World of Warships – SPRINT into the Motherland

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EU and have both fallen which means was in my sights.
Enjoy some ranked sprint, which I gotta say was relaxing and enjoyable exp…for the most part.
Have fun watching 😉


  1. first one … love your vids

  2. That Normandie at the beginning of the battle…  

    Now, it’s understandable you laughed but think for a second – how often do you get such potatoes on your teams? I mean – how frustrating it is when you play ranked battle and you see such a potato who basically losses the game for you even before it really develops into a contest? And the most frustrating part (for me at least) is that you look at such a player position/move/etc. and you KNOW what will happen in just a few moments. Still, you can’t do shit about it. Even if you tell him what to do in the chat, he’ll never listen.

    • This is indeed annoying. Not that there are inexperienced players out there, we all were inexperienced at some point. But sometimes, you can spot a mistake that can lead to disaster even 2-5 MINUTES before it happens, notify the guy that X thing is wrong, sometimes I even have time to explain why in detail so he doesn’t think I’m a prick, and then… he promptly ignores what you say… only to see EXACTLY what you knew would happen, happen.

      It grinds my gears sometimes…. Other times I just don’t care.

    • Gentleman, I make mistakes, not always from inexperience. If you put in chat what it is you see I am doing, I will listen. Forbthe most part. Especially if you tell me what it is YOU are doing and how I am not helping that. We’re not all the same.

    • @Vasilis F. Yep, you got it exactly.
      Just two days ago I played the battle on Neighbors. Two BBs (Colorado and Fuso) went alone (sailing very close to each other) on the western flank. No DD scouting for them, no CA support, nothing. I asked them to go back and warned that they will be an extremely easy target for enemy Asashio. Of course, they ignored me. 50 sec later? Boom! – Colorado devastated, Fuso brought down to 20k HP. I talked to the Asashio player at the end of the battle – he did 80k dmg with his first torpedo salvo fired at these two.

  3. Easy peazy ?
    Got lots of fun with graf spee this season of sprint, totally forgot that ship before (too weak as low tier or facing 12 opponents in random), but surprised how it worked perfectly in sprint vs t6s, couple of great carries and lots of fun ?
    GG flambass.

  4. Shout out to that Normandie captain, he ate 3 torps at the very end of their range, vissible the moment you launched them!

  5. bb”s don t have the ability to turn left and right . They only are going forward in the same direction.

  6. What do you mean? How can 7 out of 8 be perfect? 😉

  7. i thought you can only play tier X in ranked? (i’m genuinely new)

  8. Normandie, potato sprint.
    The ping on Asia wouldn’t be the ultimate challenge, it would be the players. Ping doesn’t really matter that much in this game, although de-synch can be a game killer.

    • Higher tier AS games are infuriating … everyone rushes and chases whatever is right in front of them into one corner behind islands..leaving the middle completely open for the enemy ships to run to and crossfire the shit out of whichever poor soul tries to hold the other fland and mid..dont know how they cant see it happening every game..

  9. WURT just happened? Everyone gets to play with one of those on their team but in ranked…

  10. -notices Perth beaching;
    “Sideways on to two BBs? Let’s see how long that lasts..”
    -Perth goes **poof**

  11. Not calculated…sometimes the great flambino gets lucky…:)

  12. “SPRINT into the Motherland”? Flambass, you’re playing an American Destroyer! Motherland, who are you kiddin’? LOL!!! Keep up the great work, my Croatian comrade! -The Tank Commander

  13. Flambass “ I guess we are back on no fires!”
    WOWS “ Are you sure about that.”
    Sets fire

  14. Hi Flambass what software do you use to record on , and what settings for best quality. I guess recording in .mp4 , then importing it into an video editor, then render it out again in .mp4 will decrease the video quality. Any tips for a new beginner ! And thanks for a great Channel 😉

    And what Video editor do you use ?

    I Currently use OBS studio for recording :
    and DaVinci Resolve ( free version ) video editor. :

    Here is a Video with some system info, and recording specs i used :

  15. It’s almost like a lot of players have no idea how to play WOWS. I really like the idea of ranked but the reality of the quality of the matches…..

  16. You on an Asian server? you know they play 2x more CVs than the rest, right? ^^

  17. Nice when you are playing against a sack of potatoes…

  18. Ismail never stood a chance, crosstorps from Aigle and Farragut :/ poor guy

  19. Oh boy you really crack me up Flambass, cheers for the laughs 🙂

  20. SEA server are waiting for u, flambass… get here quick ;D

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