World of Warships Spectating Aircraft Carriers is Weird

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My name is , author of the Super Hostile series. I am a map and mod maker, lifetime gamer, and an LPer.

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  1. you should check out armored warfare

  2. Daniel “Scoots” Nguyen

    Just asking vetchus, what exactly is a invite code and do you have one? I’m
    setting up a wargaming account but I want to know what they are, and if I
    get, lets say, your code, and input it into registration, does that mean I
    was “invited” by you?

  3. You should do more live commentary.

  4. So your carrier takes the role of your artillery from world of tanks? It
    basically sits at the back and deals damage from afar and is very
    vulnerable to anyone who gets close…

  5. I like the word succame!

  6. CV gameplay is as much about positioning as anything. The closer you can
    (safely) stay to the engagement the faster turnaround you get on your
    aircraft wings. :)

  7. Do more carriers

  8. You could just record playing a carrier live instead of the hoopty spectate
    mode. I would love to see that if you do. (I’m actually getting really into
    torpedoes from your other vids heh..)

  9. No, I really like this carrier gameplay as several other people have said.
    Try recording as you’re playing.

  10. What version of Supreme Commander do you play Vechs?

  11. These matches seem larger than the ones I get, what gametype are you
    playing? Mine are normally 8×8 or similar.

  12. I’m working, very slowly towards getting a carrier myself, I’d love to see
    some live gameplay of it, that replay thing seems quite… well… jittery,
    the carrier stuff you might need to just record it as you play it, then add
    the commentary and such later, or go beast mode and do it live, well, some
    people can do that, :D

  13. Could you perhaps make some live carrier videos? (if I’m remembering right)
    You’ve made a live Warships video before, so could you try it for the
    aircraft carriers?

  14. To be honest, it’d be more entertaining if you did live commentary. With
    carriers, I think it’s about the only way to do a video and have it be

  15. Guys please remember to Like. I’m saying this as a reminder, not as an
    advertisement. It really helps channels and so often people will read
    comment, but honestly just forget to like. Anyway.

  16. Now we just need to add tanks to this chaotic mess to create a fun war

  17. Could you maybe do the carriers as a live commentary? Or maybe just record
    your screen during the match and add the commentary after?

  18. I know you can’t tell ahead of time when you’re going to have a video
    worthy match, but seeing a live recording would be cool to see the views
    there without stuttering etc. But either way, please don’t drop all carrier

  19. I’ve watched a few videos of people recording the carriers live, and that
    was a little more enjoyable to watch. Maybe try that.

  20. That really seems silly that the team just ignored screening for carriers.
    There is a reason why only a handful of carriers sunk by naval gunfire,
    they normally have a sizable fleet around them (But not sure how they would
    reward players for playing defense)

    Carrier gameplay seems fun, maybe when they have the Replay feature ready,
    you can do more of them.

  21. Instead of recording replays of carriers it might work better to record as
    you play a carrier, because i want to see more.

  22. I ship it.

  23. when i play carrier i see the fighters firing and circling each other and

  24. Heard you mention Supreme commander. Can’t hide it now. Better run with it.
    Gib Monkeylord plx

  25. Gasp. I’m one of the first.

  26. I have memes in my head. I need to get rid of this. I know! clicks on
    rustled jimmies.jpg. ;-; NOOOO!!

  27. “uploaded 12 seconds ago” lol

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