World of Warships – Soviet Destroyer Builds

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Soviet Destroyers have recently received some slight changes, I discuss what I’m looking for builds. I like to target gun damage, ignore concealment, and rely on rudder shift for most of my success. There are certain tiers you want to look at for adjustments to turret traverse but the builds are pretty good. Hope you can benefit from the discussion and have a wonderful day!


  1. try shooting destroyers in a training room with HE and IFHE, you will notice both does 633 damage per hit, or 316 on depleted parts.

  2. I still slot Concealment module, as in Asia server we got cruiser meta. So yeah, heck I will put CE after AFT.

  3. getting oftenly outspotted so I use RPF instead ınertia fuse on khaba with AR, inertia fuse only allows u pen cruiser bows and sterns

  4. Since the Update I have Kiev/Ognevoi/Tashkent/Udaloi. which should I sell and which keep? I would try by myself, but have no interest in put ~100k of free xp into each

  5. Mycroft Beaufighter

    i have your khab build in the Ognevoi just be ready when i reach the udaloi

  6. RU DD split gave me T8 Kiev and Ognevoi, so I’m kinda happy with it.
    And thanks for this guide, it’s helpfull.

  7. 913 Premium days?! YE GODS MAN!

  8. you can drop EM on the tier 5 since the turrets rotate 360

  9. The exact build I was already running, agree with you for all the points you made. Unfortunately my 17 point udaloi commander is now in my tashkent but oh well. One thing you havent pointed out is they did nerf the udaloi torpedo systems from 5 per launcher to 3.

  10. I don’t get any of the blue + sign buttons for my upgrades, any idea what I am doing wrong here?

  11. kiev or akizuki? 🙂 which is better?

  12. I’d recommend a concealment build on the udaloi after aft

  13. a few remarks … EM is usefull on all Soviet DDs except maybe Khaba and Udaloi. The stock turret traverse on Kiev and Ognevoi is 18.6 seconds. Ognevoi drops to 9 seconds with gun upgrade. Tashkent has 18.6 seconds while Udaloi kept 9 seconds. This one I do not understand. Tashkent should have 9 seconds as well IMO.

    Anyway if you equip the reload module on Tashkent, you get to 21.2 seconds turret traverse as a penalty. This means that you fairly regularly outmanouver your guns unless at long range like 12+km …

    Tiers 6 and 7 I take EM + turret traverse module. Kiev and Tashkent, I take EM. Ognevoi, Khaba, Udaloi you an live without once you upgrade the guns on the Ognevoi.

    I am on the fence about IFHE. On one hand, you get more damage before fires. On the other hand, once you start a fire or two, you can transition to another ship and do the same. Here DE is better. You can always penatrate superstructures of all ships up to highest tier. You’ll have a hard time setting fires to bow and aft sections of high tiers without IFHE.

    I have to get onto the test server and try IFHE on one of the boats to see how it works.

  14. IFHE is a stupid perk for soviet DDs to have, Notser

  15. I’m really liking the Ognevoi at t8…i’d only had about 20-30 games or so on it at t6 before it got moved up…but i dunno why by it just get it at t8. It works well as a great support ship and the lack of extra guns makes me think twice before I rush in and contest against other DD’s. Can’t wait to get the Udaloi, won’t bother with the Grozevoi

  16. I really don’t like the new Ognevoi, it just feels like a shittier Ijn torp boat

  17. Just drink some vodka, lay down, rekt other ship.

  18. OMG, I almost take Expect marksman before 4:58

  19. What of the grozovoi?

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