World of Warships | St. Louis Rampage! Personal XP Record

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I was shaking so much after this “test the stream setup” game! And Luke was telling me how unhappy I was looking on webcam during the game xD

Class colors and torp range mod(extract in res_mods folder)

Port results button(extract in res_mods folder)


  1. +SFC Gunny I had that problem once. Reinstalled and never touched the keys
    again. Can’t help in any other way I’m afraid.

  2. +TheRiisingSun That’s what I was afraid of. At 500kb download, looks like
    another overnight reinstall.

  3. +SFC Gunny There must be some files you could delete to do a hard reset on
    the settings, like in WoT and the AppData folder, but I can’t find it :/

  4. +TheRiisingSun No worries, but I appreciate you taking the time and try to
    problem solve it. I may just wait for the next patch/update and see if
    that works. In the meantime, I’ve been able to quickly move into map mode,
    select those pesky bombers for focused AA fire, return to normal view, and
    continue my battles. Just a solution for anyone else with crap download
    speeds that may also be experiencing the CTRL click issues.

  5. Ginés Ladrón de Guevara


    After that battle, I sold my Minekaze, and bought tier 6 Mutsuki, and…


    Not so happy. Mutsuki has a torpedo reload of 97 seconds, instead of 47
    seconds on the tier 5. Also, it has LESS tubes, only 2, instead of 3.

    Disappointing, you know.

    You need to upgrade the torpedoes, to get a 10 km range, far better than 7
    km in the Minekaze, and that is nice.

    But, still, you suffer that 1:27 reload. You HAVE to play it different than
    Minekaze, because
    1- You don’t use to hit at 8 or 9 km distances. Targets use to turn, change
    direction, or just see torps incoming from afar.
    2- That awful reload time.
    3- Mutsuki torps are a bit SLOWER.

    I’m not sure that tier 6 is better than 5, but anyway, I think best DD in
    game is Minekaze, with no doubt.

  6. After tier 5 the gameplay changes. Started on the americans, since they
    have firepower between reloads for the torps. Only at tier 5 atm so vill be
    interesting to see how it plays out at tier 6

  7. +ibanez555 I’m really enjoying the Farragut. Good guns and the pain from
    the torps when you get those sneaky torps off is amazing 🙂 Hope you’ll
    like it too.

  8. +bakakun12 It being slow and having poor armor is the reason why I don’t
    play it much. It’s fun yes, but I can’t stand being slow 🙁 But it’s the
    only tier 3 ship I kept, so I can play with new players, like Dorjan.
    Plus this was the only tier 3 game we had, the rest were tier 5 games with

  9. +bakakun12 ummmm, yeah, and it’s a tier 3 ship, what exactly were you
    expecting? However, the St. Louis, as of now, is the dominant tier 3 ship
    in the game, and is quite competitive even in tier 5 battles.

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