World of Warships – Speshul tactics is back

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It's Two brothers map and I'm in JB, you know what's up.

It's been a while and I just divisioned with Monkey before this so ofc decided to throw this map in our face. Few funny things happen in this match.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Can you do some of the missions and operations as well

  2. The new bots just shows how inept most players are.

  3. These overpenns on light cruisers are insane. I charged a smoked wooster in Republique, hes parking full broadside from 8km to 4km, 3 salvos all I got was overpenns and shells fall into water. Then I died.

    • It’s pretty normal. French BBs have high shell velocity, and at that range the fuse doesn’t expire in the citadel meaning it will just overpen. If you were in a monty in that situation then you would’ve won.

  4. in COOP take USS Nicolas with torp build. I got up to 18 torp hits guarding the middle on 2 brothers, lots of fun 🙂

  5. 7:53 is that Seattle for real? wow! lol. He’s so lucky he wasn’t insta killed!!!

    • @CHC_WB Roma suffers a lot too, high velocity shells, only getting overpens

    • @Davide Cuccato @Damian Dörhoff explained it pretty well. That’s why US has hard hitting “heavy” AP shells.

    • Far to many people don’t understand OP mechanics – Had a bloke WGP2W and RAIN both tell me it was impossible to do this kind of thing… They both lost because they couldn’t sink a Leander from 2km as I sat broadside to them…

  6. The bots aren’t good at hitting? Yeah ok, unlike flesh and blood players their accuracy is about 100% and if you look at were you get hit most often they aim dead center of your ship every time. Their timing is perfect and they frequently pull off shots that a player can’t. I wouldn’t mind smarter bots if their accuracy wasn’t as good as it is.

  7. 5:32 I was waiting for that the whole 5 minutes ??

  8. I’m curious if the new bots were actually “smart” or just cheat more. E.g. if the entire bot team just focuses down a player at a time with perfect accuracy then sure they will beat most disorganised and imperfectly accurate teams.

    • lol they don’t have to be “smart” to do better than the old ones. they just have to like, notice that there are other players than whatever one they’ve decided to focus on

  9. Flambass luck with that seatle and lazo is literally my luck with every single ship in the game

  10. saying old bots couldnt shoot , tbh thats the only thing they were good at . I played a lot of co-op as a DD , they are better at shooting than most players .

  11. FlashBack / Striker99

    I love Flambass + Middle of Two Brothers 😀

  12. I thought midrush includes shooting your team mate till you are pink!

  13. How do people play against you on this map, and NOT expect you to rush mid?? ??

  14. I own jean bart and it is a very very funny and strong ship.
    I love it.

  15. Flambass, just asking for a friend, how exactly do you penetrate a …. ship’s stern?? No lewds.

  16. It fun to watching you play world of warship, how long have u been play the game? did u have any tips for new players on how it work in-all.

  17. This is a big myth that WR % in Co-op plummeted with the updated bots. It’s total BS. The issue with the improved bots was they would run and hide dragging games out. It was no harder to win it just took longer despite some smarter play from them. I laughed when I heard Jingles say this and now you are saying it. Total bull. If WG told you this their spreadsheet is f’d up.

    And you clearly do not play Co-op with your comments about the bots are bad at hitting (shooting I assume) and how you would go middle of the map and torp everything. Bots are incredible shots with insane RNG and fire chance and they dodge torps like a ninja master. Going mid and trying to attract as many as possible is suicide. Bots focus fire better than any human team. IF you actually played the mode you would know this. A DD with smoke can do this with success if they are a good player but for other ships to do it is foolish.

    And don’t base your view of Co-op bots on your small sample size at low tiers. Once you hit mid tiers and move to high tiers they get a lot better. A T8-T10 bot isn’t going to miss you the way a T3 one will.

  18. Great Gig In The Sky

    If you shot the Seattle with HE, you would have got citadels, right?
    at least that would make some sense of that mess.

  19. Flambass Channel is Speshul!! Yuro needs to add Torp Beats to this vid

  20. To be fair, on the SEA server it’s hard to tell the stupid team-damaging, team-killing bots from the stupid team-damaging, team-killing players…….

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