World of Warships- Space Battles

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Hey guys! Today I bring you guys a few rounds I had with the space battle event, enjoy!

Have a replay?

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  1. 2nd view reeee

  2. Nobblk Praetorian

    Space battles, taking place at exoplanet oceans. Nice.

    On a side note, Since the event allows you to buy legendary modules, is the großer kurfürst module worth getting? I use a secondary build.

  3. Bro these space battles are so fun

    • yes it is mate, yet still find some salty sailor (or should I say spaceman?) in the battle… this mode won’t affect your stats, win or lose you gonna get elite commander exp, but bad habit die hard I guess.

  4. BrodyPlaysGames: World of Warships and more!

    Last year when I was a noob I did not know about a secondary build. REEEEE
    Also I LOVE the Norma aka Minotaur and it is AMAZING when there is a player named ur_Average_Gamer within 10km sitting COMPLETELY STATIONARY AND BROADSIDE when I’m 10km of him.

  5. I wish the Mino was as good as the Norma…. but the space battles are good.
    I’m doing v well with the Paris and Norma…Fly fire is good too, the rest for me are meh.

  6. I’m all done with the space ? battles, it was fun I’m running ultra graphics so it looked amazing, great job WG on the maps.

  7. I was surprised to see a lack of AP usage on that first match against broadside battleships. 12 eight inch guns will usually yield like 10k salvos.

  8. You have a glitch somewhere around 9:40. I assume you make your vids in Premiere? Cuz it also happens to me every time when I’m compiling using it lmao.

  9. i swear the potatoes came out to play for this event. i have never seen so many oblivious broadsiding ships. the first day was impossible to win since my team couldn’t stand the thought of living for more than 10 minutes. day 2 was great, won 5 times in a row and got my alldestroyer. now i cant wait to get my repub, that ship is ridiculously fun with cruiser rate of fire and consistent guns. love your vids, keep up the good work

  10. Mountbatten, unfortunately the Zaya game you had is not (in my experience with my Zao) how most games go in the Zao in Randoms. But, if you like the playstyle, that is exactly how the Zao plays and exactly as it should be played (you seem natural in it btw).

  11. Rahulaanchal Gupta

    Try out the moscuva(Aurora)

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