World of Warships – Soviet Destroyers

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After the preliminary intelligence we released on the upcoming Russian destroyer line, we thought it high tide to share some classified information. If you’re ready for some up-close aggressive destroyer play, then this new line will really set your sails!

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  1. stahp teasing me!! take me all the way already!! >.<

  2. Lol. WG makes a cool vid about Soviet (stop calling them Russian, please)
    DDs and everyone is pissing their pants already. Check the game and then
    whine about russian bias.

  3. German Cruisers so under hyped…

  4. Russian navy too OP plz nerf

  5. Mother Russia! MotherFkers….

  6. I bet SerB said: “If I cant invent full soviet navy tech tree, make the few
    ships we had OP as hell! The Japanese, US, Royal Navi and Kriegsmarine can
    play rock-paper-scissors all day long, Russian destroyers will beat them
    all! Make our destroyers faster than americans, deadlier and sneakers than
    japanese, tougher than US cruisers, with bigger guns than US battleships
    and have longer range then japanese BBs – ohh and toss in a catapult plane
    and repair ability!!!”

  7. Stalin stonk

  8. the soviets have the best destroyers. . .

    . . .why i do not wonder? -.-

  9. Fastest, strongest and hardest hitting.
    Downsides, horrible accuracy, low reload, horrible steering and agility and
    shitty torpedo.

    Ehh extremes

  10. when will they (and the german cruisers <3 ) come? whats will be the
    release date? :D

  11. “The most unbalanced of their kind”

  12. Russian bias? What Russian bias? There is no Russian bias. Also artillery
    prevents camping and SerB writes love letters to the player base.

  13. dont think they are overly OP – since rus destroyers have shitty torp range
    and rus destroyers can be detected from miles away – I see them like weak
    cruisers that are as fast as destroyer.

  14. commissioned by SerB himself


  16. Oh yes i remember these in the Second World War, what an impact they made.
    The forgets they engaged in with the Germans and the japs. These mighty
    Russian destroyers kicked ass!

    Seriously do you have done Russians with massive egos working for you, is
    that why you’ve decided to put these ships of little historical
    significance in before at those whose navies actually participated in the

  17. If these Russian DDs are way overpowered they will have ruined this game
    for me. And I love this game so far.

  18. R U S S I A N B I A S

  19. double-deck torp mount? now that ‘s Real Soviet

  20. It’s not good when a company puts out a feature, but half the community
    agrees that it will be op, without even seeing it. Slight problem

  21. please wargaming, when you put the soviet´s ship, put the battleship
    potemkin, you will make me happy =), pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!?!?!?

  22. The Russians sure are in love with themselves.

  23. Russian Destroyers, most famous for not doing anything because they are
    iced in.

  24. yay paper designs and failed ships . meanwhile, no UK or German navy….
    really WG? come on, Russian navy did nothing

  25. You gotta try out one of these evil communist mutant traitor destroyers.
    The computer says so. Failure to try one of these destroyers nets you 3
    treason points. Smile. The computer is at your service. The computer is
    your friend. All hail the computer.

  26. coolman's Kappa army

    my doctor said my cancer was goin away , i wonder what will he say about
    this brb coughing blood now ah fuck

  27. oh boy more Russian bias!

  28. Eu baixei o jogo pelo site do World of Warships e o arquivo que eu baixei
    não abre! Oque eu fasso?

  29. Russian DD OP, plz nerf

  30. *These are the pro’s and con’s of the russian destroyers!!*
    Bad Camo, not stealthy, much worse then americans
    The guns, albeit powerful, are not optimal for engaging against other DDs
    in close range
    Torpedoes all have average to long range , due to the bad camo, stealth
    drops are impossible
    Good guns for engaging heavy targets
    Nice number of torps

  31. Here they come, the fair and balanced destroyers ))))))))))))))

  32. wonder if they will have verniy class which is originally akatsuki class

  33. I’m not the only one who was laughing when tjey said the Soviet Ships were
    the best, was I?

  34. “Oh they will be so OP beause they have no downsides and because
    #RussianBias” Because a Teaser should point out why it is not worth playing
    the soviet DDs, right? Yeah…

    Worst torpedos in the game, nuff said. Also only the high tiers are “the
    fastest of their kind”. The AA will be inferior to their USS counterparts
    as well, its likely that they cant swap Engine Boost for Defensive Fire.
    Check the WoWs page for detailed information about these ships.

  35. And all the OP russian BIAS screaming has started even before anyone has
    laid eyes on them in any other way than in-game tech tree / this trailer…

    Even if they get top speeds and powerful guns, if their camo is shit and
    ships are sailed by bad or mediocre players I bet these DD’s aren’t hard to
    kill. IJN ninja DD’s are by far more annoying IMO.

  36. The OP of their kind!!

  37. The OP of their kind!!

  38. I CAN’T WAIT!!! Japanese destroyers move over, I now have a new favorite,
    Russian destroyers

  39. Can you pour Vodka into their engines to make them go faster? Because if
    you can’t then it’s a missed opportunity.

  40. >Implying we want or care for russian ships

  41. So here we are introducing a line of ships that did nothing more than help
    escort a couple of convoys, strike mines in the Baltic, and get bombed
    while sitting at port, yet we’re still waiting for the Royal Navy tech

  42. There’s gotta be a “In Soviet Russia” joke here somewhere…

  43. The Sunken Swede (rilleboy)



  44. #RussianBias anyone?

  45. really hate these kind of video`s just give something usefull or a time
    when they come

  46. “Josef Stalin would approved”.

