World of Warships: Sovetsky Soyuz – T9 Soviet Battleship

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The Sovetsky Soyuz is pretty good, but she lacks range. As a T9 battleship she’s quite okay.

0:00 Game
18:22 End Screen
19:09 Captain Skills & Upgrades
20:40 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 9 Soviet battleship Sovetsky Soyuz on the map Mountain Range.


  1. Еденый Могучий Советский Союз!

  2. So who do i email at wargaming to get an aerroon captin?

  3. Damnit not first! However I have a question for you Aerroon. Do you ever plan on creating content for another game? And do you ever plan to do a pc/setup tour, maybe even a face reveal. I love the content either way!

    • Actually, the first video on this account is from Warframe:
      That one was mostly to show how you couldn’t see anything in that specific operation.
      I’ve also made content for Blade & Soul. At the time, they were some of my most popular videos too. I have thought of making content for Path of Exile, since I play that game regularly, but haven’t really done it so far.
      As for the face reveal, I am visible in some of the events Wargaming has held. The Warsaw showmatch and the first CC Summit in St Petersburg definitely has me in pictures.

  4. That Shiratsuyu and Friesland should go to the olympics because they’re world-class at throwing.

  5. Kagero was 4 parallel universes ahead of you

  6. Damn… that destroyer at the end tho… like Magnus Carlsen chess move

  7. Not the very worst game I’ve ever seen….

    As for the sinking ships, with proper water-mods, Silent Hunter 3 was that realistic & amazing.

    I, too would like an Aeroon Captain. Make it happen!

  8. So, was that all skill by the Kagero or did the Kagero get extremely lucky?

    • Defiantly well thought out! Because the first set was made to look like he just missed from the enemy point of view.. But we saw it and said oh no! So the second torp that we didn’t see was already coming and just like us the enemy was like i just got played.. AWESOME!!!!

    • That was definitely skill. I saw some other 200 IQ DD players doing this

  9. That DD with the torp play at the end for the win! SLICK!

  10. Just as I got done reading a great article about the Sovetsky Soyuz class 😀 great timing!

  11. big brain kagerou at the end , damn.

    Soyous i still a very strong ship , even tho it is over shadowed by the Kremlin.

  12. for some reason I hated that ship on release, I just decided to buy it back yesterday and I’ve been having fun with her, though she still feels worse than Vlad, probably something with the turret angles and the absolute unit that is Soyuz.
    Anyway, how about a video on the Z35? If you’ve never heard of that ship either, fear not! You can also do one in Hayate 🙂

    • Z-35 has 6 km torps. I don’t know about that. Also, didn’t I make a video of the Hayate not too long ago?
      Edit: Huh, I never posted it to youtube.

  13. Saw-v-YET-ski Sigh-USE (as in, “I have no use for this”) 😉

  14. Aerroon, great presentation, as always. I really enjoy your work TY sir.

  15. I could never get that ship to land shells. They would just spread too far.


  17. She doesnt have range upgrades so players cant diversify from wg intended playstyle. Silently pushing you towards her strengths

  18. Kagero MVP
    I had to watch that ending one more time.

  19. Aerroon you’re mixing your metaphors: a thorn in their backside?

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