World of Warships | St. Louis – We Need MOAR Guns!

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Though slow this ship is always a blast to sail. As long as you don’t get yourself into a tier 6 game.. Or well.. Even when you get into that 😀


  1. “I don’t want to test stuff in real games” he says….thought that was the
    point of a Beta TEST

  2. It will be interesting to see how the other national lines develop, but at
    this point, the St. Louis will be the only low tier (tier 1-3) ship that
    players will want to keep in their port.

  3. Hey HighF welcome back! :D

  4. Welcome back, Bro! Your fans were missing out.

  5. +TheRiisingSun You did more damage to Ectar when you where shooting him
    from max range cause your shots fell on to the deck, which was easily
    penetrated. In the close range broadsiding you had to pen his sides; so
    maybe you’d done more damage you had used HE.

  6. 0:15 buuuuurn

  7. Praised be the lord, he’s aliiiive o/

  8. Really beast EXP grinder! ;)

  9. St. Louis = guns with boat

  10. 1100xp not good?, wish I get that much, that St. Louis is a keeper for me.

  11. Got this ship yesterday, it brilliant. Got the next one today, St. Louis is
    more fun

  12. No WoT? 🙁 I am really looking for the quickies, I sent you one myself 🙂
    It is a ricochet oneshot kill with an afty 😀 But considering how many
    quickies you recieve, it might not be so awesome as it was for me…

  13. Yes yes yes, 1100 base xp is not very good, but 1100 base xp for killing
    Necrocoil and Ectar. I’ll take it 😀

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