World of Warships – Soviet BB Containers

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Can confirm that RU BBs want to be my waifus. FOR THE MOTHERLAND 😀


  1. i’ve bought those 7 containers from the arsenal. got both tier 5 and 6 from it

  2. BLYAAAAATTTTT!!!!!!!!!!

  3. quite a good variety of camo, flags and guineas…

  4. Some random guy from the beyond

    3/10 not enough vodka and urah

  5. PickelJars ForHillary

    More vodka!!!!

  6. Is there missions to get them? I can only buy two or one for a day D:

  7. I bought 4 containers and got Their 7 sinop mission not bad

  8. 0 mission out of 7 box. my luck.

  9. Suckers born every minute. WoW players are their main base.

  10. I guess they really want you to try them 🙂

  11. For those who are thinking of purchasing 7 containers with doubloons: 7500 doubloons with 1:30 XP conversion rate is 225000xp. This could get you up to T7 with T5, T6 and T7 fully upgraded. If you are not counting the value of camos and flags, your money will be worthwhile only if you can get T5, T6 and T7 missions in 7 containers plus 17 token-exchanged containers.

  12. I can’t seem to see them in the armory to buy… can anyone help?

  13. well I think I will stick to the standard crates as these are more expensive that the last ones and they were too much really . might get 1 or 2 as the time goes on but no more . the camos are nice and getting the tokens will help towards the premo tier 7 ship .
    like the format Chase .
    Good luck Captains .

  14. 0 out of 7 here as well…

  15. Keep up the good work chase

  16. I got 7 containers.. 0 ships unlocked

  17. Now we know. *OUR* Chase is communist!

  18. All WG Containers are a money grabbing scam. It’s illegal gambling, don’t fall for the trap.

  19. I haven’t subd to a gambling channel!

  20. So is this how you get the soviet BBs?

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