World of Warships – Soviet Destroyers II-VI

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Storozhevoi – 00:06
Derzki – 01:34
Izyaslav – 03:24
Podvoisky – 05:29
Gremyashchy – 07:20
Okhotnik – 09:19
Gnevny – 11:12

Soviet Destroyers are fascinating, they are labelled destroyers but perform much more similar to light cruisers. I take out the early tiers to see how they perform, some can get away with torpedoes while others must remain disciplined while using their main armament. Early Soviet Destroyers are encouraged to use expert marksman, the turret traverse rather slow. I hope these early tiers were helpful and hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. Noster seal clubbing…..

  2. long ago, u got me interested in the line. I love it now!

  3. Филип Пешић

    How hard is it for you to pronounce these Russian names mate? I mean you did it great, tbph 🙂

  4. thanks for pronouncing the t2. Had no clue how to till now

  5. I missed out on the Okhotnik. I wished I got it when it was sold.

  6. Got up to Podvoisky… sold it

  7. I would really love to know how to “properly” play the goddamn TRASHKENT ….

  8. Izyaslav best Slav.

  9. love the Poikotnik ❤

  10. darksideoftheanime

    For shame, you didn’t show the clip of you getting detonated in the Derzki lol

  11. Colin van der Voort

    Notser can you review the Roon? Is iT a good ship for its tier?

  12. 0:14 302mm guns, typical russian bias

  13. Wait, so the communist flag is in the game but the nazi flag isn’t? Why the double standard?

  14. Alexandre Hans Albert

    I really like this kind of video

  15. which is funny as Soviet destroyers where never this good

  16. Podvoisky was legit the worst DD I have ever played.

  17. Back in the days Gnevny was so StronKK in tis tier… 😀
    It was so awesome…
    Just gunning everything down.

  18. Storozhevoi Gnevni

    Storozhevoi best ship, agreed?

  19. When I seal clubed, it got me to 63% win rate. Gnevny has to be played like a cruiser. You could of cut the engines avoiding all tops but hay!, we all make mistakes.

  20. i own a USS Smith, thats my sealclubber there. 19 point Gearing captain also

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