World of Warships Special Event Boss Ship

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My name is , author of the Super Hostile series. I am a map and mod maker, lifetime gamer, and an LPer.

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  1. So smoke screens work something like this. At some time(a few seconds) your
    ships pops some smoke. If your ships goes fast enough, your smoke would be
    able to cover a longer/larger surface. BUT, if you go full speed in a DD,
    you will actually leave that part of the somke behind, so it would not
    cover you. If you go slower so you can stay in the blops(is this the right
    word?) you will cover a smaller surface. Also, when in a DD,(especially
    Jap) the first thing you do is to turn off your automated weapons(AA +
    secondaries). Your DD has a very low AA defence, so you cannot provide a
    noticeble effect. But when you got them turned off, they would give away
    your position

  2. 0 dislikes. >:D HAHAHAHA! VICTORY IS MINE! Wewps hit the like button. :L

  3. lol i played against #164 we almost took him out lol

  4. I ship it.

  5. Love this series.

  6. vechs, if you press “O” while your shells/torpedoes are on their way, your
    camera will track the last shell/torpedo you fired. (if O doesn’t work look
    in the controls ) ;-)

  7. Carriers never really got into gun range of naval ships. During World War
    II only 1 US carrier was sunk by enemy gunfire, USS Gambier Bay, an escort
    carrier, during the Battle Off Samar. During the same battle another escort
    carrier forced the withdraw of a Japanese Heavy Cruiser after hitting it
    torpedoes with it 5′ guns.

  8. Vechs, the smoke is not too complicated. The smoke generator lays a blob of
    smoke I guess you’d say every 5 seconds after the first one.. As the
    generator runs for 20 seconds, there’ only 4 blobs that it puts out. It
    give u 5 seconds to find a new spot to lay a blob of smoke really. As soon
    as you press T, a blob is laid and u get 5 seconds before the next. I may
    have made a mistake but I am confident in my reasoning.

  9. It would certainly make sense that the Salem Witch is an American ship.
    That’s clearly a reference to Salem, Massachusetts where there were a ton
    of hangings for suspected witchcraft a few centuries ago

  10. The Salem Witch ship is basically the US tier X cruiser Des Moines, with
    the same guns and everything but with its top speed capped at something
    like 16 knots.

    Something else you may want to do as well to help keep you hidden more is
    to hit P to turn off your AA fire and only turn it on if you have already
    been detected and have dive bombers or torp bombers inbound.

  11. Boss fights are a cool concept. Changes things up a bit. Fun battle, too.

  12. ZionMainframeGaming

    Looks cool

  13. hey Vechs. The Salem Witch is just a Tier 10 Des Moines Class Heavy Cruiser
    with a paint job!

  14. veches you must have spent real money on this game? right? Ballpark it for
    me please? I am in tier 2 cruisers( all your fault ) and I looked at the
    premium shop and it is astronomical the prices for ship buying credits. Do
    you have any grinding tips. I like this game it is just like how many games
    in a row am I forced to play as one ship to get to the next one.

  15. Vech you only get the reward if your on the team facing the boss and win.

  16. Vechs, you can set the “alt view” with HP and names to be on permanently in
    the settings under the 3rd tab, If you didn’t know.
    with that, you should pay attention to your distance to enemies and your
    surface spotting range. you probably already knew this but whatevs.

    IMO, the only really OP one of the Boss ships is the CV. 99 planes and each
    plane in the squadrons (which can have up to 7 planes in each squadron) has
    around 1600hp, double that of other CV. the dd doesn’t look that mighty,
    stats don’t seem that special.
    The Salem Witch isn’t that special, other than the HP pool, seems more like
    a downtiered tier 6 cruiser, so it has that.
    Hilariously, the salem witch goes a maximum of *16.8 knots*.

  17. Dazzle camouflage! I love it

  18. smoke screens do leave a trail, but they do it in bursts so if you are
    moving too fast you will leave the burst and become exposed despite laying
    the smokescreen. you have to go at least 3/4ths speed to stay in it or just
    circle around to stay in the puffs of smoke

  19. Second!!!

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