World of Warships – Split Second

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I do love battles that are impossible to predict either way until the last moment and today is no exception!

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  1. Clicked on this in a split second lol

  2. Would love to see Jingles, Flambass, and Trenlass play togather!

  3. Now this is what i call a good team
    People who know what they’re doing

  4. A close game like this is a pleasure to watch

  5. @stratosbonaros9312

    Such a pleasure to watch a great player and hear a great commentator, that is my favorite part of Tuesday

  6. @RoadCaptainEntertain

    Jingles knowledge of ships capabilities & tactics is not only informative but highly entertaining.

  7. Holy cow that was close. Great game to spectate

  8. now we need a replay that needs a title second split

  9. What a good morning surprise this was 🥳
    Few notes on the whole KotS talk, Old Man is not wrong when he said Odem Mortis, because OMNI was Odem Mortis International, while OM was german.
    First KotS was actually called Winter King Tournament (now regarded to as the pilot season) and first few KotS were played in tier 8, so Benson was my choice. Then later Gearing like Old Man mentioned, when it moved to tier 10.
    This battle was one of the closest, if the THE closest games I ever played, whole stream was on the edge of their seats as we were counting seconds, GGs 😉

  10. 6:50 – Detecting torpedoes with one’s face is a superpower I have decided isn’t for me. Better leave that to the Tirpitz’s of the world. ^_^

  11. Flambass had one spectacular game lately (yesterday, I think). Hopefully he will send it to you, Jingles.

  12. Jingles butchering the Giuseppe Verdi name at least 3 different ways, don’t ever change.

    • No, he should change that. It was painful to listen how he butchered the name of the great Italian composer. I couldn’t care less if Jingles gets wrong the class of a ship, but I think Verdi deserves a little more respect.

    • @@blaidddrwg2389 Play the Anvil Chorus on his head till he gets it right?

  13. They don’t say that. They say “Professionals are predictable, it is the amateur who is dangerous.”

    • Thee are many variations of the saying.

    • @@jannegrey593I like “The finest swordsman in France does not fear the second finest. He fears the worst.”

    • @@scott2836 Yeah – with swordsmanship there is additional risk, because newbies don’t know how to fight and they often flail. If you don’t manage to block or dodge it, you can be hit real bad by accident. And that is what the saying says. However unspoken part about amateurs is that they also often… don’t make it. So while they are more dangerous due to their unpredictability, they do suffer bigger attrition losses. It’s just that we rarely see such outcomes – people do hear a lot about amateurs managing to defeat pros, but when they don’t manage it, they are called potatoes in WoWS. Or dead in case of real warfare.

  14. @angeloobligenhart8063

    We need a live commentary by jingles of a Flambino play

  15. @chaoticinkinc.3145

    You can almost argue that the carrier helped them win the match. If he hadn’t been where he was, the last two enemy BBs might have stuck around the center of the map, preventing capping and probably killing the last three team members. In a sense, the CVs death almost guaranteed them the win.

  16. Jingles, I am glad you brought up the name of a player who used to be my DD player hero and idol back then, but surprisingly it was rngsama and not flambolino.

  17. Every silver lining has a cloud behind it!!! – Jingles 2024

  18. It’s amazing what can happen when just a handful of players on a team know wtf they’re doing & know how to teamwork. It’s certainly of little use how good someone is if no one listens to each other. Major props to not only Flambass, but the Scharnhorst, Giuseppe, & the Agir as well. Glory seekers rarely win close games.

  19. With the exception of the carrier this was a well-played battle by everyone from the look of it.

  20. Love the final comment in the battle chat… “Sore back, Flambass?” 😂

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