World of Warships – Soviet Destroyers Tech Tree Changes

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Destroyers will be receiving some new additions and a couple destroyers will be joining a alternative line. I discuss what we should expect from the additions and what might be adjusted to make the lines more complete. I’m very excited to see more destroyers join the lineup, the alternative line will be closer to a classic design. I also discuss how you can maximize the addition with ownership. Hope this was fun and have a wonderful day!

Tier X Soviet Destroyer Replay


  1. Krasny krym is soviet and it’s pretty awful

  2. Minsk is in Belarus. Belarus capital.

  3. Thanks for the advice Notser

  4. Why are they wasting time putting more of these soviet ships in?

  5. Krasny Krym… (whose sole purpose I think is for WG to say they have one
    bad Soviet ship)

  6. I think the Grozovoi actually has 100mm guns. The turret design is the same
    as the secondaries on the Kutuzov.

  7. Kryspy Kreme Notser that’s the bad one!

  8. Minsk will probably just be like a Leningrad. They look pretty familiar
    especially the Armament.

  9. 🙁 was hoping this video would be longer. love theory crafting

  10. Αρης Γαβριελατος

    I have both the Gnevny and Ognevoi yay

  11. I need zulu flags and buy the Gnevny, Kiev and the Ognevoi

  12. grozovoi turrets look like chapayevs and kutuzovs secondaries

  13. Podvoisky and Minsk has the hull and the superstructure of the Leningrad.
    Suppose that indicates it will be really fast and has reasonable detection
    (for a Russian). BTW I would be really surprised if this isnt a nerf in

  14. @ 8:54
    What about the Crispy Cream?

  15. What about the Kransy Krim?

  16. At EU Server at 19 january we get the new Update with Russian DDs

  17. buff the japanese dds because you don’t hit anything with torps

  18. f u google no real name

    Question for Notser: if I put my Udaloi 17 point captain in a gnevny, after
    the update I’ll have two of those captains?

  19. Minsk, Belarus. Former soviet country. Funfact Belarus is where WG came

  20. Ok, lets say I have Gnevny and Ognevoi … what will I get?

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