World of Warships // Split / “It’s dangerous to go alone”

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Guess who forgot to edit a bit out that wasn’t supposed to be there, that’s right, it’s this guy!


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. 02:20 “…I didn’t pay any Doubloons, any money towards the event, so I got as far as I could with the free tokens…the European Destroyers event… and that took me to Tier 8…” How did you get the T8 without paying any doubloons ? Wasn’t it a Premium Battlepass main reward, which costs 2500 Doubloons ? In my WoWs Client I never saw an option anywhere to get the T8 Split without paying money.

  2. Not faulting your play Pointy, but I suspect if *insert name of divine being here* were playing those things, that line would still be meh.

  3. I think the most telling thing about this ship is that in the first battle, the first ships to die on both sides were the two Splits’……

    That and they *_love_* to nom nom torpedoes….. 🤣

  4. Thanks for the review, Jedi. I was really liking the Grom, but Split sound much rougher.

  5. Hi Jedi, another great piece of work, thank you. As a destroyer player, I was looking forward to another new (albeit Pan European) line, but quickly found that this line truly is a High Skill Based player’s line. All boats appear to be non-discript in their purpose, in that, they are neither gun boats nor torpedo boats. Plus they are not anything close to a reasonable hybrid, because gun DPM is low and radar range & duration seem to be more of a gimmick than an advantage, especially when compared to the other lines that either run radar or hydro (yes Germans, I’m looking at you here). With the exception of the French destroyers, most other DD lines can have an impact on a game and swing the battle in your favour, but these, well, they just don’t it; UNLESS you are in a division of three with team mates who know what they are doing, in which case you can rack up some wins with high scores. All in all, this is not a line for the starter, but more for someone who wants a challenge sailing destroyers. Look forward to your thoughts concerning Tier 9 & 10, especially now that the LUSHUN has been nerfed after the most recent patch (ie 12.5). Carry on the good work my friend.

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