World Of Warships Soviet NAVY! Aurora Russian Cruiser Gameplay!

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World Of Warships Soviet NAVY! Aurora Russian Cruiser Gameplay!
World of Warships footage of the Soviet Premium Aurora tier 3 Russian Cruiser.


  1. aannddiiffeerroouuss

    In the northern hemisphere the sun sets north of straight east west…which
    is why it does not set in the far north of Canada and U.S.

  2. Netherfield Junction

    +aannddiiffeerroouuss only during summer. in winter its the other way
    round. why its always dark in winter. so it also tells us what season it
    is. WINTER

  3. +Clint Weaver welcome to the fookin show

  4. Thomas Wildrabbit

    The word you are looking for is “insignia”, ensign is a rank in the Navy.

  5. WindmillStalker

    +Thomas Wildrabbit
    Ensign can also be a flag. Like the Royal Navy Ensign.

  6. +Blindanddumb that’s the one yes 😉

  7. +Comrade Rory Uk PREM btw

  8. +PhlyDaily I mean, I just saw in the video that it has the US flag behind
    it. I assumed they added it to the game to draw British players in and I
    said the HMS Victorious would make more sense, since it was a British ship
    that the US borrowed.
    Will it be getting shifted over to the British tree when they add the Royal
    Navy? Because that doesn’t seem like something WG would do, looking at the
    Valentine, Matilda and Churchill from WoT.

  9. Alexander Klein

    +Comrade Rory Cool your temper mate, Warspite is in the British tree, and
    from what I can tell from looking at Phly’s video about the Warspite the
    stern flag on it is the British Naval Ensign.

  10. Ferry Van Dregt

    That are some big mother fucking bitch ass rounds tho

  11. Axle Charleston (AxleMC131)

    +Axle Charleston The reason they have that btw, in case you don’t know, is
    so that you can look at another vessel or plane in front of you, and figure
    out if it’s coming towards you or going away from you. 😛

  12. +Axle Charleston on ships if it’s heading away from you its a single white
    light you can see each light for an arc of 120 degrees

  13. Axle Charleston (AxleMC131)

    +john crate Huh, thank for the heads-up John. 🙂

  14. +Axle Charleston no bother mate always happy to help 🙂

  15. Alexander Klein

    +cornishdm I always remembered port as left because they’re both 4 letter
    words, I like your way better.

  16. +PhlyDaily Sad thing is that HMS Hood was scheduled to have a deck armor
    upgrade (make it thicker) but they never got around to it. Damn out of all
    the people on that ship only 3 survived the sinking.

  17. Alexander Klein

    +PauseForGames I doubt they were any more scared of the Hood than they
    would have been of any other ship and to be honest they were likely to have
    been more concerned about the Prince of Wales in that engagement since it
    was a more modern of the two vessels.

  18. +Alexander Klein Problem was not all of Prince of Wales guns were working.
    New x4 gun turrets had issues. But thank god for the hit on Bismarck’s fuel

  19. Alexander Klein

    +Tanker Hopkins At the start of the engagement the Germans wouldn’t have
    known how many guns were working on the Prince of Wales, that said from a
    quick read the Bismarck targeted the Hood first and the Prinz Eugen was
    ordered to fire upon the Prince of Wales. On the other side of the fence
    the Hood was firing on the Prinz Eugen as they’d mistaken it for the

  20. +Alexander Klein they would have figured it out pretty quickly since her
    forward quad turret only managed one salvo spo I’d imagine one her twin
    turret fired twice without her quad turret fording they figured out what
    was going on

  21. +TheGlenno123 Hey dude welcome back! You can buy into this game for like 15
    buxs right now just google wows store.

  22. +Phil van poelje That would be why 😉

  23. +Villicy OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

  24. +Villicy hahaha 🙂

  25. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    +Villicy I don’t get it?

  26. +dman0695 thanks mate!

  27. I agree

  28. TheAmazingchickens

    +Avenger021 it’s a premium :I

  29. +Avenger021 Sorry to dissapoint you, gerry lover. With love, WG.

  30. +TocTeplv Get your heads out of your asses, WG, biased russian bastards!
    With love, all the gerry lovers and royal navy lovers.

  31. Well too bad you dont have your own game, so suck it. Dont like it? Go to
    EA – whine there.

  32. Thomas Wildrabbit

    Are you asking a rhetorical question?

  33. +Thomas Wildrabbit Does a rhetorical question need an answer?

  34. USMC0311CplJackson

    +PhlyDaily So it looks like at 1320. If you remove all of the points from
    the other team it gives you an instant victory. Notice how you killed that
    ship, the enemy score went to -10 or whatever it was.

  35. USMC0311CplJackson

    +gothicalpha Your name is GothicAlpha bro…. You really don’t have any
    room to talk. Now go /wrists.

  36. +USMC0311CplJackson that’s exactly what happened and it is part of the game
    mode as it is stated in the loading screen/countdown phase 🙂

  37. +pun_za_kette Hmm, never seen that one come up before o.0

  38. Alexander Klein

    +PhlyDaily I have to say Phly, your intro for WoWS is utterly amazing.

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