World of Warships Something about them Brits Belfast

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makes some great early game decisions regarding maneuver and ammo choice and makes a couple ships pay. Then with some assistance from a division mate sets up for the long game.

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  1. Enjoy the Belfast replay while you can… the upcoming smoke change will stop this stuff really fast… especially when a BB pulls into your smoke and starts firing. At the least you’ll get hit by shots fired at the BB, more often than not. It’s all gonna be ugly.

  2. Thanks for featuring my replay and the commentary was great as usual 😀 I definitely couldn’t of had as good a battle as this without Dave helping me out (he ended up with 46k in this battle so between the two of us we put out 210k of damage). Just small note I do have DE (along with the 2 fire signals) but dont have IFHE.

  3. Awesome game Reckless, job well done!

  4. LEWD hype! Well done Reckless

  5. Fun video and I always enjoy your narration style….But,  All game play videos, from all contributers are always top tier ships seal clubbing. How you sunk tier 5 DDs in a Belfast is not something your gonna brag about to your grandchildren. It would be very interesting  to see a vid for once, of a bottom tier ship, smiting the enemy.  If this Belfast/Leningrad combo was facing a enemy of tier 8/9 ships. Sure, the score wouldn’t have been as high, but it would make for a far more intense and entertaining video.

  6. 3:26 “They’re not sitting back in the H line like you see once in a while”. I wonder if that had anything to do with driving the DD off. To be fair, at least you didn’t suddenly and mysteriously blame Battleships for it.

    4:34 “The smoke doesn’t make it strong . . . ” Not by itself, but it helps for those who don’t nail position on their first try. It gives you an out if you mess up, so the Belfast is somewhat forgiving. For high skill players that makes it OP, because it can counter them and they actually have to stand and fight it or use counter-tactics. To be fair, i’d argue it helps significantly, but position is definitely important regardless; do not rule out the smoke.

    11:30 “They can sit here happily” Yeah, I bet somehow though that Hood and those battleships, it’s their fault Reckless won. I mean if an entire category of ships will be memed on by Three CCs, I suppose I should signal boost and meme at every opportunity. . . More legitimately, this is a fantastic position to be in as a team to deny the approach and have tandem smokes to supplement positional play.

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