World of Warships- Spanish CAs, Support CVs, & Economic Changes, Update 12.6: What You Need To Know!

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at what’s coming in update 12.6! Enjoy!

Update Notes:

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Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

0:00 Update Overview
1:21 Spanish Cruisers
5:04 New Battlepass
6:56 Concealed Manuevers
8:57 EU DDs
9:26 Armory Additions
10:58 Azure Lane Returns
11:48 Battle of The Somme Collection
13:16 Economic Changes
14:30 Hybrid Nerf
15:25 Closing Thoughts


  1. What is the drive to ruin ports right now? They’ve already spoiled Fjords, now they’re making Ocean look like a kid’s bathtub?

  2. I am just getting back into the game and am finding your videos very helpful, thank you

  3. You know that you can grind the Spanish cruisers when they come out in the tech tree and spending doubloons on teir 1/2/3 is just sad 😂

  4. I think you pronounced those Spanish ship names better than Cheshire 😂

  5. They based Azur Lane heinrich on the Ersatz-Yorck class that we have in the techline when the Azur heinrich is a P-class cruiser like Schill
    Smh weegee

  6. I would like them to bring in ships like Gambier Bay and Sammy B

  7. Another article today about Spanish CAs said you can only get Tier 7 for free, but the Premium pass gold tokens will get you the Tier 8.

    • Honestly I’ll probably either just go for the t7 or swap the tokens for silver so I can speed grind the research bureau

  8. Finally my Canarias has some friends 😀

  9. Glad to hear that missions can be completed in operation and I think we all knew the hybrids reticle would be nerfed! Thanks again sea lord

  10. Talking about the waited nerf for the hybrid BBs ,at the same time score 0 damage to a CV and return got 20k+ from rockets. Its not about being not balanced from a long time. Its about the money what WG can milk out from players wia buying the random box or convering free exp . Then smash the Hammer on the ship to make room for the next one .

  11. Im spanish and surprise!! Do you pronunced the ships names very well 😂

  12. Majestic Hotwings

    Excited for spanish cruisers and AL collab.

    While I’m skeptical about the new CVs, I’m glad to see Essex and Taiho making a return. They really are good looking ships.

  13. Nerfing Hybrids will only affect the teams thewy are with as most hybrid ships appear to believe they ar eCV’s and hide at the back.

  14. Mech Franka T. Lieu

    there is already a separate article on the web site citing the details about the early access , basically you can get ( with all mission fulfilled ) 800 Gold Spanish Tokens , and you can get another 20 from the daily free bundles , another 100 with bundle costly FXP , and another100 with bundles for Community tokens , and another 500 if you finish the Premium Battle Pass

    the interesting part is the addition of Silver Spanish Tokens which is for buying the Economic Bonus Packages for these Cruisers

    They are making it even more convoluted

  15. The cool thing about the new DD the Somme is that it actually is a semi-historic ship since it was one of the planned Battle class DDs which was cancelled

  16. Wonder what AL Prinz Heinrich would be here, a tier 7 BB or the P class cruiser ??

  17. So is Prince eugene still a top 5 must haves? Where is the pirate ship line so we can get doubloons

  18. I think doing missions in Coop is a lot easier so I don’t understand the nerf for doing the missions in Operations.

  19. They need to add back USS Enterprise to the shop

  20. Me it’s the week later for the Somme Lest We Forget. Is one of a kind Camo . As Vet it’s what I hope to get her in my port!

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