World Of Warships Soviet NAVY! Aurora Russian Cruiser Gameplay!

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World Of Warships Soviet NAVY! Aurora Russian Cruiser Gameplay!
World of Warships footage of the Soviet Premium Aurora tier 3 Russian Cruiser.


  1. That intro though. It’s like one of those nuclear submarine emergency
    surfacing exercises. Very good intro and video indeed.

  2. That’s a coat of arms at the BOW (front) of the ship!

  3. Its ‘Bow’ and ‘ensignia’

  4. my favorite video so far. I love the Aurora!

  5. 4 minutes in and this video is already a trainwreck. But a fun one !

  6. Figurehead, at the bow ;)

  7. You Have Won...


  8. The 2nd game ended because their score went negative for a so,it second.

    Good video Buddy!

  9. Phly if you watch your 2nd match, look at the score. when you killed that
    ship, the enemy team’s points went negative. looks like thats either a win
    criteria or a bug. but either way, you were the one who ended it.

  10. i miss your last intro men =c

  11. ummmm St.louis 1902 and start use 1906 Aurora 1900 and start use 1903
    So it St louis looks like Aurora not Aurora looks like St louis

  12. I know bow is in the front and stern is in the back but which sides are
    port and broad? Like left and right? I know i can just google it but i feel
    like learimg from a human that put time into reading and responding to this
    comment….*no comments* cry evy tym

  13. joshua parramore

    Can u try them Murmansk ? Ship for the ruskies?

  14. 3:03 who are you and what have you done with the jamaican pirate?!?

  15. just to say your world of warships intro is epic

  16. Favorite intro, nd best choice of music dude

  17. The_Floppy_Penguin

    Do the guns ever randomly point at the winter palace :)?

  18. sooooooo guy’s the sun sets in the south…….

  19. That single Vickers MG for AAA use really gave me a good laugh. You may as
    well throw it overboard and give the crew tokarevs instead hahahaha

  20. Samuel-Averen S

    That ship seems ridiculously accurate than the others!?….

  21. Nice laugh

  22. TheEpicminecraft70

    Phill daily play the russian cruiser 

  23. If the map was in the arctic circle it could be mid day???

  24. No m8, you got it wrong, the front of the Warspite is supposed to be giving
    you the middle finger.

    Oh come on, I can’t be the only one who noticed, right?

  25. quite efficient for a ship who haven’t shoot a single shot during the
    second war :P

  26. Michael Hougaard

    Hey Phly, The Aurora isn’t the same class as the St Louis it is a Pallada
    class armored russian imperial Cruiser which fought in the Russo-Japanese
    war and is a very famous ship in Russia. It is moored as a museum ship in
    St Petersburg.

  27. Anyone else kinda of annoyed that Russia is getting more ships than Germany
    at the moment. You know because Russia’s navy did nothing in ww2

  28. The Russian and American nose crests are far more beautiful than the

  29. That was the bow.

    The bow is the front

    The stern is the back



  30. sun rises in the east, sets in the west, if it sets almost in the south,
    you are properly far far far in the north. polar region.

  31. Sascha “BurningODIN” S.

    maybe the update comes tomorrow, i heared something but im not sure. sorry
    for my bad english im from germany

  32. Spartan Soldier

    +PhlyDaily We need a Phly quote for part 3:04 to 3:12 XD I’m dying

  33. LoadScreenComms

    (Face palms) bow, the front is the bow. Stern is the rear. How do you mess
    that up!?

  34. Nice video bro!:)

  35. Hey mate u soo cool

  36. ProblemOfficer3000

    3:56 It’s 1AM and I’m laughing like a retard

  37. Axle Charleston (AxleMC131)

    Goddammit +PhlyDaily ! BOW = FRONT and STERN = BACK/AFT

  38. Bow = Front
    Stern = Back
    Starboard = Right Side
    Port (Previously Larboard) = Left Side

  39. Netherfield Junction

    The sun is setting in the South-West. Therefore it is in the Northern
    Hemisphere and about 6pm in the evening. and the stern is the BACK of the
    ship… the front is the bow.

    • aannddiiffeerroouuss

      In the northern hemisphere the sun sets north of straight east west…which
      is why it does not set in the far north of Canada and U.S.

