World of Warships – Sprint

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What’s that you say? The latest Ranked Sprint Season is Tier 9 3v3? That sounds popular enough that they could make it a permanent fixture!

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  1. The last time I was this early, well, it was never.

  2. Thành Nguyễn Công

    The roon and the *Zao* at tier 9 XD oh jingles

  3. The intro was perfect don’t worry 🙂

  4. New intro is sick.
    Smooth, short, simple.

  5. the old intro will forever live on in our hearts

  6. I liked the old intro because it was from one of my two favorite WoWS trailers (only paralleled by the Storm trailer), but this works too.

  7. I quite like the new intro. Could use a bit of “Ship happens”, though.

  8. The Mighty Jingles

    Zao. Tier 9. Yeah… I know…

  9. the fact that you uplaod at 2:30 am for me is amazing, the only time I get wifi to myself and am able to watch in 4k. Bliss.

  10. Oh jingles, you haven’t seen a Zao replay in so long you’ve deranked her to T9!

  11. Sov. Soyuz, The T9 soviet cruiser 4:10

  12. the enemy team’s chat is also hilarious! a good way lol.

    also, nice new intro jingles!

  13. HOLY INTRO BATMAN. Keep that around. I’m friggin hype for this now. I don’t even play.

  14. The Orange Cactus

    In that Neptune game the teams where literally trying to out potato each other…….. Besides the Neptune player of course.

  15. The new game intros are awesome! The WG art department are doing a great job!

  16. Love the dead guys in the last clip trying to tell him how to play…

  17. I’ve been watching this video for 7 minutes. I’ve been thinking that this was a Pommern for 7 minutes. Somehow, that’s worse than what Jingles did with the Zao…

  18. The new intro is awesome! Just add the usual „ship happens“ in the end and it is just fine! Maybe could use less CVs involved 😜

  19. 3:43 “Broadside of DM Donsk, should I fire? *HMMM…* nah.”
    3:58: “Ok, now that he has angled in, time to fire!”

  20. 20sec Intro was 2x”L”. now I have to watch it… JIIINNNGLESSSSS!!!!!!!!!

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