World of Warships Space Camo Winner!

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And the winner is……….


  1. Husky The Dinosaur


  2. Melonic Randomizer


  3. Ayy! Miesan! My clan m8 😀

  4. R I G G E D

  5. Hey iChase, can we do some battles together during the wknd?

  6. Gratts for winner!

  7. Diego Vinicio Mejía Quesada


  8. Nice!!
    I’ve been playing both WoWp and WoWs with the winner (Miesian) since around 2013.
    I’m sure that the Gearing skin will be flashed often to his annoying/noobish clan-mates (me, among others) as well as other teammembers and enemies, since Miesian often takes a dd to battle.

  9. Grats for the winner

  10. Congrats on the Spessbote, Miesian. I saw my name for a split second in there, so at least my name was confirmed in the hat. =P
    Good luck with the taxes, Chase.

  11. Congrats Miesian maybe see you in battle flashing that Awesome Camo 🙂

  12. Ehh i was soo close to win .Anywa congrats to the winner enjoy the space cammo !

  13. Next time, plz make it clear in the video that the contest is happening and wat u should do to enter it! I didn’t realize that it was happening, otherwise I would’ve entered!

  14. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Congrats for the guy

  15. Christopher Roberts

    Russian Hacking!!!! They hacker our democracy, Moller get your old ass over here until I win!!

  16. Congratulations to Miesian.

  17. Aww, dang it! Congratulations, Captain!

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