    • Netherfield Junction

      +aannddiiffeerroouuss only during summer. in winter its the other way
      round. why its always dark in winter. so it also tells us what season it
      is. WINTER

  40. Phly that was the most badass intro I have ever seen

  41. Leonardo Franzin Ribeiro

    do some cv gameplay pls


    And her tier 10 bigger cousin

  43. +PhlyDaily You won that match because as you killed him, their ticket
    count went down to -10, and I am guessing that means a loss.

  44. first win must have been because of that amazing AA “gun”

  45. Still waiting for the East-to-West Sun patch

  46. Kristiāns Isajevs

    You win because for the kill there goes negative points to enemy team

  47. EverGreen Shooter

    that intro tho! :o

  48. Great…….thanks Phly, for yet another ear rape-age.

  49. When comes the new Top 5 Epic Plays??? I really liked those!

  50. Connor The Chopper

    Gotta say it Phly, you’ve come quite a ways since I first subbed and I am
    pretty sure at this point that you have the most epic video intros on
    youtube. Congrats.

  51. how do you make your intros

  52. How do you follow the shells wile in the air?. When i press what ever key
    it is it just starts shooting and follows those

  53. 2:03 all navy guys cringe in pain

  54. That dead silence after the cap tho

  55. i love your videos bro<3 good job

  56. I love the into so much

  57. Dammmmn dat intro … O.o

  58. Dat intro. So awesome!

  59. LieutenantPlaysGames (LPG)

    +PhlyDaily Just to point out, that flag (or ensign as its called) and that
    seal (in front of the ship) when you were reviewing the ship, that ensign
    is the Imperial Russian Navy and the seal is the Coat of Arms of Tsar
    Russia (which, both still uses today since 1991). However this ship is used
    by The Soviet Navy too so you could say it is used both by the imperial
    navy and the soviet navy. Again, just to let you know! :)

  60. Good vid man, do more 

  61. Oh shit, Aurora is the ship from the bolshevik revolution xD

  62. Wait… wait… the Warspite has been given to the US as a premium?
    Seriously? Fuck WG.
    It’s just fucking insulting at this point and I’m not even fucking British.
    They could have at least had one that made sense and had the HMS Victorious
    as a US premium.

    • +Comrade Rory Uk PREM btw

    • +PhlyDaily I mean, I just saw in the video that it has the US flag behind
      it. I assumed they added it to the game to draw British players in and I
      said the HMS Victorious would make more sense, since it was a British ship
      that the US borrowed.
      Will it be getting shifted over to the British tree when they add the Royal
      Navy? Because that doesn’t seem like something WG would do, looking at the
      Valentine, Matilda and Churchill from WoT.

    • Alexander Klein

      +Comrade Rory Cool your temper mate, Warspite is in the British tree, and
      from what I can tell from looking at Phly’s video about the Warspite the
      stern flag on it is the British Naval Ensign.

  63. Phly it’s the other way around the front of a ship is called the bow and
    the rear of the ship is the stern 

  64. 76 mm Maxim, dayum :D

  65. Brad noble (Brad noble)

    just wondering how i can play/ get a key/ download this game. or is it only
    just for some people thanks

  66. Bow is front
    Stern is back
    You’ll get it some day!

    • Axle Charleston (AxleMC131)

      +Axle Charleston The reason they have that btw, in case you don’t know, is
      so that you can look at another vessel or plane in front of you, and figure
      out if it’s coming towards you or going away from you. 😛

    • +Axle Charleston on ships if it’s heading away from you its a single white
      light you can see each light for an arc of 120 degrees

    • Axle Charleston (AxleMC131)

      +john crate Huh, thank for the heads-up John. 🙂

    • +Axle Charleston no bother mate always happy to help 🙂

    • Alexander Klein

      +cornishdm I always remembered port as left because they’re both 4 letter
      words, I like your way better.

  67. Genaddi Meneses

    it’s not “Kawachi” it’s “Kawaiiship”

  68. On the second game the enemy team ran out of tickets so you won xD

  69. Phly, Thank you for the daily videos… I watch them on shift at work, and
    kills time for me.

  70. da majestic eagle /hawkeye

    Phly you can be proued of my now. My dad have bought a boat with 2x rolls
    royce griffon engines in it. = total 4760 hp!

