World of Warships – Space Ships

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A quick look at the April Fool’s event that will be released around the 1st. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VII Space Ship Galaxy Replay


  1. Is the galaxy the des moine?

  2. Notser, could you show us the video in which a torpedo passed through the gap in the Firefly?

  3. Is this NA I see lots of lemmings 😉 just messing around I know it’s PTS I just hope they do a fair sales model for the permanent camoflagues when they go live it will bring me back to play

    • scousersuk There is no Regional PTS for WoWS. All NA, EU, RUS and Asian player connect to one PTS Server only to mess around. 😉

  4. Will this be open to all players when it goes live?

  5. John Angelo Tenorio

    No Yamato?

  6. Guess the time has finally arrived…


  7. i whant WG to put some sleacial efects on those ships sometihng like special move .Demoin will have something like rail guns for a period of time the galaxy will move with insane speed something 150knots the GK will have a laser that deal percent damege and the carrier EMP that dissables all modules for a period of time but u can still use consumablesor stuff like that dont you think it would be awesome.

  8. If they add these models as permanent camos for their original ships, id buy them all in a heartbeat.


  10. When i hear galaxy class cruiser, i think star trek, the mode remind me a bit of starfleet command.

  11. You almost pulled a Space Notser™

    • USSEnterpriseA1701

      I was in a match with him yesterday in this mode and I pulled several of those. Combination of unfamiliar ship (Galaxy/Des Moines, I’m more familiar with the IJN cruisers) and no collision alarm for some reason. If only they had Zaya (Zao) in this test, I might have had an easier time of it, considering I play under the name CaptHarlock222 it would have been nice to have the ship I consider my Arcadia.

  12. 1) where is the “hello, this is Notser” opener?
    2) the grid loses the immersion
    3) why do the ships still have wake?

  13. In space, no-one can hear you pull a Notser.

  14. Why bullet drop in space? Why?

  15. wait.. where are my dolphin CV’s

  16. this needs to be permanent, with ship lines and all

  17. Time to get back as Space Battleship Yamato

    • It wll be nice if they allow to have an ARP ships able to play in Space Battles. Because in Anime, ARP ships is an alien ships (The fleet of Fog)

  18. so just a reskin… no funnies or other interesting stuff?? boring 1st of april…. whatever happened to those dolphins?

  19. Much preferred the Bathtub boats. That was fun and different.

  20. why the space has water effect ?

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