World of Warships – Speshul compilation Episode 2

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Here is the next episode of SPESHUL COMPILATION
I hope you enjoy it and have some good laughs, because it took me multiple times create it…because some things went potato and whole progress was lost -.-
But here it is, enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. 45 seconds ago flambass posted s video

  2. Flambass – what’s for lunch ?

  3. Oh hey, in with the sub-100 views group.

  4. I love it nice job my dud

  5. Love the videos man keep up the good work 🙂 ❤

  6. Damn u flambass i finally had managed to get working and THEN u upload…

  7. I love you Speshuuuuul Compilations . puts a smile on my face alllllllllll day 😉 flambahugs

  8. Thanks Flambass, for keeping us all entertained :-).

  9. please do one of your “team-mates” messing up, that way I might see myself in one of your videos one day ?

  10. 12:58 Oh god I love the voice inflection on that audio clip. <3

  11. It’s really gonna be weekly? We have been blessed

    • It’s gonna be weekly if I gather enough material for it in a week, if not then delayed but I will definitely keep this up 😉

  12. Hans didn’t fire his Guns Once in the game??

  13. “Let me just delete that guy real quick”
    *deletes that guy real quick*

  14. I love these, keep em coming 😀 Still miss the scene where you get deleted in the Zao out of nowhere leaving you speechless for a good moment – i had a good shuckle over that one! Ohhh and that Harugumo Video, when you tested it the first time – man i laughed so hard…

  15. The Des Moines at 8:00 had to broadside because of the torps coming from your allies.

  16. Where’s the “I smell victory” one with the Shima chasing your hindy about for full match and then Torping u? That shit was hilarious ?

  17. Great video 🙂

  18. Isn’t that basically “Every weekend in WoWS” compilation? 😛

  19. Grüße vom Torpweffer aus 3:48 🙂

  20. That scream at 3:45 ?

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