World of Warships – SPESHUL compilation Episode 3

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Here is the episode 3 of SPESHUL compilation with a bit more FAILS in it than usual, because YOU asked for it 😉
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Hahahahah. The more u screem, The more we like Them. You Are so emotional, and that is The Best part of watching You ……..well, beside your skills as player….one can only love it. ?❤?

  2. You can still Pen destroyers they just have to be angled so much that your shells detonate due to amount of paper they have to cut trough, and no i dont think its visual, had plenty of 2 bb ap hits =5k salvos on gearings and grozevoi’s after the patch… might be a bug or intended mechanic but il blody take it.

  3. Still needs more eurobeat and random anime shipgirls, but otherwise great shit as always
    I love you flambass <3

  4. You know… It’s obvious that nowadays a torp from Mackron should detonate something so french as the Lyon 😀 Got it? LOL, I’ll return back to a sad sunday study…

  5. I developed a Noob Inferiority Complex after binge watching your vids all day … I feel much better now. Speshul for the win! …More please.

  6. I love how at 7:08 you are saying Breed not Breath……. Between that and the shithouse RNG I was pissing myself laughing. Ohh and you just have to play Euro when you do Torpedobeats.

  7. I once detonated in a full health Fuso from one opening salvo from the enemy Kongo. Sit there staring at the screen for a solid minute in disbelieve haha.

    • Happened to me as well trhee years ago. I even aimed badly and ONE stray shell hit the Fuso and boom. I felt sorry for the guy.

  8. I don’t always lose to torpedoes, but when I do I say “Well, shit…this is gonna hurt.”

    It happens…torpedoes happen. A lot.

  9. I got a Tier 8 Kii out of the Christmas containers…so I played it like a cruiser…
    I should have known that just cause it goes 30 knots, you cant put your ass in jeopardy like that.
    Honestly..I was drunk. I deserved what I got. It was still fun though.
    YOLO mother truckers…Clearly…Hans is my copilot.

  10. 7:01 I have buried all 12 rounds in the ocean at that range and gotten 0 damage.
    Always surprised that I can miss JUST as much at 3k as 23k.

  11. It is so refreshing to be reminded that even the best players in this game can have ‘those moments’.

  12. 7:20, you were on fire from stem to stern, literally. That’s impressive

  13. Love the Flambass compilations

  14. Love dem Fak a YUUUU hahaha keep on doing this videos, they’re the best on WOWs

  15. If only I had half of your mad skills.

  16. Yes, Secondary gunners are regularly drunk….that is why they are ‘secondary’ gunners and not ‘Primary’ gunners… 🙂

  17. hey a nice addition to your repertoire while i get a laugh out of most of your vids this was indeed Speshul.

  18. i love those compilations! keep em coming 🙂 and I also like the 2 sides of the medal thing.. fails and wins… cause let’s face it… that is what games like this is all about.. sometimes u dominate, win, carry, go HERO… and well than … we all just Fail and/or Brain-Fart…
    very nice n fun video.. made my monday morning a lot better 🙂

  19. I just love these Speshuuuuuuuul compilations .. just sooo Speshuuuul and funny lol
    thank you Flambass I am going to have a brill day now 🙂 Flambahugs

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