World of Warships – Spank My Battleship

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Well they’re not going to spank themselves, are they?

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  1. @PanzerFalcon2232

    Spank your what? Oh, Battleship. Carry on.

  2. @rontamburrini8968

    In so early Jingles hasn’t even made a mistake yet.

  3. A day without Jingles is like a day without sunshine.

  4. Jingles! You naughty minx, you had me at ‘spank’!

  5. It’s time for a single malt and some Jingles

  6. Jingles, thank you for another fun and entertaining video. You’re the best.

  7. Started playing this game again because of you Jingles, keep posting these!

  8. Love your comments over the years. So entertaining and very educationally true about warfare.

  9. Nothing like a dose of hot lead to remind you that you’re in three tiers over your paygrade and your so called big brother isn’t looking so big anymore as he gets vaporized by the smallest kid on the block (who throws out HE shells like they’re going out of style).

  10. Todays title gave me an idea for the worst clickbait title for a video. “Spank my broadside battleship chan” and I blame you Jingles. Seriously though love your content. Its great for the end of the day (Australia) wind down before bed.

  11. It’s 730am on the east coast of the USA, I’ve been waiting….

    The funny part about Jingles’ commentary about the Kitakaze is it’s all mythical – nothing against jingles. Once the USA deployed radar to everything, nothing Japanese mattered any more. By late 43, the Imperial Japanese Navy was stuck at tier 6 while the USA were 10 and stars. That includes the Yamato. read Japanese Destroyer Captain to get a real view of WW2. Japan was insane.

  12. I remember when I started playing WoWS and some more experienced friends asked if I’d join them. I told them I unlocked new Battleship and upgraded it to maximum. It was a bit weird playing in Tier 8 with my Kongo, but as useless as I generally was, those 2 or 3 games where I actually managed to kill 2-4 enemies and place in top 3 were priceless. Shame about the fact that maybe 15% of games ended this well.
    What was weird was, they knew that I had only Kongo, but they showed up in T7 BB’s.

    Also regarding playing in higher tiers, due to “fail division” – Fuso is fun, it at least has a ton of guns to spank cruisers and not very well protected BB’s. Nagato is actually seriously good – but you need a lot of skill. But it is good enough to punish stupid players in T9 and T10’s who think that T7 cannot be dangerous. It can, it’s just bloody hard.

    And of course Amagi can normally run into T10’s so it isn’t a fail division anymore (at least not to that level). Capable ship. First Japanese BB that has secondaries that can potentially be dangerous or at least useful to deal with destroyers when you don’t have the skill to hunt them with your main guns.

  13. The Kitakazi put on his dakka hat, and rained fire on his enemies. The game was decent enough to be enjoyable, but not truly outstanding.
    Flambass sets the bar on “good” destroyer games very high 😅

  14. @beastgaminghd7575

    A perfect example, of the expression: “Teamwork DLC” , as well as, ” Sealclubbing”. You can’t be charging a Kroni and a Kita, in a t6 BB, that’s suicidal at minimum.

  15. Kutuzov player here. Sadly I don’t have the replay file anymore, but I don’t think my game was as exciting though. Mainly just sitting in smoke or behind an island lobbing 152mm HE at the enemy. And I definitely made a couple of questionable choices as I’m not the greatest player in the game, so don’t know if I would want it featured.😅 But thanks for the shoutout Jingles! Been watching for probably 10 years and its the first time I’ve been shown in a replay, even though I wasn’t the main event. But if I remember correctly, I think I had like a little over 150k damage. I haven’t spent money on the game and got it from a Supercontainer before the Supercontainer nerfs and have used it as a credit farmer since I got it. Great ship, but is definitely high risk high reward since it’ll explode if looked at by any battleship.

  16. @matthewfinkenbinder5846

    Funny thing. I was listening (not watching) to this as I drove. As I went down the road I passed a truck…license number “T7 DAKKA”. This while listening to a battle utilizing T9 Dakka.😂

  17. Perfect start to the day as always old man.

  18. A morning without Jingles is like a morning without coffee! For me, weed! 💨🐉

  19. @the_tactician9858

    Jingles, where did that paddle come from? What are you planning here? Wait, no, not my battleship! Please! Mercy..!!~

  20. This video title would make a great exclamation: “Well, Spank My Battleship!”

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