World of Warships – Stalingrad Final and 100mm

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Finalized version Stalingrad discussed and 100mm guns will be receiving a penetration buff for HE. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Japanese Harugumo Replay – Discord Server

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  1. its 360p because the high quality hasn’t encoded and uploaded yet. You’re too early.

  2. Geoff the Ironwolf

    25 is a bit too much. 20 would of been enough

    • Omer Bekcioglu they shouldn’t have touched the concealment

    • Geoff the Ironwolf

      Omer Bekcioglu wow.. Weak reply there hos. But I’ll let you in on a secret. My handle is IronWolfV. Most played ship type? CRUISERS. Don’t believe me? Go look it up. I’ll be waiting right here.

    • Initially I believed too that the 25mm was overkill, but after watching I kind of understand why they chose 25mm. 20mm means you get 26 with IFHE (As you guys have mentioned). Well, that’s really not worth 4 points imo. This gives you the ability to shoot the bow/stern of Henri/Worcester/zao — that’s literally it. (comparing harugumo to other TX that is, assuming people would naturally go to the top) I really don’t see how being able to pen 3 extra cruisers could ever persuade someone to take IFHE. And let’s face it, you’ll be seeing TX even w/ your T8 aki

    • Geoff the Ironwolf

      Yeah, but you don’t need IEHE and guess what, you can get Radio location, and be a better DD hunter.

    • You’re completely right there — RL is a probably a tempting option. WG’ing could’ve also chosen 25 since aside from the USN CL line, no one else really has a use for IFHE, unless someone really wants to use it on chap then respec when they get to moskva. (Most other dds can already pen normally so there’s really no need to spec for it).

      This way it’s still a very enticing option, (giving relevance to the skill) but it’s not required.
      On a side not, I just wanna say that I still kinda advocate for the 1/5 pen. If they’re gonna introduce RN DDs as supposed ‘dd hunters’, this kinda makes them a bit less relevant

  3. They need to make it so “shattered shells” don’t set fires…. and Notser, if you did watch the how it works video on HE they don’t shatter they always explode, thus fires…on deck …. when you hit the belt….. yeah no logic there

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      kek im pretty sure you dont get fires when hitting the belt… unless you actually hit the deck… then again what if any flammable objects within the explosion radius could be set on fire instead? that would make alot more sense.

    • It makes no difference if HE explodes, shatters or where it hits. Fire chance is always the same. Only if you already set a fire and still hitting the same area again you will not set additional fires.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Nolynox I see. Apparently HE shatters result in minus 50% fire chance. I’ve only heard of this once – and it’s probably not the case. But can you confirm?

      Anyways the next ep on HE mechanics from wg (will finally dispel myths and clear up all the facts about HE that we currently know over the 2-3 years of the game.)

    • Yes as I said, it doesn’t matter. The only thing that can influence your fire chance is what type of enemy you firing at. The tier of the enemy ship, if he uses the fire prevention skill or the damage control mod can all reduce your chance to set him on fire.
      For more info you can read the Wiki about it.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Nolynox Wow thank you for the link – I learnt a lot.

      Clearly we need “fire saturation” mechanics (ichase mentioned this on his previous CC summit)- where saturated areas of a ship will take less fire dmg per second – just like a 0.165% pen dmg to partially saturated areas of a ship.

  4. Kitakaze is basically akizuki moved to T9 with 2 extra torp per launcher, which is just like move akizuki 1 tier up with minor changes so the current akizuki playstyle is preserved in a T9 version(which is a nerf). The akizuki become a different ship with worse concealment/rudder shift so that it is in line with harugumo. However, with horrible concealment/maneuverability, jap gun dd line will not be those active dd hunter. It is going to be a fire support dd that trails 1-2km behind friendly torp dds to repel enemy gunboats. I can envision a great success if a shima works together with a harugumo. After enemy dds are killed, it can safely sit in the smoke and fire on enemy capital ships as long as there is no radar.

