You can easily set ten or more fires in a match. It is a knife-edge ship. It requires patience and absolute attention to the situation. You master those, and it can perform quite nicely.

  19. Liberal sock puppet

    8:10 in the chat

  20. my favorite camo of all time was dazzle camo, it was intended to throw of the perception and make u look closer or farther away making it harder to actually get ur distance and speed correct.

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