  71. In your second game phly the ennemy team points went down 0 so automatic

  72. Lars Poorter de

    The intro is a advertisenent fir the dutch marine

  73. P.s 135 like <3

  74. My bae! I lov your Vids and your cats 2 luv em <3 Go on c:<

  75. Martin Jernsletten

    u won the 2th battle because the enemy team got minus points

  76. Genaddi Meneses

    3:58 ba dum tsss….

  77. ScipionLaurentiend

    bow is the front stern is the back…better luck next time

  78. This ship is cool! And Steve, how is Jimmy doing? 😛 Did he make it?

  79. Royal Navy doesn’t need an emblem on the bow its ships. Just the name alone
    is enough to strike fear into the minds and hearts of her enemies! ;)

    • +PhlyDaily Sad thing is that HMS Hood was scheduled to have a deck armor
      upgrade (make it thicker) but they never got around to it. Damn out of all
      the people on that ship only 3 survived the sinking.

    • Alexander Klein

      +PauseForGames I doubt they were any more scared of the Hood than they
      would have been of any other ship and to be honest they were likely to have
      been more concerned about the Prince of Wales in that engagement since it
      was a more modern of the two vessels.

    • +Alexander Klein Problem was not all of Prince of Wales guns were working.
      New x4 gun turrets had issues. But thank god for the hit on Bismarck’s fuel

    • Alexander Klein

      +Tanker Hopkins At the start of the engagement the Germans wouldn’t have
      known how many guns were working on the Prince of Wales, that said from a
      quick read the Bismarck targeted the Hood first and the Prinz Eugen was
      ordered to fire upon the Prince of Wales. On the other side of the fence
      the Hood was firing on the Prinz Eugen as they’d mistaken it for the

    • +Alexander Klein they would have figured it out pretty quickly since her
      forward quad turret only managed one salvo spo I’d imagine one her twin
      turret fired twice without her quad turret fording they figured out what
      was going on

  80. Yo!
    I’ve been gone for job businesses to Siberia, been there for 2 months
    nearly, barely an internet connection, so checking things was very
    difficult. I’m back now, and missed a lot of shit. Is this game playable to
    everyone yet? Is there an open beta or something? Can’t get my answer on
    what I’ve googled so farmmm….Would love to play this 🙂
    Thanks in advance.

    • +TheGlenno123 Hey dude welcome back! You can buy into this game for like 15
      buxs right now just google wows store.

  81. sun set in the s-sw would indicate map is located somewhere in the north
    polar region during winter

  82. You had the nomenclature wrong for the ship. The bow is the front (when you
    bow you lean FORWARD), the stern in the rear of the ship. Great vid btw!

  83. i really would like if they added novgorod for the lulz

  84. Front = bow
    Rear = stern
    The Japanese insignia was a Chrysanthemum,an imperial symbol

  85. Phil van poelje

    I think the reason why you won the second match is that the enemy team had
    negative points.

  86. “We dont play this game for the sunsets, we play it for the upsets!”

  87. The ship that signaled the beginning of the October Revolution

  88. Absolutely love the new intro. Thought you already did a vid on the
    aurora, but that might have been Baron. Either way, enjoyed it

  89. Really Russia before Germany and Britain GJ WG epic fail

  90. Did i just see the coolest game intro? 

  91. Tokyo Ghoul Englishsub (D.S player)

    Yay more battleships

  92. Anyone know when the new update is coming out? Or did they stream the new
    ships? Can anyone link it?

    Edit.. Thanks ins advance

    • USMC0311CplJackson

      +PhlyDaily So it looks like at 1320. If you remove all of the points from
      the other team it gives you an instant victory. Notice how you killed that
      ship, the enemy score went to -10 or whatever it was.

    • USMC0311CplJackson

      +gothicalpha Your name is GothicAlpha bro…. You really don’t have any
      room to talk. Now go /wrists.

    • +USMC0311CplJackson that’s exactly what happened and it is part of the game
      mode as it is stated in the loading screen/countdown phase 🙂

    • +pun_za_kette Hmm, never seen that one come up before o.0

    • Alexander Klein

      +PhlyDaily I have to say Phly, your intro for WoWS is utterly amazing.

  93. First? Haha preparing for the hate 🙁 

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