    • “Horrible concealment” 6.1km is more than plenty when you’re packing that amount of firepower that they’re suggesting in the dev post.

    • ship is already turning like brick, I wouldnt contest any cap after rudder nerf implemented.

    • I think it can still do fine with dds of 5.9 km concealment, but for 5.4 km dds you cannot do anything to them.

    • The Germans have the worst concealment of any “capping” destroyers in the game with only a few exceptions, yet the Z-52 sees frequent play in Ranked and Clan battles with its 6.1 km detection radius. I liked and kept the Z-23 with its 6.2 km detection radius, because I know how to make that destroyer work for me.

  5. Hi Notser
    I am a casual player who loves the Akizuki. Of course I am excited about the coming buff, but extremely disappointed about the nerfing of the ship.
    It would be difficult to face T9 and T10 opposition with the new version. Plus radars and hydro and planes cause Akizuki has almost no A/A.
    So as a casual player I ask you and other Community Contributors through you if you have any pull with Wargaming use it.
    Akizuki should be given a fighting chance!
    Thank you.

    • Remember the nerf bat comes out real quick. I see a Mogami style nerf, now it’s another IJN ship. If Wargaming doesn’t want us to play IJN ships just tell us. They nerfed the torpedoes awhile back for IJN ships because BB players don’t know what WASD hack is.

    • Jim Rabatzis yeah you can pen a 32 mm with HE yet still you people cry. This game continues to get worse because of people wanting certain ships to be OP because they can’t win in a normal one.

    • ed french true. I remember when they shit on the torps of the Izokaze. They made them slower and increase the range they are spotted. Aaand some time later they release Pan Asia DDs with even faster and “less spotable” torps. Make sence….

    • Also good luck against CVs…

    • It’s difficult to face higher tiers in any ship, why should the Akizuki be any different? Also everyone else deals with the insane hydros and radars currently. DDs in general are weak. I actually think the Akizuki was a bit too powerful at tier 8 because WG knew there was no tier 9 or 10 to reach, so they made the tier 8 decent at fighting those higher tiers. Now with the tier 9 and 10, the Akizuki should be put back at the average tier 8 level.

  6. This version of stalingrad is garbage, just move the kronstadt up to t10 and its the same ship. I guess ill take the flint then which is sad bc i was really hyped for stalingrad

    • MotorsportsMania21

      Except it was, guns that have similar levels of damage and equal penetration to battleship shells with cruiser level dispersion, extremely high velocity, and a roughly 12 second faster reload than battleship guns is not balanced. This is not a DPM ship, it’s an alpha ship much like battleships.

    • MotorsportsMania21

      Steve Hemmings Yeah, in a 1v1 engagement. But the game is not made of 1v1 engagements. Cruiser levels of dispersion, battleship-like guns, with extremely high muzzle velocity is not balanced. Take away just one of these three traits and the ship is much better balanced. This iteration nerfs some of the strengths of Stalingrad while making it better in other areas thus making it more versatile and more cruiser like than battleship like which I don’t see a problem with as it is classified as a cruiser.

    • AWW you mad because your not gona be able to stat boost with the ship!!! poor poor baby

    • xxcrysiscgx _ i think if they gave it 30mm bow armor it would be perfect, then only 3 shell types in game could pen, otherwise i agree its just a t10 krone

    • No one has even mentioned the fact that it had USN equivalent auto bounce angles. WITH 305s moving at 900 m/s! Meaning that ships with thicker armor that would NORMALLY bounce even USN 203s will eat these shells which could easily slam into the citadel, spaced armor be damned. Flamu had a video in which heavily angled ships were getting chunks ripped off, other vids show it outright bouncing Battleship volleys only to return 2x as much damage to said battleship even if it was angled. Was it invincible? No. Certainly not, but If you SERIOUSLY felt it wasn’t overpowered, your version of balance is extremely heavily skewed. I sit on the fence with people like Notser. I too felt that while it needed a nerf, it didn’t need to be outright bludgeoned with the nerf bat like it was. Reduction in accuracy OR reload could have handled the job without giving it both. That said… Graf Spee can still clobber ships at range with SIX 283s, this will have NINE 305s, I think it’ll fare a fair bit better.

