World of Warships – Soviet Destroyers VII-X

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Minsk – 00:06
Leningrad – 01:34
– 03:24
Ognevoi – 05:19
– 07:10
Udaloi – 09:09
Khabarovsk – 11:02
– 12:56

The Soviet Destroyer line is one with exciting gun systems and great speed. Tiers VII-X are where we see this identity fully realized, you go to harass at range but also have the chance to send torpedoes every so often. I take them out one by one and talk about their strengths and weaknesses. I hope this can help inform about how to deal with them or whether you should invest time to go down the line. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!


  1. Christian Thomas

    Well done sir, are the very best Notser….the common players youtuber..Thank you.

  2. This series has been very interesting Thank you Notser , I haven’t gone down the Soviet DD line yet , but this has given me food for thought …. it’s just the lack of torpedo range that stops me atm .

  3. Филип Пешић

    1:23 What was that, magazine or? 😮

  4. That casual detonation though…

  5. thank you for doing the breakdowns of the lines, could you put your captain build in the descriptions for easy reference?

  6. Christer Vonskar

    seventh! needed a break in between games, like your vids and voice dude 🙂 hehe

  7. Karlo Novakovic

    can you do soviet cruiser line next. Pls Notser

  8. that 50mm on the Khaba is just… ugh… why would WG think that’s a good idea??

  9. 1:22 Notser forgot to turn off hax mode :V

  10. It’s a good video, but probably you should’ve done the two lines 1 by 1 instead of at the same time

  11. German cruisers are going to be the bane of Khaba when 6.6 drops.

  12. Always a pleasure to watch Notser. Infomative, good battles and not afraid to show screw ups which can be learned from.

  13. Khaba is starting to be lackluster, but unfortunately I think it’s previous reputation will continue to blind people to it’s failing stats. If you want a real meta monster t10 dd go with the z-52 it’s starting to become dominant on most servers. She can’t do the damage that khaba can do but she makes better xp by shredding caps appart

  14. I still dominate in the post-nerf Kash Khab.

  15. Hey Notser, can you do a breakdown of the American DD line please? I’m starting to play them and being shown how to best apply them by someone who plays destroyers a lot would be amazing. Thank you!

  16. Khaba probably still one of the least balanced ship in the game for its tier. See tons of vids of it doing >200k with ease.
    The fact it remains ridiculously powerful in the hands of a competent player despite ‘nerfs’ shows what utter BS it was before.

  17. Ognevoi was ridiculously overtiered, and then stacked with all sorts of fantasy buffs to make it work. Ognevoi really should’ve stayed at Tier 6, with Skoryy at Tier 7, a nerfed Udaloi at Tier 8, Spokoinyy (NATO reporting name Kotlin) at Tier 9, and Grozovoi at Tier 10.

  18. Is it just me or is anyone else noticing a lot more Cvs these days? I’m going to go ahead and say 60-70% of games… anyone else? It seems your consistent mention of how rare Cvs are isn’t so true anymore.

  19. Kinda neat to see that Tashkent battle from the other side, but man that was a terrible round for me D:

  20. TY for this…love the info with gameplay to show them in action…I don’t see many of these on the NA server… mostly Bensons and Fletcher’s ….with all the changes lately and more coming its hard to pick a ship that I’d like to work my way towards…. i run mostly BBs but the overload of them lately has me looking at different lines….I have a Lo Yang that I got a while ago that I just can’t seem to connect with…it has some good points but the bad points seem to win when I play her so I continue to look as the the dust settles on all these changes lol

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