World of Warships Space Mode April Fools

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It’s back! After along absence, Space Mode is making an appearance this April Fools. Props to Wargaming as I love how they are willing to go out of there way for something we will only see for a week or two. You can catch Space Mode this April Fools day, but if you can’t wait, It’s on the public test server now.


  1. Much better than last year’s April fool’s which was just a useless submarine that did nothing and left us with a useless 0 point commander.

  2. dud can everyone can participate in the event?

  3. This I can’t wait to see…

  4. so i’m guessing you have to reach T10 to use a space ship? thing is. everyone at T10 is using the space ships. So I can’t get a game in a T9 ship. so I can’t reach T10 🙁

    • ur prob gonna be gifted these ships for a short period just like we are gifted ships for ranked

    • Sussed it. My bad. There is a mission to unlock it… play 3 games

    • If it’s anything like like last time they will gift you the ships they wouldn’t be silly enough to work this much in the game for only a small portion of the player base to get it for a week or two

  5. Extra long vacation translation you are doing tdy or your getting deployed anyways good luck

  6. So um its a “galaxy class” cruiser then… star trek reference anybody haha ?

  7. Put it on console as THE Aprils fools joke.

  8. Love the idea. Gave me a headache though

  9. Interesting, but hard on the eyes and doesn’t provide a very convincing “space” experience.

  10. poodlemeister22314

    All the ships are premium…so you know what that means…XP grinding here we come

  11. I wish they would just leave this up and running all the time. Loved playing this game mode…

    • Between operations, clan battles, PVE and random matches, that would just split the rather small community even more.

    • I just wish more would play PVE and get the skills they need to actually be useful. Maybe a game mode like this would get more of the worthless morons that have no clue how to play a team game out of PVP! Or maybe if the developers would stop pushing crap builds out and making game play worse with every patch more would play!

    • They could change the account rank requirements for PVP missions or make it so you have to pass a certain test, like a driver lesson before being permitted to play with people haha!

    • I agree, they really should do more. Flamu made some very valid points in his Discussion about the focus on damage and is another valid issue they should be looking into.

  12. if they don’t have space battleship Yamato, I swear

  13. Want. So much.

  14. Made me dizzy also.

  15. Looks amazing, appreciate the effort on WG part. I do agree, the reflection makes it look difficult to aim / shoot at ships.

  16. PickelJars ForHillary

    Rubber ducky was 2 years ago.
    WG uses these types of events and modes as testing grounds for features.

  17. So yea but i’ve noticed something. Alot of people have been just appreciating it, but it always seems like Flamu has SOMETHING to pick out of all good that wargaming can do.
    I guess its like my mother says, “for the 10 good things you do, I’ll *still* find that one bad thing to nag on you about.”

  18. I don’t like gliding along the force field with little waves, seems really out of place to me. Don’t like this mode

  19. the wargaming April fools are always vastly inferior to the warthunder ones now they really go all the way

  20. I’d be fine with the April Fools mode. The total pisser on Test is the triple-condition mission to earn the special signals this time. Keep getting one or two conditions met, only to miss the third or have time run out or something. Ends up just being frustrating and making me hate the damn thing, instead of just having some fun with it. WG hasn’t made things this difficult before for the Test perks. Sink 2 out of 9? Almost a quarter of the enemy fleet. Players are scrambling to steal kills on this more than I’ve ever seen in Live Randoms. Plus 10 planes. It plain sucks. If you get past those two hurdles, you have to just hope you didn’t get on the spud team and get a win. WG can shove all their multi-condition tasks.

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