  7. Get in the Helicopter

    Honestly, I liked the fact that i needed a dedicated Akizuki captain. The low caliber didnt bother me due to the rate of fire.

  8. Herastheblackwolf

    Having so much Steel, having such a high rang in the Clanfights and getting the worst Stalingrad?? Why this – bad decision..

  9. If the Stalingrad is a cruiser then the Des Moines can move out of the way for the Alaska class… Give the US cruiser lines some difference at the top… both are just HE spammers right now.

    • er… i dont actually give a flying donkey’s arse about the Zao… lol i want an Alaska and is USN not IJN… they already got the Musashi in… so IJN i am happy with

    • DaKillerChipmunk

      Except the HE vs AP IS the difference. Also, people really need to start learning game mechanics. If WG introduces Alaska, it won’t be as good as people think. Kronstadt and Stalingrad work at high tiers due to massive muzzle velocity making it nigh impossible to angle before shells hit. Thereby negating the fact that it can’t overmatch. Alaska would have really slow ass shells. The kind that’s ridiculously easy to dodge. AND it’d have the same shit armor, though without the extended belt.

      On another note, the US heavy and light lines are really consistent now, why fuck that up with a battlecruiser that doesn’t play like ANYTHING in the tech tree?

      Plus, WG is a business. There’s no way they’ll give a ship people are practically begging for, for free. Either it’ll be a premium at some point OR a free xp ship. Either way, mad $$$.

    • Thats perfectly fine with me… i do buy premium time and ships if i like the ship enough. i like the game so supporting the developer by buying some stuff is normal in my opinion.

    • Was replying to DosBros there.

    • Steve Hemmings…you clearly have never looked at any stats at all, “DM holds it’s pen really well out to max range”

      You know there are only 2 ships with lower pen at range, example 15km, which are Worchester and Hindy. Zao, Henri, Moskva all have way way higher pen values and they actually have useable shell velocity…

  10. Best scenario would be if you could chose the hulls,one with AP only and 50mm armour,and 2nd one being the one which we are geting.

  11. Thank you for the update. While I like the buff to the 100m guns of the IJN line, but we really do not need even more HE spam in World of Warships. Sort of wish they would just make it AP only with slightly more tweak to the gun/shell.

    • and that’s the point kinda?

      with current (prebuff akizuki) you either grab ifhe or you can only damage things of your tier anyhow reliably with AP – AP that DOES NOT have british special bounce angles.

      with buffing it to 20mm they’d only achieve that ifhe would be on the other hand useless, which would create uproar of people being “forced to” respec their captain – with 25mm baseline you get to choose wether or not you want IFHE which is pretty decent fix to the problem – problem being requirement of 14point captain to start thinking of being viable – problem unexistant for other lines because you can usually do quite well without trained captain.

      and then one could argue with claim of “mandatory hiding in smoke to not get insta deleted” – radar minotaur is a thing after all and all brit cruisers have got special treatment on maneuverability that no other ship has. (with also very forgiving bouncing angles slapped ontop of that)

    • Trejgon you can’t get the acceleration upgrade with the British so technically any cruiser can stop or accelerate faster. The only way you don’t get deleted is if you’re camping behind an island or the enemy for some reason doesn’t soot you. I’ve had multiple games with 400-500 hits and only about 80-90 actual pens so the special bounce angles don’t make up for it only being 152mm.