  47. Destroyers are very weak and get tired with their counterparts in
    unfortunately.(the majority opinion).

  48. Russian bias all over again.

  49. Definitely will be checking out this stuff :D

  50. Let the Bias begin

  51. out now does anyone know?

  52. Russian DDs:
    -Very good HP
    -Very good speed
    -Shit torps
    -Guns ???

  53. Fastest, toughest and hardest hitting of it’s kind? whats the downside??

  54. srry i dont like it……..i Love it

  55. Russian destroyers are strong God bless Russia

  56. Will the Kronshtadt and Stalingrad battlecruisers be included in the Soviet

  57. i really wasn’t aware that Russia had any navy to speak of lol

  58. 강기형 (kei04558)


  59. Awesome o.o

  60. So the Russian tech tree is gonna be 100% historically accurate and the
    other countries are being castrated with a butter knife … subtle.

  61. I’d like to start by saying we really have no clue if the stats provided to
    us are stock destroyers or fully upgraded ones… this comparison will
    assume they’re fully upgraded. I’ll be doing my best to take the best
    possible value a USN destroyer can get (for simplicity’s sake). Here’s a
    link on where this info is coming from:


    This category is based only on hit points, thus a ship with greater
    survivability has greater hit points
    from tier II-IV the american destroyer can be upgraded to be more
    survivable or equally survivable. From this point on soviet destroyers will
    have more hit points.


    This category is based on a good deal more things. The number of
    guns,rounds per minute, caliber, damage, range, turret rotation and shell
    velocity (and potentially placement) will all determine how the guns of a
    ship perform. Given all the variables, and abstract rating may not be
    At tier II and possibly up to tier IV the Russians use 102 mm guns, but
    have a higher artillery rating than their USN counterparts. At tier V-X
    they use 130 mm guns, only marginally bigger than 127 mm but it probably
    means better damage.
    I should note that soviet destroyers almost always have a superior rating
    to USN destroyers in the artillery field. This suggests that they will have
    better average performance in the categories listed above.

    Torpedoes (and concealment):

    This category will be even harder to judge. Like artillery there are too
    many factors to trust an abstract rating… but it should also be noted
    that concealment makes a big difference in the use of torpedoes.
    From tier II-IV the Russians have better concealment ratings than their
    American counterparts. from tier V and on the Americans remain more
    From tier II-X (with the exception of tier VIII) the torpedo rating of
    Russian ships is worse (often substantially) than USN torpedoes, which were
    nothing to write home about in the first place. Many of the descriptions
    seem to indicate that soviet destroyers will have incredibly short range.
    At tier VIII the Tashkent has a torpedo range of 8 km, but considerably
    worse concealment than the Benson (detected at 7.4 km). it’s probable that
    the tier IX and X destroyers can conduct sneak attacks with torpedoes
    outside detection range, though their poor concealment may force them to
    launch at a range where the effect is dicey.
    Generally the soviets can launch a comparable number of torpedoes to their
    American counterparts before needing to reload, though we don’t actually
    know if their torpedoes are mounted on the center or sides of the ship.


    This category is based on three factors: top speed, turning radius, engine
    power, and rudder shift time.
    It looks like soviet destroyers are going to be fast… but at the middle
    tiers soviet destroyers have a lower maneuverability rating. I suspect that
    their speed may lead to a large turning radius. Still, at the ends of the
    tech tree the Russians have their USN counterparts at a considerable
    disadvantage in this category in terms of rating.

    AA defense:

    This category is the most ambiguous of them all… the only thing we really
    know about them is their rating.
    Low tier USN destroyers have better AA ratings. past the low tiers though
    it swings back and forth by tier.

    Thus the conclusion: I think that soviet destroyers will tend to spend a
    lot more of its time detected, and therefore won’t be as suited to slipping
    through the lines covertly or rush a sneaky cap early in the game.
    Survivability will be dependent on doing what you’re going to do fast and
    first. You’ll probably need to get to that cap circle before any cruisers
    can and kill any destroyer that dares to gunfight with you. Getting to
    carriers will probably be a matter of finding a gap to slip through that
    other destroyers would be too slow to capitalize on. When it comes to
    torpedo attacks use your speed to get to point blank range or simply use
    the same tactics that American destroyers do.

    Please feel free to leave a comment on your thoughts… or perhaps if you
    feel I’ve made a terrible error and need to be corrected. Just try to keep
    it civil (yes, I know this is YouTube). I look forward to what you guys


  63. My Murmansk captain is ready.

  64. english and italian destroyers …

  65. It’s going to be interesting to see how a navy that was irrelevant for 2
    world wars is going to be overpowered in this game. Interesting indeed.

  66. Try playing the Kremlin music in Mission Impossible 4 with this video,
    nothing short of amazing

  67. For those of you bitching about Russian bias and OP, have you actually read
    the tech-tree? Many of the early Soviet DDs have torpedoes with a dangerous
    short range, from 4-5 km, and a high detectable range. Stop bitching and
    actually bother to be informed!

  68. Completely, 100%, historically accurate.


  69. and they say wargaming isn’t russian biased…

  70. Nonna CoCmdr of Pravda

    I can’t wait for Soviet DDs, nice trailer @World of Warships

  71. IS OF BALANCE TOVARICH ))))))))))

  72. They are essentially really small but fast light cruisers. They can be seen
    from further away from their counterparts and their torpedos rarely go
    further than 5kms. Interesting.


  74. The message of the video is seriously off-putting… nearly saying “screw
    balance! Soviet OP!”

  75. russian op shit incoming

  76. So they are the fastest, toughest and hardest hitting of their kind? What
    is the fucking point to using any other ships???

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