World of Warships – Sometimes you just need to walk away from the game

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When World of Warships starts to be a drag, sometimes you just need to walk away from the game. Not for good, but a break can do a lot to help your mood. Plus… there’s a world out there. Don’t miss it.


  1. I had to walk away from this game for a full year, but now I’m back

  2. What a hippie… *unsubs* …

    …jokes aside, I am on a week break from WoWS as well, and already feel a lot better just doing other stuff and playing other video games. Not everything revolves around one game and I realised how much BS I was just letting get to me after I stepped away. Unsure when I’ll be back though so WeeGee are probably getting nervous since I ain’t buying anymore premium time/ships… lol. :3

  3. The game is a grind , and a time whore as well… Enjoy your break from the game.

  4. The northen lights are amazing. I’m blessed to live in Alaska where I can view them most of the year. And taking a break from games is very important. If I start getting mad at what’s happening in the game I just stop playing. This actually happened tonight when another dd dropped tops in front of me not allowing me to escape the action. So I got off the game and it was my first match of the night. Very solid advice.

  5. WOW. Those are some absolutely BEAUTIFUL pictures. Please post more somewhere!

  6. wat….. queue…record screech…….. world of warships is not real…. its just a game…… NOOOOOOOOOOO

    But slight more seriously…. this is a game nerd, telling game nerds not to be a game nerd and get a life……… hmmm… GLWT

  7. Admiral Elo J Fudpucker

    I just took a two week break from WoWS… .had a great Kutuzov yesterday which I will make a vid on…

    WoWs….. they have been pushing so much down the pipe over the last 5 months… almost too much…. I also needed a break.

  8. I uninstalled in February 2015 and only reinstalled this year (thanks to the ‘free ships’ emails). It was worth the break, and I’m enjoying the game a lot more now. Toxic chat? Sorry, can’t be bothered…Its just a game. Losing streak? Do something else for a week and try again later. It is a lot for fun when the only thing that matters is having fun. I can’t imagine turning the game into a job like the community contributors do. Hat’s off to you Zoup.
    Also I’ve been taking a break from twitter and facebook. Jumped back in to see your posts from iceland – awesome trip and great pics!
    The Air Force has sent me to a ton of places; most of the states and at least a dozen countries (hard to count after 30 years). Not a lot of vacations, but I’ve enjoyed the trips all the same.

  9. Took a 6 month break over 2 years ago (yes, losing out on that prepaid premium time).

    As for why players “don’t play like you think they should” – I go back to a very old Jingles video, wherein he said something to the effect of: If you have the patience to lose through hundreds of games, anyone can “earn” themselves a tier X ship.

    • There is the alternative that they, in fact, are playing _that particular ship_ correctly, but _that particular ship_ isn’t the most synergistic with the rest of the team. Sounds an awful lot like German BBs who push — because that’s what they’re meant to do — while everybody else plays passively according to design, which means the German BB just gets roasted for a net loss.

      This is an issue with the game itself. While it is mostly balanced, there are some glaring problems with the less dynamic meta of the game. Taking the initiative and rewarding the _team_ for playing together should be Wargaming’s priority at all times.

  10. I play co-op only, and care nothing about my stats, or grinding out ships. I don’t play every day, and
    I have fun with no burnout.
    Life is about balance…find yours and be happy!

    • I do the same, it means that I am currently tier stuck in that sense, but I do play a lot during special events that give coal.
      Current UK event though and the Pin UP one, I don’t really care for.

    • I quit playing mostly because of the at the time “ridiculous” grind. I think I was up to tier 6 maybe 7 in U.S. cruisers and felt stuck because of the time it takes to get to tier 8 not to mention going for a 10 point captain which is apparently required to do the pvp side. Funny thing is the ship I was best at (not saying much in my case) was the only ship I couldn’t progress in, the Dunkerque. Probably the ship I had the most fun playing. Where else can you fire a full broadside and still have your bow pointed directly at the enemy

  11. Walked away previously for over a year. Came back for about 2 months and saw the West Virginia debacle and walked away again. Not sure I will ever go back. Frankly, three is plenty of stuff out there to eat my time and take money that I like better, but I do like some of the presentations like Zoup.

  12. When I retired from the Navy this past May, I decided to go road trip all over the US and visit breweries and local food joints. I drove 2700 miles and it took me 3 months! It was a good break from WoWs! My content creation obviously took a hit, but it was worth it.

  13. I have taken a break. Just playing rubbish atm and well chat don’t help when you do rubbish. So yea break a good thing

    • For somebody to play good, somebody has to play rubbish too… A sad fact of life in WoWs.
      If everybody did good, the payout still sucks for it, keep that in mind.

  14. Rng pissed me off at times so just log out and do something else. Does ya good. Must say don’t care about stats though.

  15. I walked away (temporarily) last month, and my life is already 4 times better

  16. Damn Zoup, you cant go so mature on as all of a sudden. But yes, true words were speaking. Each computer & console game is…just a game and perhaps we are wasting too much time sitting in front of our PCs instead of going out and doing stuff in the real life. Good luck!

  17. Walked away over a year ago, and I’m honestly not seeing any reasons to bother coming back. Why bother subjecting myself to this kind of massive, blatant powercreep bullshit?

  18. Ludwig von Siegfried

    Iceland is beautiful. Sorry about the nose

  19. I think once the so called “CV rework” is done, many people will walk away, and probably won’t come back. The NA Forums are a cesspit of flames, the staff don’t care unless you tell them off OR accuse them of censorship THEN they give you a posting ban. Far as I’m concerned, the game is going to be screwed around, just wish people like you would be honest about it. I don’t care about stats, mine are hidden because some people use it as a penis substitute and try to compare their stats to yours… and you should care, well, maybe not YOU Zoup, you get given a lot of stuff, but we PAY for it… they took our money and they now say “screw you”… well…. lets see what they say when we we walk away.

  20. I visited Iceland in may it was nice.

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