    • but that acceleration upgrade on other cruisers comes at a cost of other modules in it and I didn;t mean acceleration alone when mentioning special treatment (frankly I forgot about it being a thing, last time I checked tho brit CLs had speciall gimmick of not loosing speed on turns)

      on those pen number claim I’d like to ask how much of nonpens were bounces and how much were shatters because I’m afraid you may be confusing mechanics in here.

      also – cute, now imagine akizuki can easilly get as much hits, but do half the damage if not less.

      also – if you sail in straight line or zigzag predictably of course you’ll get deleted – in every cruiser while at it. so if you get deleted every time you are to behind island/in smoke then maybe you need to up your maneuvering game (something that t8+ IJN split DDs can’t really up at that point due to speed/turning constraints enforced by WG)

      btw you know whats the most common complain I hear from people playing BBs about RN CLs?
      “damned overpens on perfectly broadside stationary target”

    • Trejgon the problem is 16mm armor everywhere but the citadel so you can’t angle at all. I’ve never had a problem deleting them because I know to aim for the citadel not the the general side of the ship. The majority of shells bounce or shatter on impact and at least with HE you could set a fire even if your guns couldn’t directly damage it. They should just stop the gimmick bullshit and give the Minotaur a bow and stern like every other cruiser or remove the citadel like a DD because right now it has the shittiest things from both and there’s no logical reason tier 8-10 DDs should have better bow and stern armor than a so called cruiser.

    • maneuvering does not mean “angling to bounce shells” only ya know. there is a quite noticeable chunk of ships which rely on maneuverign for shell hit to not connect in the first place, but I’d assume this one came over your head…. (like the shells could if you knew how to maneuver)

      and of course, none of many of my battleship friends have any idea how to aim for the citadel, they totally delete every other type of cruiser without bigger issue by accident!

      as for: “The majority of shells bounce or shatter on impact” and here very important aspect is wether they bounce of shatter which was the point of my inquiry – if they shatter then angling barely matters anyway as you were shootign wrong part of the ship, if they bounce it means the guy you shoot at is decently angled and in which case WITHOUT special treatment on AP bounce angles you’d have EVEN MORE bounces. (but if dude is angled and you still shoot wrong part of the ship some of would-be-bounces becomes shatters.

  12. Well, it seems the Stalingrad just lost its touch so, I will probably get the flint instead unless they adjust the steel price cause it seems excessive for what you get, TX Kronshtadt or higher caliber Moskva (actually, is this version of Stalingrad even better than Moskva?), such a pitty I was so hyped for this ship and now it doesnt seems to worth the grind… 😭

    • Adalberto Gutiérrez

      it was going to be extremly op

    • Adalberto Gutiérrez it was strong, borderline op but, they could have fix it doing some adjustments to reload and sigma, clearly 2.25 sigma was absurd, maybe a 22-23s reload and 2.05 sigma was enough…

    • WG is getting into the habbit of releasing mediocre premium ships lately, i think its because they are soo afraid to launch an OP ship. We as a community have traumatized them :/

  13. Notser, what are your opinions on the sweeping French nerfs?

  14. So many videos talking about Stalingrad when its not going to be available to 90% of players. Im confused.

    • OldSchool Gaming

      Why 90%? Every player earns coal and steel and with those you will be able to buy Stalingrad?

    • AFAIK, Steel can only be earned thru the two ‘competitive’ PvP modes: Ranked and Clan Battles. Some people simply don’t play those modes, and the majority of the player base (myself included) are simply not effective enough to earn the best rewards in those modes. Yeah, even an average player can eventually accumulate enough steel, but with the amount they’re charging for the thing, we’re talking YEARS of grinding, so for the forseeable future, the only people who can get her are those who are good enough (or patient enough) to consistently rank out in ranked and hit typhoon league in CB.

    • Steel gives you access to the Flint, Black and Stalingrad, which were formerly exclusive to Rank 1 and Typhoon 1 Ranked/Clan season winners. The only real thing which has changed is the ability to earn those ships without having to max out on the charts every season. It will simply take longer for average Ranked and Clan players to earn the amount of steel required.

