World of Warships. Soviet destroyers and German cruisers on the horizon

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Reinforcements are soon setting sail to cause some destruction in World of Warships. As early as next month, German cruisers and Soviet destroyers will clash with those from Japan and the U.S. to determine who really rules the waves. Discover what these mighty vessels have to offer.

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  1. Where is the British fleet?

  2. Kinda pissed the russians are introduced before the Royal Navy. I mean
    seriously, hardly anyone knows that the Russians had a navy in WW2. Compare
    that to the Royal Navy. One of if not the proudest Navy with an insane
    history and great ships. Stupid biased russian developers.

  3. Tayfun Öksüzoğlu

    Russian DD : American gun , Japanese torps
    Join the war gaming club boys

  4. Only £49.99……each ship

  5. admiral hipper and Bismarck escort hmm

  6. Do we have to buy these or are we able to earn them in game?

  7. darn nice. but wil the Prinz Eugen be in the game?

  8. world of tanks russian tanks are much better then real life warthunder same
    world of warplanes same why world of warship should be different !

  9. Ah, yes… the famous Tashkent. That ship that everyone in the world has
    heard of!

  10. Finally some real Ships :P

  11. Russian bath tubs, before Royal Navy ( the most powerful naval force on the
    planet for 250 years) Russian bias confirmed.

  12. i donr even have the tirpitz so i hope this update does work

  13. Free port slots for new Ships please ? :D

  14. Where’s my Royal Navy?

  15. Games mit Vanbergen

    Coole Sache! die Kreuzer rocken sicher!

  16. Why not use the real german flag? It looks kind of silly putting that in
    place to hide a swastika.

  17. when you guys gona make u-boats ???


  19. Yay for shiny new things.

  20. yip, Russian DDs, what’s the odds they’ll be bloody good or OP?
    like the Russian navy was… oh wait!

  21. EUGEEEEN <3

  22. finally, admiral hipper is mine bitches

  23. nice vid but completly useless,nothing to see,only millisecond scenes….

  24. 280mm guns on a cruiser sounds fun

  25. I so Look forward for the German cruisers

  26. Oh look! New ships (for once, fucking finally)!

  27. What’s with the impatience? Anyone who started playing WoT from Closed Beta
    now knows the tempo of the pace they add new nations and tanks. Chillax, it
    will come, just play the game.

  28. SMS Derfflinger, please :)

  29. Fuck yeah.. Please tell me that was scharnhorst or gneisenau… My favorite
    ever naval vessel of all times..

  30. ok, Germany had good ships, but from Russia …, you can not put the
    Russian navy and neglecting the Italian navy, come on …

  31. soviet, ok, germany ok, and italy !?

  32. When will the fleugzeugtragers come online?

  33. Are these going to be premium ships?

  34. bismark ne zaman gelecek bide tier 10 battle ship ne olack

  35. 0:06 so… they delete kitakami for put that monster?

  36. H44 when?

  37. looks like Nurnberg, Admiral Hipper and Deutschland classes….

  38. Can we expect the russian DD to be OP? :P

  39. KM tier9/10 CL/CA is M class ?

  40. Graf Spee? :D

  41. Russians had a navy?..I thought the only thing Russians float on was
    Vodka..not water..

  42. More ships! :D

  43. When can we expect the German Battleships?

  44. Soon trademark…

    Also Sharnhorst?

  45. Prinz Eugen please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Russia had a navy?

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