World of Warships – Soviet Cruisers

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2:05 Bogatyr
3:05 Svietlana
4:05 Kirov
5:05 Budyonny
6:05 Shchors
7:05 Chapayev
8:05 Dmitri Donskoi
9:05 Mosvka

Quick overview of the Cruiser line through my Down the Line . Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time! – Discord Server


  1. does anyone know when there will be new deals in the premium shop?

  2. michael amadori

    Come vote for USN CV on notser’s discord

  3. French cruisers/battleships?

  4. Hooray! Finally another down the line!

  5. thanks for continuing this series mane, as a newish player these videos are a very useful resource.

  6. that is soviet battlecruiser
    the main line dd is fast light cruiser
    and the sub line dd is real destroyer

    • I’m tired of fuckers calling the Soviet Cruisers “Battlecruisers”, Battlecruisers have the same caliber of Guns as Battleships, Moskva is big and has high shell velocity but it’s still a Heavy Cruiser, Hindenburg has better armor and Moskva can’t penetrate Battleships even if they only angle a bit.

      Show your side and you’ll see it’s just a cruiser when you get triple citadelled.

    • Moskva is a “Super-Heavy Cruiser” it’s sole purpose was to be able to match and defeat the Des Moines class cruiser. It’s not a battlecruiser, it doesn’t fit the mold.

    • If submarines, missiles and aircraft hadn’t taken over the high seas, US heavy cruisers would’ve become just as big if not bigger than Moskva. US large cruisers would be the size of Iowa-class and battleships would make the Death Star look reasonable.

    • Yogi
      Nyet… It’s a ex-Battleship
      (Well I called it ex is due to Stalaingard)

  7. Where are the premium ones?

  8. I want preview with notser face to see his disgust of some of the ships

  9. andreas pedersen

    Bogatyr With AFT, BFT, AR, IFHE is pretty fun 🙂 I like it better than St. Louis, because of its speed and rate of fire 😉

  10. small goof up at 9:06 😛

  11. Russian Bias

  12. Nice layout. How about displaying module and skill recommendations?

  13. I can confirm Moskva being a XP pinata when turning. Just devastated a Moskva at 18km for 50k dmg yesterday in my Alsace. First game of the day, first salvo, first blood and all of that on Ocean. The salt was real ;D

    • boreas real. Let that salt flow. Radar cruisers need to pay the iron price.

    • I was in a turn about 3 mins into a game and air spotted in my Moskva. Had not been spotted at all before that nor had I fired.
      Got deleted by a Montana who had his guns already turned my way. Full HP deleted in mid-turn with no enemy ships spotted. Brilliant salvo and preparing his guns by the Montana. I was pissed yet impressed.

    • I must say, I hate when I have to shoot at Soviet ships because they’re so damn skinny and fast, especially high tier DDs. Moskva is probably one of the very few exceptions.

  14. Johannes Fischbach

    Just a little remark Notser: Bogatyr and Novik were both protected cruisers and not armoured cruisers. The difference between the too is rather big, as armoured cruiser are far bigger, have heavier armament and are (as the name implies) better armoured. Currently there are no armoured cruisers in game.

    • Technically, St. Louis is an armored cruiser. It started out the design process as a protected cruiser, but belt armor was added, which is the defining trait of an armored cruiser. IIRC, it was also historically called a “semi-armored cruiser”, since the belt armor was pretty nominal by armored cruiser standards.

    • Johannes Fischbach

      I think semi-armoured cruiser is the best description of the St Louis. But REAL armoured cruisers like Monmouth, Scharnhorst or Rurik certainly are missing in this game. But I know they would be hard to balance.

    • the real armor of that ship is the placement of the coal bunkers.

  15. 9:55 aw Notser doesnt know that the Super Container is more of a myth than a Pink Unicorn

  16. Do one for the USN CAs after the full line split. Great video as always! 🙂

  17. Great video as always, I appreciate the effort you put into these. However, as a suggestion as a fairly new player. During your video you talk a bit about how each tier matches up against it’s counterparts, but you don’t really talk about the Soviet line as a whole. You talk about the speed of the shells, low trajectory etc, but don’t really get into how you compare Soviets to the American or IJN line. For example, as a new player is the Soviet line worth playing or should we focus on IJN or American or German etc. I get that each line has it’s benefits and draw backs, but a ranking or statement that “overall I think the Soviets Cruiser line is the third best behind American and IJN lines” (or whatever ranking) would be greatly appreciated.

    • I think the idea was to give players the general characteristics of the line to make a judgment on whether they want to play it or not. This is an objective assessment which is not likely to change.

      Technically, if Wargaming did their jobs properly, none of the lines should be better than each other. Even if there are better/worse lines, this can easily change because of balancing and implementing new lines. Moreover, deciding which line is the best is very subjective. Personally, I put my faith in the Germans (but they don’t have radar, you might point out).

      You make an interesting point, but I think it’s best that Notser keep these short & sharp videos objective and accurate.

    • Alex Quantum totally agree about game balance, however my suggestion is if Noster is representing himself and his channel as an expert, we are coming here for his expert opinion. I want to know in his opinion, what is the best line to start with to get early game success so I want further explore and play the game.

    • With the possible exception of USN vs IJN carriers, there are no clearly superior lines. There are certain ships of each class at each tier which shine, but it’s hard to classify one line as clearly superior. The game has been out for  awhile now, with a full library of videos from the Community Contributors covering each line.

  18. I have a hate-meh relationship with my Moskva. Moskva is deceptively tanky. I’d rather have a 27mm nose than the 50mm deck, or at least some more belt armor. In close to medium range scenarios the Des $$$ has better armor. Moskva excels at range where the guns fire with easy and most incoming shells plunge at an angle. The issue with ranged play in Moskva comes from lack of presence and no use of radar. Moskva has such a strange role. If it had a 27mm bow and aft with a 160mm to 170mm belt I’d play it much more often. As it is now, the lack of concealment and maneuverability just makes for a damage padding target

    • Alexander I hear this…. I’m the same with Moskva… Its not as tanky as it sounds its radar is kind of pointless sometimes because you have to play so far back…. Otherwise you just get focused and deleted

  19. at the tier 9 we have the moskva, gj nobser

    i guess no1 else noticed it

  20. Been playing Warships since Beta, but only began Soviet cruisers in January, up to the Chappy now and really regret waiting so long to play them as they’re great

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