    • Steel can be earned only in clan battles and in ranked (if I’m not mistaken), an average player is not in a clan and not interested in ranked mode.

    • Why wouldn’t players who earn it never bring it out? It’s a battlecruiser which takes up a cruiser versus battleship slot, and also brings the Russian 11.7 km radar with it. The number of players who will earn it will be much higher than 10 percent.

  15. Harugumo: Slower, squishier, more potent Khabarovsk?

  16. well Akizuki is way too powerfull against other DD, the concealment kinda “jumpscare” other DD and makes it really hard for other DD to avoid akizuki, so i think it’s pretty fair deal

  17. I don’t want anyone bother me about playing the objective after the patch when I’m in my Akizuki. With their proposed maneuverability values, I will get torped instantly and not be able to do anything about it.

    I hope they don’t change the Harekaze. It’s my favorite IJN DD at the moment. I’m fine needing a high-skill commander with IFHE. In fact, I like that there’s a barrier to entry to do well, makes my time investment in training a good commander really mean something, more so than any other ship. Thankfully, knowing WG, they will never nerf a premium ship, lol.

    Also, needing a 14-pt skill commander in Akizuki is a fallacy. You can get away with a 10-pt commander by taking IFHE before Concealment. You obvious have to work around that, but ironically pre-nerf Akizuki without CE is going to be more stealthy than Akizuki post-nerf with CE, if I calculated the values right.

    • TBH I’d just take manual AA over concealment anyway so you don’t get stomped every time a CV shows up

    • WEEGEE balance in nutshell

    • how exactly a 0.2km detection nerf makes the current Akizuki without CE more stealthy than it? lol

    • I calculated it with current values when the modules are equipped. I was probably off a bit because of that, since with rounding and stuff the values are wonky when percentage-based skills/modules are applied. Don’t be such a nitpicker. It’s close enough. With rendering time, 0.2km means basically nothing, anyway.

  18. Wargaming still salty from Tsushima bay

    • They may be still… However, they still top our lists with the IJN. Weird! They obviously are not fans of the Japanese hence, the current state of IJN DDs.

    • The IJN DDs have always been specialty boats, but it’s high time to restore the torpedoes to their former glory. I currently get better average games in the Fletcher and Gearing , with the hard hitting, fast reloading and stealthier than IJN 10.5 km torpedoes.

  19. I like the buff that the IJN 100mm is getting. However, why are they nerfing Akizuki, when all they had to do was give an extra 2kts speed to Kitakaze and leave the Akizuki’s stats as they are… Great commentary as always my man! Cheers….

  20. I feel that the penetration buff may be a bit too extreme, but still definitely needed to keep the ships relevant. As for the other changes I am firmly against them. The IJN gunboat DDs need their maneuverability to keep in the game and be effective. Now I’m not saying to give them straight dd turning stats, but at least have it limited to something between a cruiser and a dd. Even a big ass DD like the Harugumo should at least turn more like a light cruiser instead of having worse maneuverability than a friggin’ BB. I understand they want to limit maneuverability for balancing reasons, but killing their ability to turn and do even basic torp evasion is overkill. That seems more like the usual sledgehammer to nail approach for WG to solve a problem when what’s realy needed is a small tweak.

    Maybe instead of killing the maneuverability they could nerf the HP pools or the durabilitiy of the guns on these ships. Hell instead of a durability Nerf maybe the guns are more susceptible to getting knocked out requiring repairs. Those are reasonable solutions. I think the maneuverability/concealment nerf of the Akizuki on the table and the poor maneuverability/concealment of the new ships are far too extreme a measure and could potentially kill any interest in the ship line. They could even go so far as drastically reducing the base damage of the 10cm HE shells. Sure you get more reliable penetration, but if the damage is equivalent to bug bites it still keeps it reliant on fires for the majority of damage done without needing to make the other performance aspects of the ship worse than they already are.

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