World of Warships- Soviet CVs Are Coming Soon

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Hey guys, so the time is upon us. Soviet CVs have now been announced and we have our first taste of that. However, tbh, unless they get a super heal or super tight aiming reticle. I do not think these CVs will have a huge impact on gameplay. Enjoy, and let me know what you guys think!


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Ross Rowley:

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0:00 Chanel Intro
0:20 Intro
0:45 Soviet CVs
5:20 Initial Impressions
7:45 Ship Stats
14:46 Overall Thoughts
18:55 Closing


  1. They did it, they managed to do it

  2. Well cant wait for homing torpedoes being CV dropped now

  3. The Atlanta Fisherman

    Oh boy! Just what nobody asked for!

  4. France: actually had a carrier (albeit a really bad one), had some finalized designs ready for production
    WG: haha communist plane go brrrt

    • @Ibnu Even Canada managed to have at least one CV that really did existed and was put into service in the Canadian Navy at some points, the Bonaventure, but this one was built in Ireland by the British Navy, later to be modified and put into service, but she was retired in 1970s, wouldn’t it be funny to see a new tech tree line for Canada, we still do have the Haida after all…

      Imagine what it would look like with the Haida, the Iroquois and even those old Halifax class, not to forget the Montcalm ( though the latter was an old tanker/freighter converted into a CV ) and the Bonaventure…

    • @Ibnu you wouldnt want to play Japanese CL unless having 6 to mostly 4 155mm guns or smaller on hulls that were usually outmassed by French DDs sounds fun. Honestly the best thing for most of them would be similar to the line of german light cruisers they made as DDs recently or the Light Cruiser Paolo Emilio they decided was a destroyer and can travel 10 knots faster then it can.

    • @Doctor Mabuse Canada almost had BBs too.

    • @Joshua not if WG and their fairy and dwarf workshop suddenly pull out a “this is a recently discovered secret blue print of IJN CL with 16 155mm guns that shoots every 4 seconds” card

    • @Ibnu Honestly not that far off from what the Mogami is like now tbh

  5. Leonardo Arie wibowo

    Every good thing must come to an end. it’s been fun guys

    • It’s just another CV line, nothing new… there will be a full Italian and French CV line and an additional US & Japanese CV line for odd tiers as well, eventually

    • Sky cancer just got diversified. Nothing to be alarmed about. There will still be the same shit, just different flags

    • This is now just entering stupid land. This and the Subs, I think players actually will start to leave the game in significant numbers.


      @Oleg Jakovljev Imagina CV ITALIANO con humo de crucero con 2 minutos de duración

  6. Honestly hard to fathom their thinking. They know the resentment against CVs in this game, they have to have seen the backlash on Dutch cruisers, they roll out one hybrid – an historical gimmick – and immediately there are two more on the way…. Oh and they’re pushing on with subs…

    Have we really run out of potential surface ships to be introducing nothing but carriers/halfway carriers and subs… what a joke

    • Tone is also a historical ship

    • @Eagle262 honestly thought we’d get tone before that american thing

    • Have we run out of potential surface ships? – No! We could have up to 2 more Euro DD lines, Euro cruisers, Commonwealth DD’s and cruisers, Latin-American DD’s, Italian DD’s, French and German torpedo boats, UK and German battlecruisers, USN DD split, IJN cruiser split and probaly a couple more things that I forgot about.

      But no, we get more bolsheivik napkin nonsense! :'(

  7. *so long and thanks for all the fish playing in the background*

  8. when balans nation get into balans class


    They just went full R….never go full R

  10. Do they come with a fleet of tugboats like the real Russian CV’s ? , you know because of all the engine room fires.

    • LOL so true.

    • “All the engine room fires”. Only if the rapair party consists of a worker who has a chance of taking a smoke break and accidentally igniting the diesel.

    • Wargaming better not change the huge detectability range because of the amount of smoke generated by said engine smoke stack. Probably gonna add yak-36’s with nuclear-tipped cruise missles.

    • @J.A Belmes Diesel probably won’t combust with a match or cigarette. The vodka surrounding the the Russian crew however….

  11. They are really making a tremendous effort for me to kiss this game goodbye and go for another game

  12. How do you call yourself historically accurate and still add submarines with high mobility and Russian CVs even though they never existed?

    • @doomguy .23 from mars Yeah I can design a carrier on a urinal as well. Doesnt mean the russians could have built them even if WWII didnt happen until 1950, and then not know how to use them till the 1960s. You know who did actually build carriers. Italy and France. France even tested them. Italy also designed and built most Russian DDs. But somehow we don’t need Italy the 5th largest navy in WWII ahead of these historical Russian carriers (US, Brittan, Japan, France, Italy, Germany, Canadian, Australian, Russian).

    • Grimmshred Sanguinus

      Because in future years they are gonna be history


      ¿Alguien me dicde donde puedo leer esta información? para comprobar si los CV Soviet fueron confirmados por WG

    • Cristian Cervantes Cardenas

      @ACTUALIZACIÓN MANUAL Esta en el devblog, puedes checar el link en la descripcion del video

    • How do you claim this game historical accurate when everything are simplified into an arcade naval game?

  13. Monsieur DuQuack

    Great, 2 things I hate in WoWs in one package…Soviet Stronk Ships and Carriers

  14. Ahhh the memes are complete now…. wows has become a complete joke.

  15. ToughAncientSpark

    I started playing this game about two months after development when there were only two tech tree lines (US and IJN) but basically only play co-op and scenarios now and absolutely do not spend any real money on this game anymore.

  16. This is definitely not what we need rn.

  17. ToughAncientSpark

    I’m running out of facetious ideas to come up with in the comment section as the next iteration of World of Warship ships because Wargamming beats me to it.

  18. So they are emulating the real Russian navy, useless carriers with 10% increased chance of spontaneous fire on itself when spotted.

  19. William Taylor Payne

    I’m guessing the longer interval between attacks is to help reduce the overall damage. If they aren’t buffed they could be fairly tolerable. But I suspect they’ll buff these things into FDR range.

  20. History according to WG: The USSR had the most powerful and advanced surface fleet of ww2

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