World of Warships- Spanish Tech Tree Coming Soon

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Hey guys! Some Exciting news from the DevBlog today, the first ship of Spain is being added to the game!


Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. As a spaniard, our current navy ships would be about tier VI in wows, this is a jab to the Spanish navy, keep up the expensive and unarmed ships comming boys.

    • As a Belgian I can’t wait till they put in our rubber boats, tier 0.5.

    • Why be armed? In today’s world?
      If anybody’s Navy starts firing on another.. what happens after… It gets real bad.
      By watching this happen. Why would Spain move to be yet, another so armed and global Navy faction?
      And not let the countries stuck in that stalemate. Hold that stalemate. While she spends her money, dealing with the needs closer to home?
      You said it yourself. Unarmed ships are expensive. Armed ones are worse.
      And even the u.s. has way more unarmed than armed. The needs are there.

  2. Can’t wait for the Spanish gimmick, 12 guns with guided shells and a range of 24km that never over-pen.

    • Not gonna happen cause Soviet stronk

    • I love that Royal Navy battlecruisers can suck it and they make tree of a nation that crashed in naval power in the very start of 1900. Maybe we get Galleons and other sail ships to T10!!!

      Oh WG you meme

    • @Teemu you should look at what the Spanish navy actually had in between 1900 and 1950… you’d be surprised to find enough bbs cruisers and dds to fill most slots of a tech tree. they even had 4 different cv classes and a bunch of subs. the fleet may not have been large, but it was varied enough.

      as for what gimmick they’d have… I suspect some antisub bonus or something along those lines. It’d ba gimmick easy enough to implement that isn’t covered by any navies so far.

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      @Teemu You clearly are not looking well enough You have ships that are broadly comparable to the English ones of the 1920s and sometimes even better than them Sure Spain didn’t have a Nelson, although the project for one existed and is well documented But the cruisers were far better than Emerald for example, specially after the modernization Even a Spanish Atlanta is possible Heck even CVs are possible There are far more than you would expect

    • @Teemu
      On board of Canarias’ twin sister, Baleares, was Kuznetsov himself as naval advisor. There you got your russian bias

  3. Ahh yes Spain, had a civil war then sat out the rest of the war being neutral. Would be nice if they did a commonwealth line, Australian navy punched well above its weight at the time and the Canadians had 3rd largest navy by 45. Just saying

    • Official Boomtish214

      Well, that depends. Late-tier Canadian DD’s can be, like Friesland, postwar, and thus quite modern and impressive, like the Restigouche. Heck, if there is a commonwealth CV line, courtesy of Canada’s aircraft carriers… tier 10 will have the bloody bonaventure and her gimmick would be the banshee jets and helicopters that can spot subs at all depths… yeah, I know. I’m ambitious.

    • Official Boomtish214

      Hell, the entire Swedish late-tier DD line is postwar, all of which saw service… I’m sure we can do the same with our Canadian DD’s

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten says the guy boosting for another town class

    • @Wirmire I mean don’t the RAN ships already use the crawling smoke, even when they are the same class as the RN version. I suppose for RCN ships, given they leaned heavily to escort and anti-sub work you could give them all a long duration cruiser range hydro. As for RNZN ships, hmm, given what ships they had a reload boaster might be fun.

    • @Arivael the RAN and RNZN had a battlecruiser each from the Indefatigable class the RAN Australia and RNZN New Zealand. This is a perfect opportunity for WG because if they add the Royal Navy battlecruisers they can add Indefatigable as a premium as she was a an upgrade to the Invincible class and add New Zealand to the common wealth tree. And what you said about the reload booster also works out because when New Zealand took part in Jutland, she was noted as having the fastest rate of fire but also the lowest hit rate out of the Royal Navy capital ships. WG can give her the reload booster but shit dispersion and give Indefatigable a longer reload but very accurate guns. So you have a new premium and a new opportunity for a tech tree and a copy past ship that plays differently enough to be her own thing.

    • Are a Canadian by any chance…?

  4. WG: they can’t bitch about; comment; or complain about money if we Rambo M60 spray ships at the playerbase!
    Player base: Subs are…. oh look new ships! Take my money 💰!
    😄 🤣 😂

  5. I thought we would have gotten Australian and Kiwi DD’s and Cruisers (and a couple of CV’s) before this. No offence to our Spanish colleagues, but we actually could fill a tech tree.

    • @__ I know Spain has a rich maritime history during the age of sail. But i just don’t think they could fill a tech tree circa 1900-1945. I’m not being antagonistic, but once their empire began to ebb, their economy did so as well. No money=no wide and expansive navy.

    • @Amadeo Komnenus they actually had quite a few cruisers, dds and battleship classes… They also had some CVs too, and subs. They just had a tendency to have 1 ship per class for the bigger ships. considering they never really went into combat I can’t say if they were any good, but yeah the Spanish navy could definitely fill most lines with actual ships without issues. they might need some design/paper ships to fill in some holes here and there, but there’s more of a unique base here than most other leftover navies.

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      @Amadeo Komnenus THERE are possibilities, but they are not as well known Why? Because most info would be in Spanish, which non Spanish readers have little time to check (or even bother to) Not being angry about your comment, I’m just adding some insight But you are also right Where are the Commonwealth ships? New Zealand? Sydney? Australia? Damm can’t wait for those too

    • @Amadeo Komnenus Look up the project 138 cruisers of Spain. That’s the Tiers 8-10 right there. All laid out in some blueprints.

