World Of Warships – Space Battle – GALAXY HEAVY CRUISER!

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World Of Warships – Space Battle – GALAXY HEAVY CRUISER!
World Of Warships Gameplay with the Galaxy


  1. hey phly, im a pilot too, what aeroplane do you fly?
    i fly the A320

  2. if the lazers whre direct and not arcing uhhhh i have no idea what will

  3. +PhlyDaily now i cant wait till you try out the space yamato and the
    enterprise :D

  4. For some reason It says world of warships is in closed alpha… How are you
    playing this?

  5. ive been finding myself skipping forward in alot of videos due to annoying

  6. Are the Flyfires Firefly references? with the rockets on the sides they
    look a lot like the ship.

  7. I love this

  8. Hey Phly, i just started watching your videos about a week ago and you’re
    awesome btw. Anyway’s you said you were a pilot? What kind of pilot and
    military? Asking because i love planes and flying and going into the Navy
    soon as a Naval Aviator so what’s good?

  9. hey Phly. u fly planes right? what u fly? Cessna? Piper, Beech? i like

  10. Marcos Hernández

    When is world of warships be avilable in North America?

  11. No Yamato is better

  12. ugly as fuck

  13. That looks fun as hell. Looking forward to the release of this game.

  14. This mode, imo, really illustrates how OP some of the faster shooting heavy
    cruisers can be, and just how pitifully underpowered something like the
    mighty Yamato is! Wargaming, don’t do this to Yamato!

  15. Phly you MUST! check out A2a simulations

  16. What is your favourite battle ship mine is the Yamato 

  17. Do space Yamato Pls phly I love ur world of warship videos

  18. Do space Yamato phliy pls I love ur world of warship videos!

  19. Woot, I was in one of Phly’s games!

  20. BUUUrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    I also have a phobia of heights and bending my nails off. I always bite me
    nails for comort ;(

  21. 3:31 Fire in space…



  22. Dat aint wave motion tech WG is so retarded they dont know shit about dat!
    otherwise yamato cud destroy planets -.-

  23. is this game for free ?

  24. Question – Is World of Warships open to the public now?

  25. Hahaha one of my best friends is a pilot as well. I make fun of him all the
    time for it. I can’t believe there are so many!

  26. Team Enchanted - Become an Enchanter!


  27. this is not op at all is it.

  28. If War Thunder got a game mode like that would you be happy

  29. That looks WAAAAAAYYYY more like a cleveland than a des moins to me…

  30. Is this game released yet or is it still closed Beta?

  31. 沙发!

  32. Im not sure about the HE filler size of the US 203mm shells, but they
    should bounce from the citadel of the yamato at 10km anytime. According to
    the internet, they had 250mm pen from 10k meters. You can damage the
    nonarmored nose or anywhere, like on most all or nothing ship, but the
    damage than should be decided by the HE size. And with damaging those part,
    you cant really sink a battleship.
    Most of the armored parts on the yamato had over 200mm armor, and you have
    to consider the angle of the impact. You can slow down a BS with 203mm
    guns, but its unlikely to sink it. The citadell alone can hold the BS on
    the water, if the water is calm. And if a 38cm or so granade hit, thats not
    much fun for the cruiser. IRL its even difficult to sink a BS even with
    battleship guns. They used destroyers and torps to sink the badly damaged
    ships. Even for smaller ship, the sinking was done by destroyes. ( or was
    sunk by planes) Not much exeption from this.
    Well i guess its nice for ballance. Typical wargaming solution.
    Like you could angle your armor and hand shooting the weak armored nose, if
    you cant pen to slow their ship down , would be too hard to add to the
    game. They coud scale that to be both fun and more historical.
    And i even would be more happy with a BR like system, like in WT. But

  33. Hits on fleek today hah good job phly!

  34. 171,283 dmg done in total that game

  35. so…green lasers right??? = Star Destroyer


  37. Hey Phly please dont do math anymore! :)

  38. Lol love your vids phly

  39. Do the USS Enterprise next.

  40. Phly , if you don’t reply i’ll…

  41. Bugged Yamato armor system + horrendously OP reload of the Galaxy (aka Des
    Moines) = no point ever playing the Yamato.

  42. When is this coming out into open beta

  43. Yamato!!!!!!!!!!!!

    301 KLUB

  45. well world of war ships is ruined. what ever happened to ww2 ships

  46. It should say how many Newtons of thrust it makes hahaha or if your
    American horse force. Americans get with the SI system.

  47. ChuckNorrisKillYou

    I love how they’re shooting Lasers in space and somehow the bullets are
    still affected by gravity. So much derpyness XD

  48. André Furnes Johansen

    Welcome to the 301 club! After YT was created we have always been here! We
    hope it was worth the wait!

  49. Lol that ship to op on the reload time man!

  50. I thought you were just being arrogant. Nope killed all those ships xD

  51. Please do enterprise

  52. were is/was free for all friday???????

  53. Wait Wait Wait.
    Is Space Battles just an April Fools Joke? Or is it an Actual Game Mode
    officially in the game now?
    I’m confused.

  54. Do the USS Enterprise

  55. How to do space battles??

  56. The Solar Tides are turned with this ship! Muahaha

  57. 6TH VIEW

  58. We miss your streams Phly…

  59. 2nd view!

  60. Sappening

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