World of Warships – Soviet Cruisers Raise the Anchor

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Legendary Soviet cruisers are now ready for battle. High speed and impressive firepower will leave your adversary no chance. Try new Soviet ships and experience the genuine taste of victory!

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  1. why my game freezes in the middle and me out on sevaral and error sevaral

  2. Ville-Veikko Suikkanen

    was I only one who heard words “barrage of missiles and torpedos” at 0:53


  4. for wargamings info; age of ships is now advertising as being “world of
    warships” on facebook commercials (and undoubtedly on other ads i do not
    see). they even use imagery. figured you might want to know in
    order to take action. if anyone knows of a better way to let them know
    about this, please advice.

  5. Insert Complain about Royal Navy Here

  6. Ekhm, no they’re not.

  7. Alexandru Nan Ernest

    Let me tell you something… British line…

  8. Exact release date?

  9. Nice job wargaming! A real cool mini-propaganda-film for the new cruiser
    line :)

  10. 2 Videos in 2 days about Soviet ships, yup no bias here at all. If I ran my
    business on what I wanted to sell, I’d have no customers . There’s a hint
    in there WG.

  11. ASTRO BOY william

    *drool* oh man.. those soviet cruisers are sexy

  12. Would be better if they did a Soviet style propaganda video instead, those
    are way better than the oversaturate American ones, at least the Soviets
    tried humour.

  13. I taught the soviet cruisers have the worst turning circle in the game?

  14. actually “they” present the cruises in a russian acsent combined with old
    soviet national songs and themes.

  15. You’ve released this a day early, WG.

  16. 0.52 Missiles and torpedos OH YEAH !!!!!

  17. I would love to if your fucking game worked. Some update broke it for me
    and most of the NA community. Do you admit their is a problem? No. Are you
    working on fixing it? No. Are you refunding premium time? No. So we’re
    paying for a service that you’re not delivering. I hope you enjoy the
    charge back cause I’m having my money back.

  18. So… the reds get into the game… before the royal navy? And what about
    the kriegsmarine? Uhh… wargaming, go home your drunk.

  19. The retro theme is nice but the voice and music would fit better with the
    Americans, this doesnt sound Soviet at all. But still a fun concept though

  20. third

  21. Whats the song title?

  22. second?@

  23. First?

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