    • @__ I’ll do that, thank you

  6. Nothing against the nation or the ship but the biggest question is what bullshit gimmick will the spanish line get?
    Don´t forget ladies and gentleman, a true wargambling designed gimmick has the ability to completly negotiate good positioning!
    Things like airstrikes that can be dropped behind islands on ships in cover, you know, the good stuff.

  7. Actually, the Canarias tried to rescue Bismarck survivors. Unfortunately she only found 3 dead German sailors.

  8. I’m gonna fangirl over this line! I have been waiting for years for Spanish ships

  9. The large Spanish flag painted on her bow was her WW2 scheme. Most of the non-beligerent painted their ships with huge national flags plus country name (sometimes) as to make them easily recognizable by the nations at war.

  10. Wait, wait….lemme guess…the Spanish line’s gimmick is that their ship’s hulls have a coating which instantly throws off sub sonar pings! Because, WG…..

  11. Gin Drinkers' Line

    YES! Finally, soon we will have Spanish CVs with radar-guided bouncing torpedoes. 😉

  12. So originally, Canarias had the torpedoes, but they were removed in a refit during the 1960s, but the smoke funnels on the model are the original ones, as she was built in 1937

  13. The model has torps, is something like mutsu torps, look carefully just below the final bote on the deck, those are torptubes

  14. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    This really really hits home as I am a Spaniard The tier is correct on the prediction we made some friends and I There are enough ships or designs to field a full cruiser and DD tree, same as BBs with the exception of tiers 9 and 10 There are even material for a CV line! But time will tell I’m so hyped

    • Happy for you guys. Feels Great to play ships that have meaning to you! GL!
      The U.S.S. Benson named for my Great-grandpa X3. Got 3790 battles in her!

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      @Lee Benson Lol that’s nuts Speak about having one ship that was named after your family, that makes it even better

  15. I wonder if the España class will be in game, such an odd battleship as it’s relatively small compared to others in the interwar period.

  16. They need a south american dreadnought tree and they can shove the agincourt into it along with the Almirante Latorre and the argentinian ships

  17. They’re adding different nations so you have to pay to convert xp into free xp to advance captains faster. Pan-euro ships have been in forever now, people have had plenty of time to get high-skilled captains for that “nation”.

  18. Waiting for them to finally rename the Pan-European line to the Swedish line, they keep adding European nations to game outside of the Pan-European line which makes it kind of pointless to have a Pan-European line that represent Swedish DDs and some random polish ships.

  19. This strikes me as a somewhat odd choice to use Canarias in her Spanish Civil War configuration for the premium, instead of one of her more widely photographed (and frankly better-looking) refits with more modern AA. If Wargaming wanted the Spanish Civil War look, why not her sister ship Baleares?

    Baleares was sunk during the war and thus never got any of the later refits. That would also free up Canarias to be added as a tech tree cruiser and use her 1950s/60s appearance as the B hull. It’ll be really strange if Baleares is there in the tech tree and gets Canarias’ 1952 refit.

    At any rate, here’s what I would want for a Spanish cruiser tech tree:

    light cruiser line
    Tier 1: minelayer Júpiter
    Tier 2: Reina Regente (5,300 ton protected cruiser with 2×2 + 6×1 140mm)
    Tier 3: Navarra (5,600 ton slow cruiser with 6×1 152mm and 2×2 533mm torps)
    Tier 4: Blas de Lezo (4,800 ton fast cruiser with 6×1 152mm and 4×3 533mm torps)
    Tier 5: Almirante Cervera (7,500 ton cruiser with 3×2 + 2×1 152mm and 4×3 533mm torps)
    Tier 6: Miguel de Cervantes (8,000 ton cruiser with 4×2 152mm and 2×3 533mm torps)
    Tier 7: SECN Proyecto 124 (1936 Spanish design for an 8,000 ton cruiser with 2×3 + 2×2 152mm and 2×3 533mm torps)
    Tier 8: Ansalso XII-152 (Italian export design that’s basically a light cruiser version of Brindisi, 4×3 152mm and 2×4 533mm torps)
    Tier 9 and 10: nothing real seems to exist, Wargaming would have to invent something

    heavy cruiser line
    Tier 5: SECN Proyecto 131 (1937 Spanish design for a 8,500 ton cruiser with 3×2 203mm and 2×4 533mm torps)
    Tier 6: Canarias (or Baleares)
    Tier 7: UP 102bis (Italian export design for Spain with 4×2 203mm and 2×3 533mm torps)
    Tier 8: Ansaldo VIII-203 (another Italian export design, basically Amalfi with 4×2 203mm instead of 3×3)
    Tier 9: Ansaldo IX-203 (basically Amalfi)
    Tier 10: SECN Proyecto 138A (1939 Spanish design for a fast 17,500 ton cruiser with 4×3 203mm and 4×3 533mm torps)

    As you can see there’s three Amalfi-like cruisers. That’s because Amalfi is based on the export design offered to Spain. For the Spanish line they wouldn’t have the slow reload of their Italian counterparts, to make up for the tier difference and lack of SAP.

    Given the lack of Tier 9 and 10 light cruisers, Wargaming could easily opt to just transition to heavy cruisers at Tier 6.

  20. Responding without even watching the video: I am SO excited for Spanish Tech Tree in-game! That is so cool! YAY

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